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This is like something you want to believe as some big joke. But apparently it isn't.

I'm shocked and saddened that he passed away, especially at his young age. I've been following Ryan and Giantbomb since 2008. I almost had the chance of meeting him at PAX, but I didn't. I thought to myself "well no worries, I'll see him next time". Now I regret it, I'll never get the chance.

RIP Ryan

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They really should release Final Fantasy Versus XIII before announcing anything else new.

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The budget is actually quite conservative. Maybe high for kickstarter standards but conservative none the less for your average game. Though I'm not sure if this counts as an indie game, I have no idea how much it may cost to make an indie game with a decent budget.

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I don't know what I'm getting myself into, but I'm signing up in the art department.

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In case I don't like Windows 8, is there a way to downgrade back to Windows 7? That's my biggest concern to jumping boats (well, aside from a bunch of software being borked).

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Google Docs, if you have constant internet access. Its by far the best (though it has its share of quirky issues).

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Its always been my strong impression that Brad and Vinny are quieter than Jeff, Ryan and Patrick. When the panel was over and I got to meet Vinny it was an awesome experience. I think if the panel was two hours long he'd have a lot more things to say and talk about but that's just me.

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I think the small fee is necessary, though the chance of it not being on the marketplace does slightly bug me, but I can understand where Valve is coming from.

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This is my third spacecraft that escaped from Kerbin's orbit, the second one which actually made an encounter with Mun. I derped my landing and instead ran out of fuel, passing over Mun for gravity assist instead of landing or trying to orbit the planet (until I remembered it was probably impossible due to the lack thereof gravity). Now I get this neat oval orbit around Kerbin that passes through Mun's orbit. Despite my failure to make landing on Mun, the Mark III B spacecraft has so far been my most successful vessel to date.