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I'm hoping this game can deliver for me. I couldn't get into Ace Combat 6's demo. It was, uh, lackluster. I also didn't get the controls down for some reason... But that's just me sucking and hitting the ground too often.

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@ajamafalous said:
" Microsoft probably never would have entered if SEGA hadn't left. "
The Xbox came out in 2001. The Dreamcast discontinued in 2002.
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Read, watch movies, play DS/PSP (does funky stuff to your lights though), sleep. Be sure you get up and walk around as often as you can if possible, you'll feel like shit sitting for a long time.

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@Jeffsekai: <3
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@habster3 said:
" Um... living in space sounds alright, but we're certainly not going to fucking die if we don't leave; that's ridiculous! "
We will die. He doesn't mean just our generation, he means our entire species. Earth is overpopulated, its resources overexploited and its environment wrecked by human activity. A planet cannot sustain life if life is not sustainable. 
Besides, the sun will eventually shallow the Earth eventually even if we managed to work our way around our problems. Its nothing pressing, but its something we should look into.
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@Crixaliz said:

" They still haven't patched this?  Is it like a specific menu screen or on all menus? I'm kinda worried since my laptop has had many video card cooling problems in that past. I had the get the card replaced twice already and yes its a Dell. "

I'm not sure myself, but there's a temporary solution (when I mean temporary, I mean its a solution up until Blizzard patches it up for good) to stop this from frying your graphics card: 
@TheMustacheHero said:

"  For a temporary workaround, go to your Documents/StarCraft II /Variables.txt and set frameratecapglue to 30 and frameratecap to 60. Add these lines to Variable.txt: frameratecapglue=30 frameratecap=60 "

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@AndrewB said:
" Whose brilliant idea was it to run the menus so ridiculously hard? Can't say I've had the problem (though I've invested in some pretty good cooling for the machine I run it on usually), but I've definitely heard enough people talking about it that I'd call it a problem and a horrible design decision.  Edit: it might not be what caused this specific situation, but it could definitely have contributed to it since your card never gets a break even between menus.  Also, waiting for this to happen to my Macbook, which runs hot enough to fry an egg on just flash video, let alone a game. "
Pretty sure it wasn't a design decision to ramp up the graphics card to try and overwork 100% in the menus (I don't even know how that's possible...). More like a serious, SERIOUS oversight. Hell I don't know. Laptops were never meant to game anyways. I extensively gamed on my laptop for 2 years and I pretty much got it to the point of frying some component inside that makes it crash frequently.
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@Commando said:
" Ok... and how does he expect us to survive in space with no air, no food, and no water? He's kindof a hypocrite for saying we should populate other planets when he knows we can't live on any nearby planet. Even if we found a planet that was habitable, it'd take us thousands of years to travel there even at the speed of light. "
Since when did he ever say "right here, right now"? He said in the next few hundred years, we should start expanding if we hope to survive. In other words, we need to start long term research investments to figure out how we're going to live on some other planet other than Earth.
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From the back of my mind, the only real new competitor that can jump into the console war is Apple, but as someone else said about their support for games, its probably not likely. They've also tried making the Pippin and that... that thing is almost unheard of, it was that much of a failure. Seeing how we're getting all of this motion control technology, I can see Apple jumping in smoothly since they're all about "innovation" and being new and shit. 
Someone else mentioned Google and I haven't considered that yet. Its sounds like a mismatch, but hey, Google is awesome. If they begin to export their 1 gigabit network; they could hold a monopoly on that technology in the United States and use it for their console. You know how much possibility there would be for a console like that?

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Probably not. The closest thing you'll get to that are remote controlled robots for EOD teams. And those robots are used to disarm bombs, not blow up intentionally.