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I think the Eminem song you are looking for is "Jealousy Woes 2." That bass line comes from a song called Say What by Idris Muhammad. I noticed it right off from "Dr. Knockboot" by Nas.

Awesome, thanks a lot duder.

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I don't know anyone really wrapped up in "GamerGate" type shit.. I think it is just forum trolls for the most part..

Everyone I know IRL who is into video games is just as excited now about games as they were a month ago.

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Hey duders, dumb question here... I can't for the life of me remember one of the beats on this freestyle.. I'm pretty sure it is an Eminem track I loved back in the day, but I just can't remember the name of it.

Beat in question starts around 2:35.

Started watching some Five Fingers of Death... Childish Gambino and Wayne Brady fucking kill it.. Mac Miller and Riff Raff.... not so much.

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Thanks youtube.

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I hate the stupid UI.. Can't wait till I have a better way to orgainize all my games.

Other than that, it is a good system so far.. I prefer the DS4 to the Xbox One controller, though it is by a marginal enough amount that I still use the Xbone controller on my PC.

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Hey duders,

So the injection of wrestling into all my video game media at once (Giant Bomb and the LaserTime Network) has made me think of the times I enjoyed wrestling... Many many years ago during the Attitude Era I was a huge fan like many others.. I loved card games too, Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, whatever... So the combination of video games, card games, and wrestling was heaven to my extremely young self..

I remember my dad having to call Major Thom (the biggest WWF WA! retail card site) personally so I could actually buy stuff from him..

Eventually after spending the only money I had (probably all told a couple hundred bucks) on the game it was shut down out of the blue for reasons I still don't know. I am old now and know how to use the internet so I could probably find out what happened if I really cared that much..

Anyhow, the reason for making this thread, I was wondering did any of the duders play this game? If so what was your in game name? Remember stuff you liked about it ?

I've got some dumb stories from the game to share but I dunno if anyone but me and like 20 other dudes in the world played it.

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@rmanthorp: Hey I added you in game, I figured you were the GB duder and I just found this thread. :O Add me to the group! MethodMan in game.

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Ah, thanks for the answers duders.

Maybe the Respawn crew would be nice enough to patch that in... Though I kinda doubt it as the controller support for that game is pretty terrible.

Dead Rising 3 here I come!

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Hey duders,

So when MS announced they released the drivers for PC I ran right out and bought an Xbox One controller. It seems ok, but so far I can't tell if the rumble triggers work on PC.. I haven't noticed anything while playing Watch Dogs and Titanfall... Though I suppose it is possible those games don't even have rumble trigger support on Xbox One... Any of you duders played Titanfall or Watch Dogs on the Xbone? If so, do you remember the rumble triggers working?

I can't think of any other current gen games I own that are also out on Xbox One...

Thanks for the help yall!