Proof that JRPGs don't suck!

I been seen responses from many RPG developers saying that JRPG aren't good but I must strongly disagree. Here are many JRPGs that are in fact good.
*Note: This list is made up of JRPGs that I personally played so it may not have everyone else's JRPGs*
*Also this list may not 100% complete since I'll be placing each game in order of when they were release*

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Posted by Landon

Needs more Tales Of games.

Posted by metalsnakezero
@Landon:  Yeah, I was going to add them once I remember which ones I played and when they came out.
Posted by ahoodedfigure

Fond of good old Phantasy Star myself. Can't stand the first Final Fantasy, but a lot of the middle ones were excellent.
It's interesting to note that Wizardry, which started out as Sir-Tech's series, gradually became so popular in Japan that it pretty much developed in parallel. Hardly a stereotypical JRPG, which is why that category is at best unfairly reductive.