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Hey duders,

Just finished Burial at Sea episode 2 and I thought it was pretty good.. However, my game crashed in the middle of the credits.. If I remember right the vanilla game had a post credits cut scene.. did Burial at Sea ep 2 have one? If so, what did I miss?


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@slaegar said:

I enjoy MSI Afterburner. It can give information besides framerate as well like GPU temperatures and fanspeed. They problem with Afterburner and EVGA precision is that they rely on Rivatuner which doesn't display stats in 64 bit games. There are *very* few 64 bit games, but they do show up from time to time. World of Warcraft being optionally 64 bit.

Bit of info about rivatuner and 64 bit.

Ah! Ok, that explains it.

Anyhow, thanks for all the help guys! Just went with fraps.

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Hey duders,

I've been using EVGA Precision X + RivaTuner to monitor frame rate but there are a lot of games it just fails to detect.. Most notably Titanfall..

Any of you guys have good recommendations of software that picks up most games?

I heard FRAPS is resource intensive, but is that just the recording? I can't imagine just monitoring frame rate would really be that stressful of an activity, but what do I know.. DXtory is one I have heard of before...

What say you, duders?

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Hey duders,

So for a long time I have wanted a new case because my current one is totally jacked up...

I see I can get this one on newegg for 79.99 shipped, so I am ready to order it...

However, I do have a Hyper 212 Plus fan on my CPU, a GTX 660, and my motherboard is an ASUS P8P67 LE....

Do you guys think this will all fit?

Dumb question I know. -___-

Thanks for the help!

(posted on Gamespot as well, sorry if you read twice!)

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I'm on PS4 doe.

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@thehbk said:

@methodman008: 4GB depends on whether you are running higher resolutions than 1080p or multiple screens. I have a 2GB 770 and it runs everything great on 1080p so far. Battlefield 4 running past 60 fps. I would actually hold off on upgrading, your rig sounds fine and maybe the perfomance boost you would get from going 660 to a 670 or 760 would not be worth the money. I would wait another year, and just turn down settings to get better framerates and upgrade all at once. A new CPU, motherboard and GPU, maybe the 800 series from Nvidia when that comes out as that will be lower power but faster, check out the reviews on the 750ti as that thing is super small and power efficient. As that is a preview of the new architecture. My guide is don't upgrade from one gen to the next.

Ah, ok cool. I do run a two monitor set up but the second screen is never really doing anything.. I've got it set up to run to my desktop monitor (1920x1200) and my LED TV (1824x1026 ...stupid over scan) but if I'm gaming on my TV I'm not doing anything with my desktop monitor.

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The nvidia maxwell cards come out this year so I'd wait for those.

I would upgrade the GPU for sure, but as other people have already you might be smart to wait a little bit before you buy one.

I posted the same thread on another forum I visit and I'm getting the same answers.

Well that is good news I guess. I can just use my spare cash on games for now and I'd like to replace my PC case eventually.. Mine is just too small and makes cord management not super easy..

And you fine gentlepeople have suggestions for good (relatively inexpensive) cases?

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@korwin said:

That machine will probably already run Titanfall fine, you are better off with a GPU upgrade at this point as you will see the biggest gains from that upgrade.

Yeah I was in the beta and it runs Titanfall fine for the most part, though it does slow down with a lot of smoke and stuff on the field... And it might be nice to play at more than 2x AA if possible.

I'm talking to a guy with a 670 on ebay for 200 bucks.. Seems like a pretty good deal but it's only a 2gb card and I was hoping for a 4gb card... But that would save me over 100 bucks compared to a new 4gb 760.. I wonder how huge the difference between 2gb video memory and 4gb video memory will be for the next few years.

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50 will never make an album like Get Rich again because his life is just too different now. What exactly is a multi-millionaire supposed to rap about and still sound bad-ass?

50 isn't capable of making a concept album and listening to another Jay Z talking about how rich he is is something I don't want to do. I glad you've still got hope but unfortunately I don't feel the same and haven't since like 2005 when it comes to 50 Cent.

So much rap is just so unrelateable (for most) nowadays.. Not that that is a sign of quality, but it is certainly a fact.

Though I do really enjoy rapping "started from the bottom" ironically.