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The 7,000 steps was truly immersing. It felt like an eternity getting up there and it felt quite epic trying to get to the top of the mountain. Ice troll did ruin my trip, but I just ran past him after my second try.

And my god the view up on the mountain is gorgeous.

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Khajiit; because every other race is boring.

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9-10. That's primarily the way how I roll. If I screw something up, I'll probably just make a second playthrough to remedy that.

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I'm not an Australian but I can see why it might be a good idea for America to have some troops stationed there. Forward military bases act as a rapid response to emergencies or disasters and such. Even though I think the Australian military is more than capable of defending its own land, it would prove helpful to have some American presence on their soil.

That or you can take it the Germany way as: why the hell are Americans still stationed at Germany.

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I haven't been keeping track of Bieber's age but isn't (s)he like 18?

Either way, meh.

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Uh what? It felt like the PC version was the leading platform.

Ah well. Its easier to patch on the PC than the console platform, so it might make more sense.

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About time actually. Should have done it earlier. The Kinect has some great potential from the hacks we've seen out of the Kinect.

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Most of the QOTW were just outright baddddd. Some of them were sort of cool, but most of them were just bad.

I'm glad they discontinued QOTW.

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This is way too good lol. Epic job.