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@i_stay_puft: It feels like we're missing a DBZ: Xenoverse Quick Look. That's the kind of video that would come out of GBEast.

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The PWG show last night was a ton of fun as it always is. I managed to get my OG Giant Bomb shirt on the hard cam for the Chris Hero match, not on purpose I was just having a hard time finding a way back to my seat from the bar. The attendance at that venue is getting pretty crazy. I almost want to not go to the next show to give other people some room to come and watch but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to go to every show I can considering it's in my back yard. From Out of Nowhere spoilers:

"Speedball" Mike Bailey vs Biff Busick. This was my first exposure to Mike Bailey and I was super impressed. Not sure how old he is but it seems like he has a bright future. Him and Biff started off the card strong with a cool ass match.

Tommasso Ciampa vs Cedric Alexander. Not the best match I've seen from these two guys but they weren't afraid to get real physical in this one. Perhaps the weakest match on the card, at least in terms of crowd reaction, but still pretty darn good.

The Beaver Boys vs The Best Friends. Finally the return of the Best Friends in Reseda. Whenever you put Chuck Taylor into any sort of tag match you know it's going to be great and this was no exception. He has the best chemistry with Trent? which makes the match exponentially better. My first time seeing the Beaver Boys as well and they were good too even though they were getting heat from the audience simply for wrestling fan favorites like the Best Friends. Without going into too much detail I'll just say there was a lot of dick centric offense involved that was utterly hilarious.

AR Fox vs ACH. A terrific match between the two African America Wolves. It kind of set the bar going forward given the chemistry these two guys have as a tag team. It genuinely looked like they had a lot of each other's spots scouted and it made the match so much more exciting to watch.

Chris Hero vs Drew Gulak. I missed some of this match because I was trying to get a beer but if you want two guys to put on a technical wrestling tour de force then these are the guys to do it. Chris Hero continues to let himself go though I imagine he has built up so much clout that it doesn't matter at this point.

Ricochet vs Matt Sydal. Probably the match of the night for everyone in attendance. I mean you've got two of the absolute best high flyers in North America so they were almost guaranteed to tear the house down and so they did. They are two lovable guys and awesome wrestlers and the crowd was going nuts for both of them.

The Monster Mafia vs The Young Bucks. At PWG The Bucks are always the main draw for me personally. These guys are still the best around. Plenty of tag teams do moves in tandem but so few of them actually take hits in tandem as well as the Young Bucks. Fuck it, I'd say tag team wrestling in general is one of the things PWG does the best from a booking perspective. It was an awesome match for yet another tag team that I've not been exposed to prior. I look forward to a future gif of Nick Jackson endlessly gyrating at the hard cam.

Roderick Strong vs Trevor Lee. From a kayfabe stand point I fucking hate Roderick Strong. In reality I really enjoy his offense but that's about it. I actually think he's a good placeholder champ for the time being given how long he's been booked at this promotion. At least he's getting a good amount of heat from the audience including myself. Trevor Lee is still an amazing up and comer though he's still greener than goose shit. If you're going to feed someone to Strong, Lee was a good choice for it considering how many top PWG names he's beaten over the past year or so.

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I like that Wednesdays have become synonymous with good wrestling on TV. NXT is still pretty good. It's telling how long I've been out of the loop on WWE when I hear the name Brian Kendrick and say ".....who?" I'm very pleased with the direction Kevin Owens is going. Putting him on commentary was such a smart move. And it still amazes me that he's not a native English speaker, He sounds like he's been speaking it his entire life. Not sure I want him associated with WWE but if that's what makes him happy (and rich) then I say all power to him. He has payed his dues and deserves any success he gets.

Lucha Underground is great. It makes me happy to know that some Indie guys are getting a spotlight on TV as well as some steady work. I like that the the narrative doesn't necessarily call for pure good guys or bad guys. It treats the wrestlers like mercenaries, which is basically what pro wrestlers are so it's easier to give yourself over to the illusion and cheer for whoever you want. It is a temple after all so the audience are simply a mass of zealots chanting to the doctrine that is Lucha. It just happens to have these awesome cut scenes to help build up the angles.

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@recspec: Holy shit, Hideo is feuding with Itami now?! That's some "kage bushin" shit right there.

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Well I'm still not watching WWE, because i actually stick to my guns when it comes to supporting good wrestling. Judging by the reactions here it seems like the continuing trend is that every promotion in the world is trying to make wrestling better EXCEPT for WWE which is the saddest thing in the world. So instead of commenting on Fast Lane I'll just comment about this thread. First of all why do the last 3 pages look like a chat room? I thought you guys run a live chat during these events.

