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I doubt it since it is such a fixed angle game but I thought I would check...

Can't find any solid answers on Google.

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The images don't appear to be obviously stretched. So far, Batman, Deus Ex, and Left 4 Dead 2. Not many games I've launched actually say "21:9". Far Cry 4 is one of the few I've seen with 21:9 in the settings.

It seems like like everything is playing at full res, it just seems weird to me that it is wrong(?) in the settings.

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hey duders,

so ive been wanting to get a 21:9 monitor for awhile now and i finally pulled the trigger. so far it seems pretty neat. something does show up commonly that doesn't make sense to me though... games will say they are running at 16:9 at 2560x1080 according to the settings. that doesn't make sense, right?

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I'd check here for power supplies.

Like I said before, I'm totally happy with my 970, but thanks to dynamic super resolutions the extra power that the 980 gives you is pretty useful even now no matter what resolution screen you have.

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@nilazz said:

@turtlebird95: @hurricaneivan29: @dagas: @apothaeos: @giefcookie: @treetrunk: @apothaeos: @dox516:

wow! Thanks guys, never thought I would get so many long good answers, you sure did things a lot easier for me.

So I guess 16GB of RAM is a lock, it is so cheap anyway so why not. Buying an SSD also seems like something I need, at least for the OS to work as great as possible.

The only thing that really is up to debate is if I get a 970 or 980, I do love me some extra horsepower but it is a big jump in price.

How big is the difference between i5 and i7 when it comes to gaming?

I just upgraded from a i5 2400 to a i7 4790k and it has made a pretty dramatic difference. Stuff already looked great on my old i5, but now almost anything I throw at my PC will do 60fps. I'm not sure if the hyperthreading actually makes any difference or if it just the jump in clock speed that makes my stuff run better now.. But still you can get a i7 4970k for like 300 bucks on sale, so that is a pretty damn good deal.

I have a 970, and it is AWESOME. However, if you have the extra dough to spend, definitely get the 980. It might not matter that much now, but it will eventually.

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I have my PC set up on my 55" LG TV and a 24" Asus monitor... Do most everything on TV save for some KB/M games..

It works great now that I have my LG, but before I used a 50" Element, and that TV had some overscan issues.. I had change the resolution of the monitor via nvidia control panel, so that was kind of annoying, but I think that might only be an issue on cheap tv.

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I'm been a PC gamer for like...two years now? I don't pretend to actually know very much about what PC components are best, but reading this thread makes me feel pretty good about my i7 4790k and gtx 970.

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not recently, but i got fifucked on pc like a year ago.

two-factor auth!! two-factor auth!! two-factor auth!! two-factor auth!! two-factor auth!! two-factor auth!! two-factor auth!! two-factor auth!!

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Hey duders....

So I got home from work and was so happy to check the newest episode of MGS because shit is about to get crazy, but for some reason I can't watch any videos from CBSi sites... Giant bomb and gamespot at least.. they load super slow and stop to buffer constantly even though i can steam 1080p fine on youtube and can stream HD on netflux fune..

i eventually said, fuck it, ill download the newest mgs and watch it later... but it is downloading at 14kbps! wtf!

can anyone help me out here? thanks.

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My first EVGA 970 had issues but I sent it back and the one they replaced it with has been working perfectly. Normally EVGA is top notch, but there first batch of 970s appeared to be pretty fucked. Looks like they have sorted that out.