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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Final Fantasy XIII (original one; not that versus version) and Operation Flashpoint 2 are on my list. Yes it becomes tiresome to have a COD be released each year; I hope Activision Blizzard realises that its more harmful to milk a franchise than not. You might as well want to skip out on the COD games that are made by Treyarch, depending on if you do not like their standard of quality compare to Infinity Ward.

And I suppose I can throw in StarCraft 2 in there. I want my mind to be blown with StarCraft: Ghost being developed by Infinity Ward, by the way (Brad brought this idea to begin with). Blizzard and Infinity Ward are both subsidary under the same company, after all. It wouldn't be very hard to get this project going; aside from manpower issue.

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6th Prestige, Level 55. I decided to refrain myself from going onto the next prestige level to get my Red Tigers.

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Assault Rifles:
M4 Carbine
  • Class Name: The Middle Man
  • Use: General purposes; killing
  • Attachment: Red Dot Sight
  • Camouflage: Red Tiger
  • First Perk: Bandolier
  • Second Perk: Stopping Power
  • Third Perk: Deep Impact
  • Class Name: Auto-Headshot
  • Use: Racking up headshots; getting the feeling of going on a long killing streak
  • Attachment: Red Dot Sight
  • Camouflage: Red Tiger
  • First Perk: Bandolier
  • Second Perk: Stopping Power
  • Third Perk: Deep Impact
MP5 (Blue Tiger)
  • Class Name: Mile High Club
  • Use: For hardcore ass kicking close quarter combat; like the Mile High Club mission
  • Attachment: Red Dot Sight
  • Camouflage: Blue Tiger [yet to get Red Tiger]
  • First Perk: Bandolier
  • Second Perk: Stopping Power
  • Third Perk: Steady Aim
M249 SAW
  • Class Name: Lead Spammer
  • Use: For the "lawl, whenever I'm frustrated, whenever someone beats me a lot of times in CQB often with a P90 or when I don't feel like trying. RPM stands at roughly 1200, faster than the P90's 900 RPM. Grip and steady aim makes it have a hip fire of a SMG and double tap makes it as if it was on crack.
  • Attachment: Grip
  • Camouflage: Red Tiger [you don't see this too often with this gun]
  • First Perk: N/A
  • Second Perk: Double Tap
  • Third Perk: Steady Aim
Sniper Rifles:
  • Class Name: All Ghillied Up
  • Use: Snipah! Oh and bolt action no scoping.
  • Attachment: N/A
  • Camouflage: Red Tiger
  • First Perk: Bandolier
  • Second Perk: Stopping Power
  • Third Perk: Steady Aim [yeah, I went there]
Barrett .50 Cal
  • Class Name: Where's Waldo?
  • Use: Shotgun and sniper rifle; basically the same as R700
  • Attachment: N/A
  • Camouflage: Digital [just began using it]
  • First Perk: Bandolier
  • Second Perk: Stopping Power
  • Third Perk: Steady Aim
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Well MrRedwine you have to also consider the maintenance fees for the servers on WoW; they can get pretty expensive.

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Jesus Christ, this is a joke. You would wonder how time efficient the company is after all these years in development. I wonder what's the production cost now that I think about it...

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In my opinion, this is weak. Seeing how MGS4 has a shitload of cinematic, I would probably blind myself trying to watch all of it on that small screen. Meh.

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Clearly Brad is biased over on Viva Pinata. =P

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Did somebody say free?

I'm sold.

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I have too many bloody favourite missions; I pretty much love the whole single player itself. I suppose I'll get onto making a list of missions...

Crew Expendable: I'm a real big fan when it comes to flashy introductions and this one felt awesome (though many others in COD4 were just equally as awesome; it's just that this one was the first one I got to experience). Running and escaping for your life at the end was intense.

Charlie Don't Surf: I'm not sure why but this mission is loved by me. I just like the street combat and how it makes a transition from stealth to urban combat. Plus the intro is pretty cool.

Shock and Awe/Aftermath: The beginning of the mission was awesome as you feel like your part of an invasion force. Charlie Don't Surf did a exceptional job but it never seemed anything as grand as this. You also get to blast people apart with your grenade launcher from above. But the selling point of this mission is at the end. One of the most emotional gaming moments I've experienced in my life, I cannot think of any games that has literally made my heart cry. On a side note I hear you can hear a girl calling out "I love you daddy" in Aftermath in the midst of hearing children playing, which made it even more depressing (I could vaguely hear it). The way how the mission represents itself is amazing, I've became attached to Jackson.

All Ghillied Up: Out of all the missions there is, this happens to be the hidden surprise of the game. You are paired up with arguably one the best companion in this game (he is after all, the only ally on your side). I especially like how powerful the graphics are that I couldn't even see Captain MacMillan in the beginning of the game lying in the grass. Captain MacMillan was so awesome with his kickass personality and Scottish voice that he is one of my favourite characters. Like Aftermath where you can hear children voices, you can also hear some from this mission too yelling out for help. While Aftermath was the horrors of war, All Ghillied Up was the horrors of Chernobyl. Though both are quite similar relating to disaster.

Game Over: I never really play this mission as much as I do with the others. Its been neglected, but I love it. Along with Aftermath this is the most emotional level I've played.

Mile High Club: The most badass mission when it comes to pure ass kicking. You and your team of SAS essentially storm the whole mission and killing everything that gets in your way from rescuing the objective, and this must be accomplished within 1-3 minutes. Sure its short but it portrays the badassery of special forces, even if it was unrealistic.

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Hell yes, bring on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Though the name is going to take some time to get used to. I've never referred COD4 to its subtitle modern warfare.