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I already knew Smash was going to be my GOTY. I had high hopes for Transistor, Dragon Age, and Titanfall. None of those games really grabbed me this year.

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I only really did this as a kid. I remember I 100% Spyro 1-3 and I unlocked and beat every level in Mario 3 and Mario World. The only recent things were Saints Row 3 and I still need to get the last 3 coins in the last level of Super Mario 3D Land.

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I stopped going to Gamespot about eight years ago when I kept getting spammed with racial and homosexual epithets because I thought the Mario Brothers series was better than the Sonic series. I'm glad to see they're responding to the horribleness of their of their forum users.

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There's so many different types and flavors of coffee. People shouldn't dismiss it completely. If you go to a Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks they can add so much cream, sugar, and syrup that it doesn't taste like coffee anymore. Coffee is also amazing for waking you up. That's why I drink it anyway.

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I usually wait for either a good price drop or a good bundle. There's never really been a game that sold me on a system. Luckily Nintendo dropped the price $50 and packed in a game I was interested in.

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I don't remember it being so tedious. There are a lot of sections where you sailing to various spots for a good 5 or 10 minutes. Even with those long stretches of sailing the game felt shorter than I remembered. It's still a great and good looking game but my nostalgia was a bit rosier than I realized.

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@chaser324: If you ignore the cultural hype and fanaticism the Pokemon games are fantastic and simple JRPGs. They've stayed relatively unchanged since the 90s so the newest one is usually the best one.

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Attack the Block is a really fun monster movie. It's much more suspenseful and action oriented but it could be a nice change of pace. Splice is another good monster movie but is way more creepy than scary. The new Evil Dead remake was really good and scary. The only movie I demand that you see is Cabin in the Woods. It is a really fun twist on the horror genre and one of my favorite movies in a long time.

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My friends and I would do that in middle school all the time.

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I used to use Instacast but then I switched to Downcast and never looked back.