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I don't remember much from World at War's soundtrack; then again I only played the co-op single player and then basically never touched the game ever again. I was at the internet cafe playing it. 
It'll be probably tough to knock over Hans Zimmer's score for MW2, because Hans Zimmer is fucking legendary. The only reason why the soundtrack probably isn't nearly as easily memorable in MW2 was the frantic pacing the game had.

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Call of Duty 4 just about revolutionized or made popular of persistent character development. Very many shooters now feature this one way or another, because it seems that wallets agree upon that people like having some progression in a game. The way how it was handled made it so people weren't overwhelmed with weapon options and be baffled on what to choose from, and also makes people want to come back to it. 
As long as the game is fun, isn't frustrating and doesn't turn you off, persistent character leveling is great. Not to mention, in modern or historic shooters, most guns tend to be reskins or have very few different attributes, so you're really not missing out on a whole lot. Though it should be fair to say, I haven't actually played BF2 before, so I'm not sure how unlocking worked in that game.

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Assassin's Creed 2 
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare  
Dragon Age: Origins 
Dead Space 
StarCraft 2 (debatable)

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@Ahmad_Metallic said:
Men around here dont like calling professionals for such things.. i dont live in a tribe or anything, but when it comes to fighting danger, the men of my community prefer getting help as a last resort. my dad's killed several snakes in his life time 

Seems short sighted and hypocritical to say that when you have absolutely no clue on what you should do. :3
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This can't end well. 
At least we're not forced to watch it.

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Most of the changes have some optimistic tone to it; so this ought to be a bit better than MW2. However I'm not holding my breath just yet; while there's some tweaks here and there they need to iron out the bugs, glitches, exploits and bad map designs that also plagued MW2.

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Of course games need to innovate, at least change some things up than leave things stale. They don't have to be revolutionary, just make some changes and improvements that make sequels better. 
It was one aspect that EA was criticised back in the day, when there were little innovation. Now they're getting a much more positive reception than say Activision. But there's a catch. Some games simply don't need to innovative, or change nearly as much. StarCraft 2 is a prime example, with a formula that doesn't leave much room to alter.

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Woah. Talk about necro-ing the dead. 
At least the topic that was revived is mildly interesting.

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Excellent writing. While I am normally not very fond or appreciative of stereotypes, this is on exception. In gaming culture, these different sub-groups stereotypes are normally held true. I'm probably closest to a closet gamer than anything~

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@cancerdancer: Ryan said that it could be the game rather than the hardware's problem for being unresponsive. I also wouldn't conclude that the Kinect is genuinely weak from a Sonic game. I'd wait until the actual thing comes out, when people have the final build and can test it out themselves.