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Well Hell in a Half is exactly what I thought it would be. One half of a decent show which is better than I expected quite honestly. Shows like this make me realize that I'm ultimately no longer a WWE fan and am just a fan of a few excellent dudes in the roster, i.e. Ambrose, Cesaro, Miz, etc. Their booking could not be any weaker than it has been for the past few months so I'll take what I can get in terms of story and character development.

IC title match was solid as expected. I don't like that Cesaro is being used like this but he is damn good as an enhancement talent. He's definitely one of the absolute best in the business at making other wrestlers look good. It almost feels like he's transcended the King of Swing and slowly but surely turned into the King of Superplexes. The like 2 minute long dead lift from Dolph's mounted sleeper hold into a suplerplex was absolutely glorious. Like I said, Cesaro did great and Dolph looks even better as IC champ.

I'm going to pretend this whole Bella thing isn't still happening and move on.

Tag Titles match was meh. I love the Dusts but I'm sick of this match up already. I don't see how anything WWE has can save their Tag Team division as it is.

Orton vs Cena was better than expected mostly thanks to Orton carrying it. He's another case of just a top tier enhancement guy being wasted for the sake of really boring Kayfabe. I still can't stand Randy's promo work but I have to give it to the man. He still has talent in the ring. I would've been far more interested in an Orton vs Lesnar main event.

US Title match was pretty fun if a bit predictable. I've gotta say both Miz and Mizdow are like two of my favorite characters at the moment. I'm going to be real sad when these two break up because they're so entertaining to watch perform.

Rusev's match felt like kind of a big nothing. I mean it was meant to make Rusev look even stronger and I guess technically it works. I'm just so done with that whole angle even though I think both Lana and Rusev are kind of amazing.

Divas titles match was decent I guess. Who cares anymore? I will say I find myself inexplicably aroused by Paige's continued feats of strength. I think @undeadpool once called her the "Cesaro of the Divas Division" and that's pretty much truth after seeing her do a giantess swing on AJ into the barricade. Also my goodness, seeing her skip while holding AJ is something else.

And the main event with Rollins vs Ambrose was good and probably the best match of the night. The problem is that I don't think it was their best match. Some of the spots felt sort of artificial and not as creative as I would expect out of these two guys. I think it's more that the build up and pay off wasn't nearly as well executed as the Lumberjack Match at Summerslam. The ending was a head scratcher. I don't know that this was the right time to bring Bray Wyatt back into the picture but I can't comment on whether I think it's good or bad until Raw I suppose.

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Alright I think I'm ready to get Uso Krazy™. For the record I don't like the Uso's, and I'm an actual islander. I'm shooting for the title this time!

!. The Dusts win their match after Stardust blows star dust glitter into the eyes of an Uso.

2. Damien Sandow will appear with his beard shaved and his hair styled like Miz.

3. Ambrose uses something sharp to cut off that dyed portion of Seth's hair.

I'm probably looking forward to maybe half of Hell in a Cell. They should call it Hell in a Half. Ziggler v Cesaro will probably be great. Miz v Sheamus could be fun. Seth v Dean will hopefully be amazing. And as played out as the Orton v Cena match has become, these are two dudes who have so much experience and history with each other that it might be good in the context of a Cell match. Sorry guys I still think LoC is silly.

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Impact this week was... oh my god you guys. It was so bad. If you like terrible promos check out Bram try to believably call out Devon Dudley. And just when you think the Samuel Shaw angle can't get any dumber, it gets dumber. Holy shit TNA. Most of the show was a tournament for the no. 1 contenders for the tag titles with some random teams slapped together out of necessity. I doubt anyone in this tournament could be believable tag champs over the boring ass Wolves so it seems like a waste of time but I guess I wouldn't mind if MVP and Kenny King take it in the end. I think in this particular episode I've come around on MVP when he eluded to Lashley maybe being built by Cyberdyne Systems. Good stuff but I still don't appreciate how he goes for the cheapest hometown heat in like 99% of his promos. There was also a Knockouts match....yup. I think Havok is sexy but god damn it is she boring to watch wrestle.

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I took some sick days this week so I decided to go through Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. I have to admit I chuckled more than a few times even though I'm totally not into the genre being satirized. I thought a lot about it was rather adorable, which is not a turn of phrase I often use to describe things I like. I was rooting for the main character by the end though she deserves better. Art wise I couldn't help but feel like I was being tricked by the animators. I mean look at those bows in her hair! They're almost hypnotic. Not sure that I'd recommend this series to super casual people but I enjoyed it as someone who has seen my fair share of comics and cartoons.

