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Why not? I mean, I don't excessively say that I love games or anything like that, or go becoming a attention whore while I'm at it. I think its alright to say that I like video games. There's nothing really wrong with it. I admit that gaming has its fair share of problems and I'm fine when people tell me I spend too much time gaming.

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@No0b0rAmA said:
" As long as you don't have to unlock the medkit and defibulator as medic, or the wrench as engineer, its all good. "
Yeah that part actually really pissed me off in BC2. I can understand some more advanced gadgets like mortar strike; but when you are a medic you expect to have the freaking tool to revive people, not level up to unlock it.
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Probably at least until another... what, 5-10 years? That's when it begins to show on games. For it to become a standard; now just really depends on how many people are still stuck on XP and what the capabilities of a next-gen console are.

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@Pessh said:
" I doubt it, they'll still have a shitload of refurbs. "
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I'm too nice to pull that kind of thing off. Not even witty enough either.

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A mighty empire. 
Because it makes me feel more egotistical.

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Well, its not like the controller is demand or anything. There isn't enough supply to warrant dropping down a controller's price.

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Its subjective. I don't care what you say. You wanna be objective? Fine. You're missing out on a load of good music out there outside of your genre.

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Is it really 20 years old? I wonder if they even have drivers for that anymore.

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It depends on the person's tone to who you're speaking with. 
Unless you meant on the internet; then its entirely up in the air.