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@Burns098356GX said:
" @Th3_James said:
" no lag on 350, it's much better than 360. It's got 10 less lag "
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Hm, I think its great. When you dwindle down the number of people you control or have in a party, it gives them more spotlight and makes the player get to know the character better. The banter is pretty cool I guess.
Though combat wise its not so great when you're one man down. The Junkyard level is indeed pretty awful; especially because of those robots which takes like two minutes to kill. I told myself to fuck it and avoided those robots at all cost.

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1.2 KDR.
I seriously don't give a flying shit about KDR in this game than MW2.

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The game looks gorgeous on its own rights, but it lacks the lighting and other things that Crysis has.
Can't really say that's a bad thing since I presume Bad Company 2 was designed for a console in mind in the first place.

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Metacritic should never be used to judge a game. Ever.

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You can't compare a RPG to a shooter.
Also average reviews are inaccurate. There are sometimes certain reviewers who give really bad scores and bring down the average mark.

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@Luke said:
" I like Snow's Voice Actor the best... he's mother fuckin' Yuri Lowell (Tales of Vesperia) and also Kanji (Persona 4)!  "
Oh shit, really?
That earns him some serious points. Fucking love Yuri and Kanji.
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@nethanel said:
" @ImperiousRix said:
" @nethanel said:
"Thats on PC where you can choose which team you are on. I've frequently experienced 2v8 matches on the 360 where you can't switch teams.  "
I thought you couldn't on the 360.  The other day, I think by the third round played in my lobby, we were down to 9 v 8.  I wanted to switch side to even out the teams, but it wouldn't let me.  I figured then that the game would let people into the lobby to start evening up the teams, but then THAT never happened.  It got kind of annoying. I believe I ran into similar problems with Battlefield 1943. "
Uh yeah I said you couldn't switch on the 360 "
You can. You just need someone on the other team to send you an invite and it'll boot you into their team and possibly squad if they have one open slot. Sometimes join in progress when there are friends on the other team also works.
The auto balancing in this game is a joke though, seeing how there is none and sometimes servers dwindle down to 4v4. There are some major oversights from DICE on key features in this game, such as a simple cancel matchmaking or searching for a game.
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I wished that the maps were a bit bigger, helicopters are sort of the breed that needs a lot of room to manuever around in the skies. But we'll deal with it.

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So far I've been liking Lightning, Sazh, Snow and Vanille. Only like 3 hours in. Hope hasn't catched on me yet.
Oh and Vanille is pretty cool because of her accent. Sure its weird and all, but I think so far its very unique and very much not generic and annoying.