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I bought my PS3 solely based on a Gamespot review of Demon's Souls. It did not disappoint. Dark Souls continued that tradition. Let's hope that Dark Souls II continues to deliver challenging yet fair and unique experiences and gameplay.

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Personally I would have pulled Bioshock Infinite off the top spot on the list and replaced it with The Last of Us.

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Los Santos Rock Radio but, honestly, I was kind of disappointed with all of the tracks they have on the radio.

Same here. That is my only gripe with this otherwise amazing game. There is a severe lack of Metal in this game.

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Too bad he couldn't come back and save Nintendo now. RiP Yamauchi and Nintendo.

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Choose whatever you are most comfortable using, and whichever one works/looks best for you.

Personally I would choose the iPhone 5 just based on what I'm used to. I've used the iPhone for so long now and work on a Mac daily and prefer the operating systems that Apple design.

For my vote there is no alternative to Apple for usability, my workflow and pure aesthetic beauty of their interface.

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I'm glad to see that so many of us aren't buying into this bs and are sticking to our guns and giving the middle finger to Microsoft.

I too believe this is only a decision based on money and it was always Microsoft trying to see just how much shite they could shovel in before we the consumers told them we'd had enough.

I'm glad that we as gamers have made them completely re-evaluate their business strategy.

In the end it makes me feel like it's a small but important victory for gamers and consumers everywhere and am proud that we elicited that change, but it doesn't change my outlook or views on Microsoft.

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$499 for inferior hardware thanks to eSRAM forcing a downclock on the GPU. Not to mention the 3-4 gigs dedicated to television and apps, a camera that watches what I do and listens to what I say whenever I'm in my own fucking living room, restricted consumer rights and constant pat downs to make sure I didn't somehow get a hold of a game without giving Microsoft a taste, and yet my cynicism is unwarranted.

This poll is flame bait and should be locked down.


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For me nothing beats a Gibson into a Marshall. It's the holy grail of rock tone.

Having said that, go to the guitar store and play a bunch. A guitar is a completely unique instrument and when you find the right one you'll know it.

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I'm Canadian and have never seen bagged milk in my life. I would be apprehensive about drinking milk from a bag. It was bad enough when the jugs came out, I want my milk from a carton dammit.

As for the U's. Yes it's correct. Keep them in and honour our British heritage or drop them and be a pleb. :D