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This season is terrific but also totally uninteresting. How is such a thing possible? The production is THAT damn good. Honestly the only interesting character arcs to me are revolving around the remaining Stark children (Jon included). Everyone else just seems like they're on the road to some randomly tragic end.

The execution scene with Jon was done unbelievably well. I'm hoping that Stannis will be pivotal in a defense against the White Walkers seeing as the Lord of Light is their natural enemy. Also want to see if Sansa is capable of destroying the Bolton's politically if possible. She's exhibited some of the greatest willpower among the Starks to survive for so long so I'd be curious if she's ever going to snap and start handing out some comeuppance. I was getting choked up when Arya was about to toss Needle so thank the light they didn't go that far. I wonder how A Man even ended up as a prisoner in King's Landing if he's got all these crazy 2nd level spells.

Favorite characters so far are probably Tyrion and Sir Davos as always. I'm sort of digging this chainless maester who's working for Cersei. He's super creepy and dark and up to no good.

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I can't help but imagine Tohru Yano pointing at Vince McMahon and laughing. Regardless of whether or not they're technically still profitable that promotion has become a shell of its former self.

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I've heard Leto is a great actor so he'll make something compelling out of it. I'm just so ambivalent to anything involving DC films. My thoughts are that DC has their work cut out for them with these live action ventures. They've had a bad track record lately and I don't know that this is the time to be making a Suicide Squad movie when this Justice League thing is not a guaranteed home run. Wish they'd put more money into cartoons which is what they're good at. I know they probably make a pittance amount of money on animated stuff but goddamn it they haven't been making some of the best TV from the 90's onward.

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Nah, Dr. Tracksuit should be at Hoodslam in a feud with Drugs Bunny to see who has the best hunk. Also a single flat back bump would literally kill Jeff.

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It's funny I was trying to get PWG tickets and I ended up hesitating at checkout for like 60 seconds, the tickets sold out at the 8 minute mark at least. I only hesitated because May is looking some what tight financially and still wasn't sure if I wanted to drop the cash for it. I'll probably still go since I already requested the day off from work and will most likely end up standing like a mook for the whole show.

The Global Wars card looks incredible but the thought of listening to that commentary for several hours is wholly unappealing. They have the talent to put on an amazing show but the production always comes across like the most podunk thing imaginable. Just put the Biz Cliz on commentary until their match starts.

In case you haven't heard, Lucha Underground is one of the best shows on TV, that is all.

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@rubberluffy: Far be it from me to disagree with the man himself but if that was his intention from the start then I think he made a bad homage to Eastwood. I say that as someone who loves both JJBA and Clint Eastwood character roles and I think reading this makes me like Jotaro less. Araki is so prolific that I doubt anyone would call him on it but I wouldn't put it past him to retcon his original intent to get a sweet photo opp from Mr. Eastwood. My point still stands because in 90's comics it was super common for characters to start taking cues from the action stars of the era. Go back and read The Punisher comics from the 90's and you see Frank Castle is Eastwood out the wazoo. It actually works for that character since he's a) an actual adult and b) is okay with killin' fools.

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@awesomeusername: People hate on Joutaru, but he's pretty much Clint Eastwood from the dollar trilogy and Joseph pretty much became Indiana Jones, whip and fedora included. I personally really like Joutaro because he's just a bad ass dude, but also there are points in the series he becomes self aware like the ZZ top fight . Joseph is definitely the most fun so far because I here Josuke is pretty great and Joutaro would be nowhere near as fun if he didn't have Polernaff and the rest of the gang (but really just Polernaff).

Eh, I think comparing him to Eastwood is a bit hyperbolic. To me Jotaro just represents a lot of the bad trends that were prevalent in 90's comic book characters. This vague sense of "badditude" mix with an underlying extreeeeeeme temperament. It's kind of one of the reasons I got out of comics in the 90's because it was a very cookie cutter archetype that got thrown around a lot. The only thing he has in common with the rest of the Joestar lineage is his knack for strategy and severe anger issues (seriously DO NOT piss off a Joestar). I think Jotaro (and the part 5 protagonist) suffers from having a more interesting supporting cast than main character where as the rest of the volumes feel a lot more even keeled in that regard. So yeah, Joseph all day long. And like I always say, the villains are the real stars. So bizarre, so good.

Iggy is basically the original Courage the Cowardly Dog though I'm fairly certain Courage suffered way more concussions.

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My feelings about Game of Thrones haven't changed since this new season. It's one of my favorite ongoing TV shows. I think the story is a crappy string of random events that are just designed to make things more bleak in the world but not to advance it towards any sort of satisfying end. There's intrigue sure but I don't know it's missing some substance. The draw for me has always been the characters, the dialogue, the acting, and the lovely set designs. The action is good sometimes and other times it's just okay. That's why I have zero interest in the books because it's the production values that hook me, not so much the story.

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I don't think America has produced a single good video game cartoon. However the worst video game anime adaptation I've seen was Power Stone. You'd think such a cool and crazy series of games would be natural fit for an anime format but it just comes across as a total abortion of a production. From the shit art style, the shit story, and the shit use of the video game property, it's not something I would ever recommend anyone watch even as a curiosity. Just go back and play the games, they're awesome.

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Lucha Undeground is still among my favorite straight up TV shows going on right now. It's that good. I agree that the crowd is pretty rough in spots but at least it feeds into the sort of rugged underground fight club vibe that they're going for. I've never liked the "What?" thing because it comes off as people associating bad promos with Stone Cold which is just not true. Plus they sometimes edit the audio feed anyway.

The trios stuff is looking pretty awesome right now. I don't know if they can keep up momentum for a tag division like this. It just has to last until the end of the season right? Like I don't even know what a trio's championship run looks like to be honest but I think they have some fantastic teams getting booked. It's like they made an awesome lucha libre version of King of Fighters.

Triple threat with Mack, Cage, and Son of Havoc was great. These are three guys who have worked their asses off to make it to TV and all three deserve a spotlight.

I think as a whole the Aerostar v Drago series has been really good. Aerostar is terrific though he's also giving me a heart attack doing some of these spots. I've honestly not been a huge Drago fan mainly because I think he no sells a little bit too much for my taste. At least I can buy that it's just the natural toughness of dragon skin that lets him shake off the pain.

I think Lucha Underground proves that Triple H might have be wrong about kayfabe being dead. Even as a grown ass adult I want to believe that a dragon man and a space man are mercenaries who have been hired to fight each other in a Lucha temple.

On a side note Sheamus should really be worried about his spot right now. Not because of this accident with Daniel Bryan that stuff just happens, but because they recently got another Irish guy who is at least 10 times more interesting as a character and wrestler than Sheamus ever was. He'll probably be fine since he's "BIG".