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Night of Champions was better than I thought it would be but that's still too generous. It's more that most of the build up was horrible and the pay offs were more often bad than good.

  • Dust Bros winning is great. Just give them any excuse to cut nutty backstage vignettes where they travel through time and space to save the WWE universe. Then when tag teams try to challenge them they'll say they're too busy trying to save the universe in the wild west or some stupid stuff like that. Turn the titles gold again. I'm sensing an inevitable Ron Simmons cameo.
  • I really wanted Cesaro to win but overall it was an awesome match. Good job to both dudes but again who cares about the US title.
  • The random celebrities in commentary during the IC title match was super distracting and the spot they had with Mizdow was lame as hell. I actually like The Miz more than Ziggler but I still was hoping Miz would lose. I couldn't stop giggling at Mizdow during the ending. Hopefully this leads to a Miz/ Mizdow feud where the stunt double wants to step out of his shadow and be a star with the IC belt. When they bring Barret back in to get the IC belt back it would be fun to see either of those guys lose. I can sympathize with the Ziggler fans because I can tell he's great in the ring but I just can't care about him.
  • Having Ambrose return was a pretty spectacular way to cover for the Reigns injury. Two of my favorite wrestlers in the roster going at it will make me mark out every time. I really appreciated that segment much more than I would have a Reigns/ Rollins match.
  • The next two matches of Henry vs Rusev and Jericho vs Orton were both incredibly boring and forgettable. Minus five stars.
  • The triple threat Divas match was better than I thought it would be but that whole angle is still total garbage. Sure these woman can wrestle just fine but I just don't give a damn about any of it.
  • I actually enjoyed the swervy DQ finish more than I think most people have or will. At this point a clean win for either of those dudes means absolutely nothing in my eyes. If Cena wins clean it's the shitty return of super Cena that people hate/love so much. If Brock wins then who cares because he's won already and it's just a continuation of the cliche monster heel championship reign of a guy I don't like. The match itself I enjoyed a little more than the Summerslam match. There was actually the sense of a ground game involved so I'll give props to both dudes for sort of selling that. Also I like Seth Rollins so much more than either guy that building more heat on him for any stupid reason is something I'm fully behind. Although I liked it a lot even I can recognize that the finish is an overall really shitty thing to do to their fans.
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is so good. I laughed more than a few times at the latest episode. Michelangelo is such a party dude.

One PIece is really popping off now. Not sure that I like the direction it's going but it's always at least a fun ride. Proud to stick with it exclusively as an anime.

Haikyuu! is over for now. I have really enjoyed that show. I have a few issues with it like the overly sappy music and the excessive anime hair but I'm coming away from the first season very satisfied overall. They do right by making the sport of volleyball look both slick as hell and oddly compelling. Mind you I have a certain affinity for sports anime so take the recommendation with a grain of salt.

Also when was someone going to tell me about this?

So I get to beat up on Kenshiro with a volleyball player (Shoyo)? Dudes...sometimes anime is awesome...

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It's probably best that we not indulge in Krazy predictions for this particular PPV. The booking is so boring it's like the writing staff just farted something out so they could focus on their fantasy drafts or whatever. The matches will probably be fine but the build up for these feuds has been mostly terrible. I'm going with my normal expectation that the show will be bad. It's all uphill from there I guess..

I must be crazy but Hideo Itami's entrance music makes me think of Dragonball Z. Specifically a track from the original English dub. Now I can't take him seriously even though I'm fully aware of his awesomeness. I really hope he tries some goofy gimmicks down the road but maybe not that crazy. Thank the gods NXT exists.

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@wakkaflakkachimmichonga said:

Jotaro is definitely one of the most boring protagonists. Second only to Giorno. It's even worse that Araki manages to shove him into 2 more parts after . God dammit.

Jotaro is great. He's the straight-man in a group of weirdos and nutjobs, and he is great in that role.

Meh, I've said it before Jotaro very much is a product of his time. The problem is that making him yet another stoic mouthy badass with an attitude was just about the least creative archetype anyone could make for a comic book character in the 90's. Araki pulls it off well but a lot of writers had found success with a very similar formula during that time. I think the only thing he does for me is exemplify the serious anger issues that have persisted throughout that entire bloodline. Do not piss off a JoJo, you'll surely regret it.

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I think the only way Brock Lesnar could get that kind of reaction from the anti-Cena smarks is if he just comes out and says "I'd like to dedicate every German Suplex to my hero Chris Benoit."

That is the fucking funniest thing I've heard this week. Thank you.

I've been holding onto that gem since Summerslam. :D

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@oldirtybearon: Impact is so close to being a legitimately great show but it continues to get bogged down by the horrible writing. Technically speaking I'd say James Storm is a more successful version of Bray Wyatt as he's actually adding followers to his cult. However the way he does it which involves tying a dude to a wooden post in a barn and turning their wardrobe blue (da ba de da ba die) is one of the stupidest things I've ever seen. I'm sort of glad Bobby Lashley has been getting the correct amount of heat for being a monster heel champ. I think the only way Brock Lesnar could get that kind of reaction from the anti-Cena smarks is if he just comes out and says "I'd like to dedicate every German Suplex to my hero Chris Benoit." And I personally find Havok to be the hottest Knockout they have but yeah her outfit and fighting style are pretty bad. I know I come off as looking like a hater of TNA but I really want to like that company and they don't have enough of the stuff that matters to me, like story and character.

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Whoa did I just get harassed by a ghost? Weird... Newest Botchamania is pretty sweet. I should just start watching wrestling with video game music blaring in my headphones. The more botches the better.

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I don't know what to think of TNA anymore. The wrestling is mostly fine excluding the Knockouts division. The writing and booking side of it feels like some kind of bizarro world version of WWE where gimmicks and angles are working better than they should but it still somehow manages to come across as the worst television imaginable. My biggest issue is that I don't really like any of these characters or personalities on the roster. Eric Young seems alright. I sort of like the Bro Mens because they're so horrible. And I never thought I'd see the day where Bobby Lashley has somehow become a more legit pro wrestling Heavyweight champion than Brock Lesnar. The very notion is laughable but the reality is frightening.

Early post Night of Champion prediction. The next night on Raw Gold and Stardust cut a promo that's super goofy and reveal they've turned the tag titles gold to make the cosmic key complete. Ron Simmons shows up and "Damn!"s them so hard that reality shatters. The Dust Bros now have a spin off TV show about them traveling through time and space for some reason. There's some network exclusive content for ya.

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Also, Stardust Crusaders' real protagonist is Polnareff. He had the most screentime, fought the most with other Stand users and has an actual character arc.

I must admit that he has probably been in a lot more entertaining fights and had more comedic moments than the rest of the cast. I think the only problem about the character is how his actual ability isn't all that interesting compared to everyone else. It's just a slightly slower, less destructive version of Jotaro's power and it kind of sucks that he has to play second string to such a lame main character.

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I think I got Time Commando when it was BRAND NEW. So probably $50 down the tube on a shit game. I think I got the Time Crisis with a Guncom bundled with it. I guess that's not too bad since I could play Point Blank with it later on but I remember that peripheral working like trash and the game not being great. If only it had the weird kicking barrel that the arcade light guns had. Finally I bought the first generation of Rock Band which in retrospect was not nearly as good as the later iterations of the software and hardware for that product. It was still an enjoyable experience at the time but the investment wasn't nearly as airtight as something like Rock Band 3. That third game was so good.

I feel like I've had a mostly decent run with video game purchases. I was satisfied with all my home systems and handhelds and most of the bad games I've played were from rentals.