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Singed. Deal.

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Good thing she lives in the 21st century, a little more than thousand years ago the average life expectancy was about 40.

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@Rockanomics said:

What the hell did you take it apart with a plasma gun?

I wouldn't doubt it. Gamecubes are pretty resilient, last I recalled. That thing was made to last. 
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Guess that's what happens when some higher up decides that they want to change the appearance of a character to look more generic.

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@Bruce said:
I'm not a fan, but having experienced the "band" like that, I was left with a bunch of criticisms---but I genuinely had fun doing it. Watching interviews of the "band" -- more like, Amy -- was subsequently infuriating because they really believe that their type of rock is bringing back something that music had lost. It just seemed ignorant to me, but their fans don't seem to care.
Music is like that. You listen to whatever popular band and you get criticised. That's why I hate discussing about music because everyone's views on music is very narrow and sometimes outright elitist or centric on their own views on music. 
And yes, bands tend to do that. I don't really agree with whatever they say nowadays, they seem all the same to me.
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@HandsomeDead said:

@Bruce: How old were these people? I'm pale and wear lots of black also, but I stopped listening to Evanescence when I stopped being like 15. I suppose there isn't really an age limit on the kind of music you should listen to but bands like this, Linkin Park and their ilk always bamboozle me when I find them being listened to by people who are ostensibly adults.

Yes, there really isn't a age limit to music. Some genres there maybe, but that's up to the individuals on whether or not they decide to continue to listen. 
I mean, you would THINK they would outgrow some certain artists since they're usually aimed towards the younger demographic, but some people continue to stick around to listen to at least their old stuff when they were around that demographic age. 
Also I vastly prefer their first album, though who doesn't. Evanescence seems more of a one man band last I recalled, with Amy being one of the original band member left, though I don't know if that's true or not.
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Hell yeah, more customizability for the win.

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Vinny by far. Jeff is the most consistent though.

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Its a neat idea I guess, though it would suck for people who like, almost never get rain or always has rain or something in their area. 
The Pokemon games has always been corresponding with local time.

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I respect most if not all personnel who has served the military, especially in western civilizations which we don't have to join involuntarily, though mandatory service doesn't really affect my respect too much. I feel that soldiers should be respected more than they should sometimes. Don't hate the soldiers, hate the politicians in suits.