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Hey, so i have this dilemma and i need some aid from TEH EXP3RT 1337 H4x0rz. 
I have a Windows XP desktop in my living room, and my router is connected to that.  
I then moved my xbox to my room, and i do not get a wireless signal and so i have a cable running form the router in my living room all the way to my room. 
Now i moved my laptop (Macbook Pro) to my room and since i can't get a signal i decided that i should get a router and attach the cable from the living room to that router in my room to provide internet for both my laptop and xbox. 
Is this a viable solution? and any connectivity issues i should be worried about? any recommendations?  

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I am very well aware of the differences between a demo and a beta .... it was an innocent mistake XD 
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@riosan: Yah .... i think am the only one who finds them easier XD 
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@pekoe212: I am stuck with a beginner combo ATM, the guitar sounds like crap the amp doesn't help but hey its still fun to play, i play on buying a new guitar anyway because mine has 22 medium frets .... i want jumbo frets and if possible 24 frets. 

@Ahmad_Metallic: Sorry didn't see them XD
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@Shadow said:
" Have you PLAYED Blazblue online?  Those people are untouchable.  I mean it.  I can't land a single solid hit in most of the matches I fought in.  Even as a beginner though, I was winning the occasional Street Fighter 4 match. "
Yes, i have (a lot!) 
I always perform better there than in street fighter, guess its just me then XD 
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@Plasma said:
" @MetalMilitia915: Haha fair enough, Battlefield does require skill, I've only played Battlefield 2 but I'm guessing its similar to bad company. If you don't want to be good at Street Fighter that's understandable, its a big time commitment with probably less reward than getting good at an RTS or Shooter. But If you do want to get good, gotta be ready to lose. A lot. "
Thats why i love Bad Company, you can't just run you have to be tactical about it (you can still have an agressive tactic) which means you need a good team not a bunch of 10 year olds that will just trash talk. 
I wanna be good in Street Fighter, i was just saying how i prefer other fighting types over it XD 
I know what you mean though,  the shooter community sucks now, specially call of duty .... 
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I never said it's a bad thing, i just stated that not how i prefer to play. I just wanna have fun i don't want to sit there forever learning everything in the game to win or have fun. The thing you said about shooters is just Call of Duty (you tell me that shit works in battlefield? spawn then run like crazy does not work! or maybe against noobs or if you go cheap,anybody given time can be good but some people can just get the controller and own everybody so you just deny he's good because its a shooter!  
Your making it more simple than what it is, i can say the same (you know your enemy's character and what he does then you just do what is good against him) ...... but then it would not be true just like what you said, and honestly a stupid thing to say  ... no offense.  
btw, i have never seen that hippo game before XD   
PS  not everyone give then time can improve in shooters, most of my friends kick my ass in Street fighter but all of them combined wouldn't take me out in a shooter.
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I have always been the type of the aggressive kind when gaming, i think it's because i play too much shooters XD (i don't complain though i'm very good)

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@ElegantRuby said:
" @MetalMilitia915:
I have found that Street Fighter is much more cerebral then other fighters.  Most other fighters are mash mash mash mash.  Street Fighter is looking for an opening and destroying the opponent or confusing them and making them loose their composer.  My latest video that I posted on the forums shows what happens when I loose my composer for a couple rounds, and what happened when I got the feel for my opponent.  In short, Street Fighter is about Mind Games.   "
EXACTLY!  I hate playing that way it's a fighter not a confuser.  
mash mash mash might work on noobs but if you fight a pro you have to make every hit count (and pull of combos)
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@Renahzor: Whats a wakeup SRK? I might know it but not the exact name :P