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It's the day before PWG and just my luck I've been experiencing some sinus congestion for the past few days. It shouldn't really matter but it will be a bummer if I attend with a full blown cold. I already got the day off from work so even if I'm as sick as a dog I'm going to Black Cole Sun.

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I'm not a big drinker but I would probably default to a whiskey on the rocks.

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Alex is probably still my favorite writer in Giant Bomb. That we've been getting more and more quick looks of him from GB East makes me a happy camper. Please try not to be too hard on yourself @alex. Maybe you're just going through cat withdrawal being away from New York. I wish I had a cat. :(

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I don't care as long as they take as much time as they need to make it awesome. I loved The Witcher 2 so I have lofty expectations for a sequel.

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Finally heard Stone Cold's podcast with McMahon. As much as I love Stone Cold this was one of the more depressing episodes to listen to. I can't deny how much influence Vince McMahon had on my childhood both as the character and as the businessman. Now he's starting to show his age physically and mentally if he honestly believes he's giving his current roster a fair shake.

That said does he not realize that he's the only person in the world who doesn't want to refer to his product as pro wrestling? Normally I could care less that someone would call WWE "sports entertainment" but to hear Vince so ardently denounce the term "pro wrestling" makes me despise it. For one thing there are not multiple sports (plural) involved in the product. It's not like the roster is going to have a fucking mini golf tournament one day and a swimming competition the next. And again if he thinks he can call even half of what they show on TV "entertainment" well then you lost me.

I've gone cold turkey from WWE for a little over a month now and I can confirm it feels great. It's all about NXT, Lucha Underground, and NJPW. Right now I'm just getting pumped for the PWG show on Friday. It's going to be my brother's first time going so he's in for a treat.

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That Ring of Honor show is tonight. I most likely won't be watching it but it looks like a hell of a card. Hope no one gets injured before the PWG show later this week since that show will surely be amazing. Is Jay Briscoe still undefeated? If so I can't imagine Adam Cole being the guy to break it though I am a huge fan of his work. I'm not clear if RoH concerns itself with getting proper heat for your heel guys so I could imagine Cole running with it especially if they go with a screwy finish.

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In my eyes the only truly great face and heel characters developed in WWE this year were Ziggler, Ambrose, Rollins, and The Miz (oddly enough). Everyone else feels like a bizarro world version of where they should be positioned in terms of character and alignment. No matter how hard they try I'm not going to boo Cesaro, the Dusts, or The Wyatts for that matter. Meanwhile does the company expect people to cheer Cena, Sheamus, and the Usos for another three years or something? Then again these are all the preferences of someone like me, a dyed in the wool smark.

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X-Men: Days of Future Past - It's probably my new favorite X-Men movie though the bar for that is not particularly high. A lot of the plot devices were pretty nonsensical but I enjoyed it all nonetheless. I wish to see Marvel studios get the movie rights some day but I'm not holding my breath. 4/5

Snowpiercer - That movie is fucking duuuuuumb, but it's also pretty enthertaining. I enjoyed the set design more than anything else. 3/5

22 Jump Street - I found it extremely funny. Ice Cube puts on the performance of a life time. Not as good as the first movie but still one of the funnier movies I've watched this year. 4/5

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@shotgunlincoln said:

I mean, you guys keep saying he's charismatic but the whole "I'm better than Americans let me mention for the thirty-fifth time that I speak 5 languages" character really isn't something to point at and go "SEE?"

I don't understand the direction they're going for with Rowan at all. I'm not saying it's already bad, it's just so out of left field. Also, am I the only one liking the Bray/Ambrose feud?

He can be charismatic all he wants outside the ring. That means nothing. In the ring he just lacks it. I hear the same thing with guys like Big E. "But he's teh funny on instagram". That's nice. He's boring as shit in the ring. That's where it matters. I love that Austin has a hard on for Cesaro, but him thinking that Cesaro can "make big money" is crazy to me. Cesaro will never be that. Not even close.

When it comes to Cesaro I'd fault the bookers for his lackluster showing this year. After Wrestlemania people were fully ready to embrace him as a baby face and what does WWE do? They book him as an enhancement heel for the rest of the damn year! It feels like they did that just to fuck with audience expectations as opposed to you know, giving the people what they fucking want. People will even still cheer for him because of his awesome wrestling but apparently getting cheers for being an awesome wrestler doesn't afford him more wins in the eyes of bookers. So what's the excuse for WWE thinking he lacks an it factor? That he can't get across a bad guy character that he had no business being in the first place? That he's bad at getting booed? They might be right about that but it's all the more reason the company has failed in not utilizing him as a proper bad ass good guy.

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@gaspower: Hmmm I guess it's okay then if he's not always halting matches to write stuff. To me it seems like a quirk the writer put in there with the express purpose of filling a bunch of time when he needs to. Like whenever the series needs to stretch for time you can have him stop to read and write notes while showing the opponent and the audience getting exasperated. Whatever I'm sure the show is fine I just couldn't get into it for whatever reason. In my opinion main characters are usually the hardest thing to get right in sports anime or maybe just anime in general and I was nonplussed by that one in particular.