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Games I played from start to finish are rare - this are the well respected jewels

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I approve of your view on Assassin's Creed.  Doesn't seem you hold Black & White with as much affection as I do, though (and that's where I found this list).
Edit:  Weird, I stumbled across this list randomly a second time without having realised I'd already seen it ages ago, and then I see my comment at the bottom.  Oh well, I didn't recommend it back then it seems.  Thumbs up for interesting annotations.

Posted by Mexalen
@RagingLion: well, I did like Black&White back then, when I played it. I had lot's of fun, and marveled about all the ideas Lionhead poured into it. But there were some fautls in the design, and I think that there was to much hype about the game beforehand, that left me dissapointed, when I finished the game. From all the games in this list, B&W would be one of the last I'd pick up again. 
Nevertheless I am still a follower of Lionhead and think that they have some of the most amazing ideas in the gaming biz :)
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