That led me into checking out the start of Bakuman. I'm finding it somewhat interesting though the tone is kind of all over the place. One minute it's a slice of life sort of deal, then it's a romance thing, then sometimes it throws in some slapstick. I like the referential stuff involving Shueisha and the creative process, it's just that the characters and pacing have yet to grab me.

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Perhaps she'll get into freelance photography after teaming up with a pig man in fart boots.

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Raw was meh again. I think most of the wrestling was lackluster but there was some pretty solid promo work throughout the show. Ambrose continues killing it every time he's on screen. Seth Rollins getting some good heat. Orton's getting some cheap heat but I guess it's better than nothing. John Cena still showing that whether you like him or not he's still one of the best dudes on the mic. Paul Heyman is fantastic as always. And Mick Foley's appearance was a pleasant surprise. Like I said, a good night for promos, not a great night for wrestling. The opening match was the best one and that's never a good sign.

And I know we're suppose to be giving Miz short shrift for Mizdow to shine because that's how this story is suppose to unfold but honestly the Miz as Johnny Cage has been among my favorite things in the current product and I was never a Miz fan. Throwing Sandow into the mix just made it exponentially better and I love them both for it.

You know what's bumming me out right now? Tag teams. It doesn't help that I got to see the Young Bucks live at PWG and realize that they're probably the best heel tag team working today. Don't get me wrong, I think the Dust Brothers and the Usos have had some good matches but I can't buy the Dusts as heels and I just don't like the Usos. I don't feel like watching those two teams fight for the next few months.

Don't even get me started with tag teams in TNA. The fact that they roped in both the Dudley's and Hardy's for a best of four series with the champions should say everything about their confidence in their tag teams. Also I don't even get The Wolves. Neither one is Alex Navarro and I would never too sweet either of them. They howl sometimes and that's it. And as much as I like the Bro Men they are so terrible and don't deserve any kind of legit push.

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@eccentrix: If Patrick's previous articles are to be believed then I guess you could consider Eve Online to be chock full of tragedies though that's simply people suffering a monetary net loss than anything else. I think those weird open world survival games are trying to achieve something with perma-deaths with stuff like your DayZ's and Rust's but the raw mechanics in those games are so wonky across the board that it's hard not to feel screwed over by sudden character death. I think it's hard in multiplayer because you need to find the balance of being challenging and engaging versus being inconvenient.

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Worth reading, the article I mean. It's interesting how far designers have come since the advent of checkpoints in games. They're starting to straddle that line of being challenging but fair without entirely killing your momentum or suspension of disbelief. I'm a bit more curious if multi-player games will get better at making death feel the least bit tragic. I remember I use to play a lot of pick up games in Left 4 Dead's versus mode and as a survivor I played accepting that I'm going to die since nobody was going to be able to reliably keep me alive until the end. There's something oddly cathartic about sort of welcoming death as a lesson on a game's design rather than just feeling ripped off by crap mechanics. Good write-up Scoops. Spelunky ain't got shit on you.

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Just got back from the PWG show and it was a fun crowd to be a part of. Favorite match for me was probably Young Bucks vs AR Fox and ACH but the Adam Cole v Trevor Lee was pretty great as well. Both featured very solid heel vs face dynamics compared to the rest of the show. Other than Brian Cage taking a nasty spill off of a botched springboard moonsault, I didn't catch many screw ups from where I was sitting. After tonight I am definitely interested in attending more PWG shows. A lot of solid talent on display.

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What's the general consensus on One Piece's filler? As a Naruto fan I was trained to believe that all filler is garbage and should be liberally skipped. However the friend I made my deal with (she watches Naruto, I watch One Piece) seemed horrified at the thought of skipping episodes. Is the filler worth watching or is she just being unreasonable about One Piece as she is known to be? For the record I've been super bored during what filler there's been so far, but I've also heard that G8 is a really good arc that wasn't in the manga.

There are some decent filler arcs but they're all skippable. I'd say just avoid them for now and go back and watch them if you ever feel compelled.

Hell, there's even an arc that's canon called the Davey Back Arc and I think that's worth skipping. There are some pretty hilarious moments but literally nothing important happens at all, if memory serves me right. Felt like a giant filler and overall waste of time.

This guy pretty much nails it. I think compared to filler you'd see in Naruto or Bleach, One Piece's is surprisingly watchable at times. I think the great part about the main line is that they at least acquire something of value in almost every adventure where as the filler stories feature the Straw Hat's spontaneously acting out of complete charity which seems kind of out of character for pirates. Also the action scenes are fairly phoned in most of the time. They're harmless little side stories that kind of leave no impact. I will say this for the first filler arc, you almost never see ship-to-ship battles even in the main canon so it's one of the few times that feels like a proper engagement even if it is for one episode out of like five. But yeah most people who I've gotten into OP I've recommended skipping filler and they thank me for it later.