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Is it really 20 years old? I wonder if they even have drivers for that anymore.

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It depends on the person's tone to who you're speaking with. 
Unless you meant on the internet; then its entirely up in the air.

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No, its probably not really working. A lot of people fall for steam sales because far too often they pop up too frequently and make our previous sales look stupid for not waiting it out. Only very large blockbluster AAA titles sell like pancakes, or those who pay the regular $60 for games on consoles.

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StarCraft isn't a very graphic intensive game. Strangely enough, it doesn't even utilize quad cores. Of course, there are other computers that uses them. SC and RTS in general, from what I heard, are more CPU centric games than GPU. Having a good CPU is good enough, just don't anything fancy with them.

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It needs more crazy!

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Traditionally had my PC under my desk; but I figured there would be a hell lot less wires crawling under there if I moved mine on the desk. Just moved it a few minutes ago and it seems so much more cleaner (of course, coiling up the wires helps as well) 
@one_2nd said:

" I have a laptop.  "

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Vevo sucks. All I like about them is being able to play higher definition videos; which may not be available to other uploaded videos. But that's really it, their buffer rate for some reason is atrocious.

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@RTSlord: Its personal taste, that's not sexist at all. Though I'm not sure why you wanted to mention it.
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Its still a fingerprint magnet.