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I'd imagine it would have been very awkward for the students in the class when this was happening.

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This is really nice.
Though I wonder how much do they have to pay for all of the maps they've uploaded onto Xbox Live.

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Chinese Canadian. Born in Canada, Vancouver. Parents came from Hong Kong. Nothing really special other than I'm not white. =P

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@Burns098356GX said:
" @Th3_James said:
" no lag on 350, it's much better than 360. It's got 10 less lag "
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Hm, I think its great. When you dwindle down the number of people you control or have in a party, it gives them more spotlight and makes the player get to know the character better. The banter is pretty cool I guess.
Though combat wise its not so great when you're one man down. The Junkyard level is indeed pretty awful; especially because of those robots which takes like two minutes to kill. I told myself to fuck it and avoided those robots at all cost.

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1.2 KDR.
I seriously don't give a flying shit about KDR in this game than MW2.

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The game looks gorgeous on its own rights, but it lacks the lighting and other things that Crysis has.
Can't really say that's a bad thing since I presume Bad Company 2 was designed for a console in mind in the first place.

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Metacritic should never be used to judge a game. Ever.

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You can't compare a RPG to a shooter.
Also average reviews are inaccurate. There are sometimes certain reviewers who give really bad scores and bring down the average mark.

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@Luke said:
" I like Snow's Voice Actor the best... he's mother fuckin' Yuri Lowell (Tales of Vesperia) and also Kanji (Persona 4)!  "
Oh shit, really?
That earns him some serious points. Fucking love Yuri and Kanji.