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I'd be happy to tell people my generally low opinion of sports if they want me to be truthful. Otherwise I don't go out of my way to tell people anything beyond the fact that I don't keep up with any sports. I can completely see the appeal of watching something competitive and unscripted. I'm sure I could sit down and enjoy any sport program I pay attention to. I'll just never understand the need to obsess over them the way some people do. I grew up thinking they were okay but now I've kind of grown out of caring about most things sports related outside of the occasional prizefight.

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Imagine a world where the entire RAW roster was nothing but Divas.

What a hot mess that section of the company is in, and do they even see it?

Paige and AJ are great and all the girls in NXT are really good too. It's just the Total Divas that are awful.

It's like... Naomi's okay, and Summer is great, and .... that's about it. Natalya is sloppy and terrible but fuck at least she gives a shit about wrestling.

I agree with this. Paige's match against Naomi at MitB was some of the best divas wrestling I've seen this year that's not on NXT. It wasn't amazing but they sold it a lot better than most of these female wrestlers on the main show can. Naomi's just so boring as a character and it's sad. Summer definitely has the best overall presentation but I almost want her to go back to NXT where the wrestling is actually watchable.

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Raw was really bad this week. I think everybody already recognizes what the bad stuff is so I'll just say what I like in a much shorter post.

The best match was Ziggy/ Seamus vs Miz/ Cesaro. I continue to be baffled that The Miz has become one of my favorite characters. He's doing his job by helping me enjoy watching Ziggler as a face. And as always Cesaro is awesome to see in the ring.

The Bo segment was funny but the setup during the match looked super awkward and the match itself was nothing special. Bo feuding with the Real Americans makes zero sense and that makes me laugh even harder. I must say it's kind of great to see Zeb get super stoked that an immigrant is getting deported as horrible as that sounds.

That's it, everything else felt like garbage booking. I could go on and on about how terrible some of these story angles are but it's so not worth the energy.

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Bo with a submission would be amazing if the entire time Bo was cheering on his opponent. "Don't give up! Just bolieve! BOLIEVE!!!!"

Yup I've definitely been hearing about this idea on the internet and it would be glorious. It would be almost too good.

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Smackdown was somewhat decent.

I am so glad they didn't make Reigns able to crush the Wyatts without any help. Not that I need to see the world's slowest tag team compete but it's better than having Roman dominate more than he already has. Having him win in various 2 on 1 scenarios is already crazy. I mainly watched the match because the Wyatts are always at least interesting in the ring.

I couldn't help but laugh at the finish of Swagger/Rusev. I kept yelling at my TV "Why?" almost like I was being let down by my childhood hero and all the while I can't stop laughing. I think I was really asking "Why?" because this angle makes no sense. Bo Dallas doesn't want Swagger to win unless he Bo-Lieves is both stupid and hilarious. If this doesn't get heat on Bo Dallas I don't know what will. This character is amazing in a completely baffling way. I just know down the road the writing of that company will bury him but I'm enjoying the ride while it lasts. Since Swagger is sort of being billed as a "never give up" guy now is the time to give Bo a submission move. I am a Bo-Liever.

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Next gen Caravella's already? I'm still gaming on a V-Bomb One. Congratulations. May your graphics get better with age.

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I've never been a Bobby Lashley fan though I will say this for the guy, the way they've been selling his current version of a spear finish is probably the best I've seen for that move. Typically a spear is just sort of a generic take down tackle. Granted sometimes it happens through a burning table outside of the ring. Lashely is literally bowling through his opponent and it makes it look really vicious. The guy is never going to be able to talk but the dude can give and take some nasty bumps. He has still been more entertaining to watch in the ring for several weeks than Brock Lesnar has been for a single match for months.. I get a real Juggernaut vibe out of his performance as of late and that's about the best he's ever going to be so I'll give him props.

As for the PAX Rumble I'm just going to play the heel and go for "Corpsing" Dan Ryckert. I dare him to keep a straight face and/or not talk shit the entire time he's playing. I don't really want him to win since the bragging in the months that follow will be intense. If there's anything I've learned about him is that he loves to brag. I just think he has the best chance given his savant like ability to recall and exploit outdated control schemes and game mechanics. Dude sounds like he's played A LOT of N64. Certainly a lot more than I have ever played.

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After god knows how long of procrastinating, I finally started reading JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

My one regret in life is that it has taken me this long.

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I thought Raw sucked this week. It's not entirely awful but a lot of it was not good.

Admittedly the story side of the Cena angle is decent since he's showing that he can still handle the mic better than most wrestlers. The booking side of it seems like trash. The Wyatts are a logical adversary for him at this point. I just don't see why they really need to rope in the world's slowest tag team to make things even more boring and uninteresting. And in the end he's just going to lose again at Night of Champions. I think John Cena is an okay dude but man what a waste of time in a 3 hour show.

The Divas stuff is getting terrible again, that's not surprising. The Bella's segment was nigh unwatchable and the frienemies thing with Paige/AJ is so stupid. I like Paige a lot but I'd rather her go back to NXT where she can put on good matches. Weird to think that the main WWE product is what's holding these girls back.

The best segment was Damien Mizdow. Miz is such an awesome character right now to the point that I hope he never gets the belt back and just keeps making Dolph look good.

It's good that Reigns is finally going after the Authority but it may be too little too late. He should've at least tried to help Ambrose more often when he's getting mobbed by that stable in the past few months. It's not that interesting or consistent but I still think Seth is great. I'm just counting the days until Dean comes back as the new Mankind.

As for Bo Dallas if he's going to feud with Swagger then he needs a submission hold. Naturally whatever it was you'd call it the Never Give Up and make him encourage his opponent to not tap out. That idea's already out there, they should just embrace it.