Savor the heavens!

If you follow Kojima Hideo's Twitter feed, you probably know that he rarely talks about games, preferring to post tidbits about  his daily life/travels, or photos of his good eats. Minutes ago, he tweeted a bit about his feelings towards flying, which I've translated and reposted here because I found them whimsical and amusing. 
I actually retweeted them with some effort, but 160 character limits are far harder to manage in English than Japanese, so it makes more sense to just reblog them somewhere with more room.
"I always used to sit by the window on airplane flights. I loved taking pictures of the sky, clouds, and towns as we flew past. Well, since then I've been requesting aisle seats so I can have an easier time getting to the restroom. When I consider that I'm using the proximity of the toilet as an excuse for it, I feel like I've become a boring, middle-aged guy.
Mizuguchi Tetsuya-san always has a beautiful photo of the sky on his blog. And on a flight, I even heard  Uemura Kana-san of "The Toilet God" fame say, "Whenever I fly, I always sit by the window so I can watch the sky and clouds." One doesn't get to travel the skies often, after all; I should make the most of it. I think I'll start taking window seats again from now on."
I'm not "middle-aged" quite yet, but I've traveled more than often enough to sympathize with the poor man.