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" Will anybody ever talk about the good things and only the good things? "

Not really. There are certainly some good points in FFXIII; but most of us are completely turned off with the changes. Fans don't normally like change, even if its good. There are also some issues in the game that are to be addressed, such as the pacing and very linear path the game sets out.
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Definitely worth a try on my end. The minimap sure was bugging me in that it was not a perfect circle and rather a oval-sorta looking circle.

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Why is this thread still up?
You can't compare a JRPG with a Shooter...
Besides its normally easy to make a shooter game easy to play.

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Auto battle isn't mandatory, you know. If you want, you can start mashing in buttons or using the repeat ability command.
I only do auto battle when I'm a medic; I suck at healing. >_<

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@turbomonkey138 said:
" @TomA: They changed it from Bad company one :( you have to be close to the ground to repair now "
You can repair in midflight, if you didn't know. Unless you mean something like there's some kinda height restriction before you can repair in the air.
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I like the character design.

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@lucas_kelly said:
" I feel like I've seen the same monsters about 5 times now. Same models, just different texture. This is just plain laziness, they spent five years on this game and they still have to reuse models. I know this has been done in previous Final Fantasy games, but no where near to this extent. "
At this rate you'd wonder what the hell have they been doing all this time. =P
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I believe XM8 had some issues such as overheating and it being made out of plastic; goes hand in hand with it melting.
Besides that its uneconomical to made the change from the M16 and M4 to something entirely new. There are some other rifles such as the HK416 which uses most of the older parts but are more durable. They don't have to buy the gun itself, just get the parts and exchange them with existing rifles. 
As for why its in the game is beyond me. 'Cause they can. Just like multiplayer has guys running with the Thompson or M1 Garand.

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@The_Laughing_Man said:
" EA is gonna get a lot of hate. Game is hardly out..and no servers!  "
Well, at least their track record has gradually become better as of late. Activision makes EA looks like saint in comparison.
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I think they're fine. Maybe a bit out of place, but its entirely alright. FFXIII isn't entirely fantasy, its also an incorporation of futuristic sci-fi stuff.