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Hell no. Fallout 3 was better than New Vegas.

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I always get beard dandruff also and am going to use these tips! Thanks Duders!

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Bought a PS4 for Killzone: Shadow Fall. Happy with it for all of that other good shit that's coming out. Bought an Xbone for Sunset Overdrive. Happy with it for all of that other good shit that's coming out.

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Mastodon: Once More 'Round The Sun

Judas Priest: Redeemer of Souls

Testament: Dark Roots of Earth

Eagerly awaiting the new Machine Head album: Bloodstone & Diamonds

Massively disappointed with the new BLS offering Catacombs of the Black Vatican. Their weakest album to date imo.

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It used to be this site, but over the past few years, the format has changed and I don't find a whole lot of content that connects with me on this site anymore.

So I go to Joystiq, Angry Joe Show, IGN, Gamespot, wherever has video reviews up on time for new releases etc.

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I bought my PS3 solely based on a Gamespot review of Demon's Souls. It did not disappoint. Dark Souls continued that tradition. Let's hope that Dark Souls II continues to deliver challenging yet fair and unique experiences and gameplay.

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Personally I would have pulled Bioshock Infinite off the top spot on the list and replaced it with The Last of Us.

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Los Santos Rock Radio but, honestly, I was kind of disappointed with all of the tracks they have on the radio.

Same here. That is my only gripe with this otherwise amazing game. There is a severe lack of Metal in this game.

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Too bad he couldn't come back and save Nintendo now. RiP Yamauchi and Nintendo.