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I know how you feel. I just risk my life to get the dog tag even though its pretty much futile; since someone for some odd reason always turn their back at the right time and kill me, or some random douchebag sniper takes me out. =/

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@Azrail said:
" probs equal or more to actual sales  one of the reason peeps use to say pc was dying, cuz digital distribution isn't counted "
You'd think they would count digital distrubution by now, at least for major distrubtors lile Steam.
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@iam3green said:
" it is just how technology works these days. microsoft's harddrives are overpriced things. they should be making like a tarabite ones now. "
They have a monopoly on the market, they can charge whatever the hell they want to screw us over our money.
But I do agree nonetheless.
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Just give it some time, it'll eventually fix itself up.
Besides that, MW2 has its own lobby issues with lag, ping and taking forever to join a lobby.

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There's plenty of Battlefield moments, but I can't remember any but one particular moment. It was on Port Valdeuz or whatever its called. At the last checkpoint I was firing RPGs at the Black Hawk and eventually gave up by firing a random one through a forest. The RPG caught on the Black Hawk's rotor tail and it went bye bye.

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@spazmaster666 said:
" @SeriouslyNow said:

Kottick doesn't have to appease the fanbase but he certainly shouldn't insult them either.  Insulting your customers is not good business. "

Modern Warfare and it's over $1 billion worth of sales says otherwise. Look, obviously insulting customers isn't a good thing but the only people who care are either fanboys or the fraction of the hardcore audience that actually gets offended by businessman talking business. It's not going to affect the other 95% of the the customers from buying their branded titles. "
Partly true. Most customers probably aren't nearly as informed as we are, but there is actually a significant number of us who are informed. I'd say the percentage is much higher, about 20% or so. Modern Warfare 2 had 4 million pirated copies on the PC and furthermore another million on the 360, I'm sure at least a fraction of them were doing that to boycott the dedicated servers. There's also other examples such as Spore where people pirated it to avoid the DRM.
Also you have to take into other considerations. If all your friends boycott a certain game that they were expecting to get, you're more unlikely to buy the game for the sole reason no one would be playing with you. Peer pressure. Probably only accounts for a few hundred thousands, but every counts in the big picture.
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@xobballox said:
" @bhhawks78 said:
" He didn't rely on overseas sweatshop labor, blatantly steal tax payer money, or sexually harass anyone.. "
Or did he? "
I think this man is onto something.
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@haggis said:
It's time to be honest, gamers: you don't pirate to circumvent clumsy or irritating DRM. You pirate because you don't want to pay for the game. Period. "
With the exception of SecuROM; of course. Apparently somehow that DRM fucks your computer up so I've heard.
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Oh they'll crack it.
And then Ubisoft will follow with other developers to solely develop for consoles and leave the PC gaming slowly rot itself.
Then I can say "ha! karma bitch!"

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The amount of fanboys in this thread sickens me.
Just enjoy the goddamn game and don't QQ.