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" @ImperiousRix said:
" @nethanel said:
"Thats on PC where you can choose which team you are on. I've frequently experienced 2v8 matches on the 360 where you can't switch teams.  "
I thought you couldn't on the 360.  The other day, I think by the third round played in my lobby, we were down to 9 v 8.  I wanted to switch side to even out the teams, but it wouldn't let me.  I figured then that the game would let people into the lobby to start evening up the teams, but then THAT never happened.  It got kind of annoying. I believe I ran into similar problems with Battlefield 1943. "
Uh yeah I said you couldn't switch on the 360 "
You can. You just need someone on the other team to send you an invite and it'll boot you into their team and possibly squad if they have one open slot. Sometimes join in progress when there are friends on the other team also works.
The auto balancing in this game is a joke though, seeing how there is none and sometimes servers dwindle down to 4v4. There are some major oversights from DICE on key features in this game, such as a simple cancel matchmaking or searching for a game.
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I wished that the maps were a bit bigger, helicopters are sort of the breed that needs a lot of room to manuever around in the skies. But we'll deal with it.

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So far I've been liking Lightning, Sazh, Snow and Vanille. Only like 3 hours in. Hope hasn't catched on me yet.
Oh and Vanille is pretty cool because of her accent. Sure its weird and all, but I think so far its very unique and very much not generic and annoying.

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Just going to brief it up a bit.
Been playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 straight for the few days after launch and before in the demo. Its a great game with very much different mechanics from MW2, but at the moment it lacks the variety of maps. This sorta makes things a bit stale. Though its an absolute blast to play with friends and working together as a squad.

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@Andheez said:
" Other people are always waiting for them, so no, never even tried.  But for those of you who do, realize if I gun for you, I can't shoot shit if you just buzz back and forth over the target.  Helicopters are supposed to hover, not be flown like a biplane. "
Yep. Though once RPGs start flying towards you and shit hits the fan, then it needs some evasive manuevers. =P
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" It's a bumpy ride to be sure, but I never crash them, at least. And I can put them on the ground for repairs unlike many, many people I've seen. "
Oh yeah, for some odd reason even the most decent or good helicopters have difficulty landing. Either they take their time or just crash the bloody thing.
I still haven't been able to master landing it gracefully without smashing it up too much. I hesitate too much into landing it in hard.
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Yeah I can fly helicopters, I think I'm at least a wee bit capable with the Black Hawks as a pilot. Last match with them I did pretty well once I got my controls down and started to learn to do evasive manuevers whenever there's a big "BEEP BEEP BEEP!" of doom instead of idling around like a sitting duck. I absolutely adore helicopters but nobody ever seems to be willing to take on flying these damn things so I end up flying them. Though preferably I like to be the gunner or air mechanic since I role with friends who are much better at flying helicopters.
For some reason I fly much better when in first person view, I can't pilot for shit when its third person. Which is ironic because I stay the fuck away from Hinds and Apaches. Those things are just too damn flipsy for me to use and too manueverable. If you tilt the damn thing too much you'll drive into something. Definitely outside my comfort level.

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UAV that motherfucka. Totally fired a missile on a Hind in a UAV while I was right under it as it realised I wasn't even shooting at him (I didn't have the alt fire for the machine gun) so I just hid behind it and blew it up midair.
On a more realistic scale, collective insurgents firing their RPGs at the helicopter works out nice and fine.

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Not entirely hyped right now, just keeping everythinig calm and get my game.
But you guys....

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@Jimbo said:
" Even 16% seems pretty healthy.  MW2 was about 3% or something wasn't it? "
I'm pretty sure it was more, but then again there was like 4 million pirated copies of the bloody game for the PC.