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The Wii version (graphically) actually looks fine. Why? Because it's got a different art style and direction than the Xbox 360 one. It's not like it's carbon copying the models from that console and just dumbing it down 5 times more than needed, they look like two different games if you know what I mean.

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I am losing faith in Humanity...

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Bummer, I probably need a new computer to run the Sims 3. The second one took ages to load lots (I think this was because the game wasn't optimized or something?). I'm looking forward anyways, I've had a good run with the Sims 2.

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Looks pretty similar to the NXE. Either way, nice redesign.

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Yeah that's a problem for me with my PlayStation 2 controller, your hands get sweaty after holding it for some long. I never had any problems with the N64 and get it infrequently on the Xbox 360 (only after hours of playing or my body is sweating for some reason); it might have to do something with the shape and compact size that gets players have sweaty hands.

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This is brilliant news for the PSP. I think that games such as Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty 4 doesn't carry over the visual charm when they are ported to the DS, but if it was built on the PSP it'll work better.

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I just love it when developers get community feedback, it makes us fans feel like we're part of a bigger thing/cause than being spoon fed and shit.

Anyways it's being the second most talked topic on Twitter at the moment. That's what Robert Bowling said.

"Wow! What an awesome test. #MW2 is the #2 most talked about topic on Twitter now! Keep em' coming and please @ me w/ suggestions 4 the app" - Robert Bowling

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I suppose this could be one of the advantage of splitting the game into three separate parts; faster to churn the first one out.

On a side note, those questions are pretty rude if they were asked by the fans. That's "If" they were asked by the fans.

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I really shouldn't have convinced myself to believing the game industry is recession-proof. =/

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Woah, it's a Canadian developer? Cool.