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Its always been my strong impression that Brad and Vinny are quieter than Jeff, Ryan and Patrick. When the panel was over and I got to meet Vinny it was an awesome experience. I think if the panel was two hours long he'd have a lot more things to say and talk about but that's just me.

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I think the small fee is necessary, though the chance of it not being on the marketplace does slightly bug me, but I can understand where Valve is coming from.

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This is my third spacecraft that escaped from Kerbin's orbit, the second one which actually made an encounter with Mun. I derped my landing and instead ran out of fuel, passing over Mun for gravity assist instead of landing or trying to orbit the planet (until I remembered it was probably impossible due to the lack thereof gravity). Now I get this neat oval orbit around Kerbin that passes through Mun's orbit. Despite my failure to make landing on Mun, the Mark III B spacecraft has so far been my most successful vessel to date.

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Diving, gymnastics, figure skating, snowboarding, skiing, etc.

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I've been getting that lately. Its annoying as fuck.

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Happy Canada day to all Canadians

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This looks absolutely amazing!

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Microsoft Security Essentials. Uses very minimal resource, is free and does the job well.

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Zerg or the Flood. Krogans if they weren't genophaged.

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That would suck because EA Canada employs 2,000 employees in my city.