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Very likely a temporary exclusive. More like an exclusive launch. I find it unlikely that Eidos would pass up sales on other platforms in the long term.

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I got my money's worth from OnLive's subscription service (latency issues aside) so this is a pretty good idea that should net them some revenue.

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Thanks to Ryan's advice on the Bombcast I always "wipe front to back, never back to front."

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I know I speak for everyone when I say I miss you, Ryan. The Bomb Squad has worked admirably to keep everything fun and fresh, but it's still not the same without you.

My only interaction with him was a quick question/answer about the Bombcast (he really did read every e-mail, like he said) but he and the squad made my life a lot happier than it would have been otherwise.

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the overall conversation wonders more about if other, more varied and diverse, applicants were given a chance. And if not, why not.

A lot of the controversy comes from someone voicing a critique and those who attacked them terribly. People should be able to openly voice their opinions without being attacked. Also we should be able to have this discussion, like we're having on this thread, with ease and not with constant moderation.

I suppose if "perception is everything", that does matter. It's worth talking about, though personally it doesn't bother me who they hire as long as I like what comes out of it. How do we know they didn't take a look at all applicants and decide "we think this candidate will mesh best with our team"?

Reading more about the discussion itself, I see what you mean about it getting out of hand. I don't frequent the GB forums much but there seems to be a pretty strict no-flaming policy here.

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Was not even aware there was a controversy until this flared up on Twitter. And over something so stupid.

It is a small site that is driven by a few personalities and not the news flow (more so before Patrick, but still), so hiring is made on that basis. Plus, I have never seen any hateful or bigoted behavior from the GB staff so I'm very doubtful there is a "No Girls Allowed" policy in place.

Wouldn't it be better to reserve your judgment for the content that the GB staff puts out? I follow GB simply because I like the content. A large part of that has to do with the personalities of the editors, but not particularly because they are white, male, Californians or whatever.

(although if by some chance you institute a silly and utterly misguided affirmative action policy hire me pleeeeeeeeeease)

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@mewarmo990: I went ahead and moved this to "General Discussion," as "Off-Topic" is intended for non-gaming related forum topics and blogs. Glad to hear that you enjoyed Child of Light as I have been interested in that game for a while.

Thanks for the heads up - wasn't sure where to put it.

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FUCK! I missed Camp Grizzly by mere hours. Gonna e-mail the publisher to see if there's an alternate pre-order option.