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I don't hate Facebook. I have a tab on Facebook all the time. Its like my social hub for shit. The only thing I don't like about the site is the vast amount of useless and annoying applications. That's about it.

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@Bones8677 said:
" Yep Titan, Europa and Mars are the most likely candidates for terraforming for Human Colonization. Now if we can just introduce an Ice asteroid to the Martian Atmosphere, some say Jupiter has some we can hijack.   Now we have to build a ship that can transport a fucking asteroid large enough to create an atmosphere of an entire planet!   Very scary thinking about all the things that would need to be done in order to sustain Human life. Doubly so considering that none of it is proven. "
I don't think a single asteriod could create a atmosphere. Normally you get atmosphere from volcanic activity, don't you?
If we wanted to bring an asteriod to Mars, I suppose we could launch a probe that carried some nuclear warheads and fire them at the asteriod to blast it out from its orbit, and hopefully fly into Mars with the mathematical calculations involved. Of course I'm sure there will be some initial concerns that we'd use them to blast away the Chinese or Russians or something. =P
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Might because of the economic recession that all of the shitty newscast crew were fired and replaced with newer and younger members.

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Much lower failure rate; please. I honestly don't know what else the new version could boot in that would satsify me. Wireless wifi would be nice, but knowing the disadvantages of laggy gameplay, I don't really consider it a high priority. Also I probably won't get it until my console dies.

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@Veektarius: The writers are correct, scientists believes that is the vast amount of radiation from Jupiter would be fatal to humans on Europa without significant shielding. It is possible that they could colonize underneath the ice surface so it shields them from the radiation. They could use the geothermic energy of Europa to supply the power to the colony. Of course the only problem is being able to build the colony in the first place; underwater. We'd need to try doing that a few times on Earth before we attempt do pull off anything on Europa.
Not sure if there's any other moons that are plasubile candidates for colonization. I think the chances on Titan are pretty good judging from the information we got from our previous probes.
I'm totally stoked about the future. I want to be reincarinated as a baby in the future. =P
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7-Eleven, hands down.

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@Kyreo said:

" 400 Years max.  We won't start space travel until we, as a race, are content with the level of colonization of the inhabitable planets in this Solar System.   "

Don't forget about the countless of moons on Jupiter, Saturn and the few on Uranus and Neptune. =P
I mean christ Europa sounds like a promising place to colonize...
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@AltonBrown said:
 @Meteora: 2012 apocalypse is bunk. There's also lots of potential for colonisation on Mars. Given that we know that Mars contains some amount of water, it stands to reason that Mars either has the potential or at one time did support life.
@Hailinel said:
" Technically, haven't some of our earlier probes already left? "
Probes were launched towards the outer planets of the solar system in the last decade or two. However, the space between galaxies is so large that even if a probe were to find relevant information, it would take hundreds of years for us to receive the information. "
Hey I'm just voicing out a popular voice that we'll die out in 2012. I didn't mean it seriously. Like I really don't see any real immediate dangers that would kill us all on that year, other than the stupid magnetif fields switching off for a bit before reversing the poles. But that discussion is for another day.
I know there's lots of potential for colonisation on Mars. Much more than Mercury or god forbidden Venus. I was trying to point out that its unlikely we'll be able to inhabit the colony in numbers more than a hundred for at least a few more decades after 2030 or so. Sorry if I was not being specific enough.
And yes you have a point on the probes taking forever to send messages back home. To futher reinforce your message, the power supply is limited on probes. We've already lost contact with Pioneer 10 and 11; it won't be too long before the Voyagers suffer from the same fate in a few decades.
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@Hailinel said:

" Technically, haven't some of our earlier probes already left? "

Yeah, we have four probes out there. Voyage 1 and 2; Pionner 10 and 11.
Though those crafts took literally more than a decade to leave the solar system. The closest system is more than 4 light years away. That's light YEARS. Its gonna be helluva long of a trip.
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Its likely that we'll get to Mars at some point in our life time; given if there is no apolcaplyse in 2012. A question of exactly when is unknown. 2030-2050 sounds like a reasonable date for us to reach to Mars, not like there's really much for us to do there other than set up a scientific colony.
Reaching Mass Effect level of technology is probably impossible. We'll have to hope that when we die we'll be born as new babies in that setting. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, I would absolutely adore being in outerspace. Its just so gorgeous outside.