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I uhh... 
Probably hotkey.

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What store did you walk into? Was it a big retailer like BestBuy?

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@newslowsad: Considering how its $500 off regular price, I'd consider it a pretty good deal.
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Sure, why not. Only thing is that a game would need to put you into a lobby where people only use mouse/keyboards; because of the advantages the controller comes with.

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These two CEOs make like EA is a saint from heaven...

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Chair. Though blowing $300 on a computer chair sounds a bit pricey. But anyways, the chair is a bigger priority because you'll be spending quite a bit of your time on the computer regardless, anyways.

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Its no surprise that you'll start to look into smaller indie games and other non-AAA titles that are worthy on its own; big gaming sites like IGN and Gamespot focuses on flashy big titles, even if the game was mediocre at best.

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Cool. I liked Nazi Zombies. There's absolutely nothing wrong with adding more stuff into a game; just makes the game more worthwhile for your money (even if its now a game that's annually released).

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I suppose they wanted to keep with the success and make money off of a well loved IP. I see nothing wrong with that; other than the potential for this to turn into a COD thing where two developers switch back and forth on development cycles.

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We'll probably hit dry on our resources, that's when we start to collapse. Climate change will just fuck us up even more when we don't have enough land to plant crops to sustain ourselves.