It's also hilarious to me to realize that you guys don't do an LoC for NXT shows. Actually it makes total sense. You can actually go into an NXT special simply expecting an entertaining show without any baggage. Where as it seems like the only reason you do it for WWE stuff is this thought process of "Well it's almost guaranteed to be bad, so let's try to squeeze any sort of fun that we can by doing this fake fantasy sports league crap." As always I apologize for mocking it since it's clear that papercut puts quite a bit of work into it but man it just looks sillier every month and probably accounts for maybe a fifth of the thousands of posts in this thread.

PWG this coming Friday! I can't wait!

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The Part 3 OVAs are total shit though outside of like one or two fights. They just threw great animators at the '93 series but decided to make everything super serious. And the 2000 series just looks like total ass. And since Part 3's strongest point is the character interactions and general goofiness, that really kills any appreciation for the OVAs, which I also saw before encountering any other form of JoJo.

Not to mention that awful soundtrack. For a series influenced so much by pop music and prog rock they really missed the mark in a big way for that OVA. It was just some boring ass generic synth tunes, the kind you'd hear in some sort of crappy 90's hentai.

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I've been enjoying the game but I do have some minor gripes. I feel like the duration on the jet packs feels criminally short. Like the key move to closing the distance on the monster's trail is the forward boost but it takes up so much fuel that by the time I have closed that gap I don't have enough left to boost up the sheer cliffs that the monster just climbed. I can see that they want to give monsters the mobility advantage but a handful of times I'm just sitting at the bottom of a cliff waiting for my jet pack to recharge or I don't have enough juice left to boost away from aggro-ed wildlife. I sort of wish forward boosting up a slope would let you ski up it instead of stopping your momentum completely but still costing the fuel for a full distance boost. Honestly it's not that big a deal, if anything it's just another part of the learning curve of fuel management.

I think the perks don't feel all that meaningful. It's weird to think that since the perks are like the main unlocks during global leveling. The only times I'm not using jet pack recharge or jump height is when I use increased damage for the sake of leveling up weapon skills or quick swap equipment with Val. Maybe I should experiment more but so far I don't find them to impact my play style. If they let you choose two out of that phat list it might be enough to make it feel like you could give you a distinct edge over the monster. Same kind of goes for the monsters. They just seem like a wash so I choose faster eating almost every time.

When it comes to the Wraith based on my limited experience I'm in the same camp as @larrydavis in that it's not so overpowered. I've fought a Wraith twice on random teams and both times have won. However both times he got to level 3 and we just ended up camping the reactor. The issue is that it's super hard to trap early on and even we do it's mobility makes it almost insurmountable to do meaningful damage. Granted I've sneaked away as a Goliath while still in a dome so I suppose it's a case by case basis. As good as it is to have Hank's shield his orbital strike seems somewhat useless considering the speed of a Wraith. I feel like Bucket would be better for sentry turrets doing damage but also his UAV seems pointless.

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@hunter5024: As someone who adores One Piece even I have to admit that the pacing is brutal. I think the trap they've fallen into was syncing the scenes to it's amazing musical score which seems to get more amazing every year. In retrospect I'm certainly in the camp that One Piece is good enough to do a "DB Kai" treatment with some day though I worry the soundtrack would suffer. They've done some abridged versions of story arcs in the form of specials or movies. They did a movie for the Alabasta arc but the pacing is almost too fast and it ends up giving all the big fights short shrift with somewhat less impressive animation. I think the "Episode of Nami" special does a terrific job narrowing down that particular plot thread.

I was touch and go with following Naruto Shippuden for a long time until I concluded that there wasn't much more satisfaction I could get out of that plot or those characters. To me that show ran out of moments that could really impact me after Jiraiya's death. It doesn't help that I just stopped giving a crap about any and all plot machinations within the framework of that world. I couldn't care less about whatever commentary they want to make on WMDs. I think I just eventually realized that I don't dig that show's styyyyyyyyle. Ninja's shouldn't be wizards and vice versa but that's just me.

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Just found out my brother is going to the Lucha Underground taping on Saturday. Sufficed to say I'm super jealous and a bit peeved considering I was the one who introduced him to LU. I can't really be mad at him because he just happened to be friends with guys who got hooked up with tickets and who don't really owe anything to a stranger like me. I can take some solace in the fact that I'm going to PWG on the following Friday.

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@hunter5024: It's crazier to me that it took 400 episodes before you even see Gol D. Roger's eyes and what do you know they happened to be shaped like D's. I'd say up to that final arc before the time skip One Piece was unequivocally my favorite cartoon of all time. Favorite characters for me were Usopp and Franky. Ever since the time skip, I'm not so sure anymore. There are things about it that I still enjoy but I don't know, something about the writing and pacing has regressed a bit. I still think I'd prefer watching it week to week over most stuff on television quite frankly. You're friend was probably worse off having to watch Naruto. Not saying there aren't good qualities to that series but man, I really grew to hate that show when I was still keeping up with it.