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@rmanthorp: Hey I added you in game, I figured you were the GB duder and I just found this thread. :O Add me to the group! MethodMan in game.

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Ah, thanks for the answers duders.

Maybe the Respawn crew would be nice enough to patch that in... Though I kinda doubt it as the controller support for that game is pretty terrible.

Dead Rising 3 here I come!

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Hey duders,

So when MS announced they released the drivers for PC I ran right out and bought an Xbox One controller. It seems ok, but so far I can't tell if the rumble triggers work on PC.. I haven't noticed anything while playing Watch Dogs and Titanfall... Though I suppose it is possible those games don't even have rumble trigger support on Xbox One... Any of you duders played Titanfall or Watch Dogs on the Xbone? If so, do you remember the rumble triggers working?

I can't think of any other current gen games I own that are also out on Xbox One...

Thanks for the help yall!

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I loved MAG!

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How is Wolf Among Us?

I really liked Walking Dead but had my fill of the setting (dreadful world with zombies) with the first season. Is WAU the exact same gameplay wise?

I'll gladly buy it for PS4 if it comes out and its good

It is completely different. I'm playing Walking Dead Season 2, but I have realized I don't really have fun with that game anymore. I enjoy it, but it isn't fun. -__-

Wolf Among Us is my favorite Telltale game ever and has even got me to start reading the Fables comic series.

The story is really cool but it has the most amazing art of any game I have ever played, ever. So god damn beautiful.

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Papa Muir makes an account to post in this thread? So awesome.

Brad is the best, and I think Koffing looks most like Brad.

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Hey duders,

Just finished Burial at Sea episode 2 and I thought it was pretty good.. However, my game crashed in the middle of the credits.. If I remember right the vanilla game had a post credits cut scene.. did Burial at Sea ep 2 have one? If so, what did I miss?


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@slaegar said:

I enjoy MSI Afterburner. It can give information besides framerate as well like GPU temperatures and fanspeed. They problem with Afterburner and EVGA precision is that they rely on Rivatuner which doesn't display stats in 64 bit games. There are *very* few 64 bit games, but they do show up from time to time. World of Warcraft being optionally 64 bit.

Bit of info about rivatuner and 64 bit.

Ah! Ok, that explains it.

Anyhow, thanks for all the help guys! Just went with fraps.

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Hey duders,

I've been using EVGA Precision X + RivaTuner to monitor frame rate but there are a lot of games it just fails to detect.. Most notably Titanfall..

Any of you guys have good recommendations of software that picks up most games?

I heard FRAPS is resource intensive, but is that just the recording? I can't imagine just monitoring frame rate would really be that stressful of an activity, but what do I know.. DXtory is one I have heard of before...

What say you, duders?