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Dankulu na Bomba in Chamorro.

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There's nothing wrong with making games look like cartoons. They've been doing it for decades. Some of the best Neo-Geo games are done with that anime style so dismissing it outright is something only a monster would do.

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I hear good things about Crusader Kings 2 but I have yet to actually play it. Mass Effect 2 is the best Star Trek experience of the era. The Abrahms Star Trek movie was great too but Mass Effect 2 was taking it beyond that level of detail. If not for that third game it would've been my all time favorite sci-fi experience. I feel like this vote comes down to your preference for either a messiah complex or a god complex.

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No matter what you vote for the machines have won. :(

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I'm not really into the taste myself but I do drink it from time to time. Beer is how Anheuser-Busch controls the modern world from the shadows and I simply cannot endorse that. Follow the money.

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I haven't played Civ V but I have a feeling I would like it more. I abstain.

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These are just silly to include in these discussions. It's already weird enough that they're both free to play PC games. Personally I consider Dota 2 an early next gen game. I have a stock PC bought shortly after the new consoles launched and Dota runs like dog crap. It's playable but that game seems like such a waste of a time investment without the best possible video settings. Meanwhile League of Legends runs just fine. I'm not going to upgrade to that level of fidelity and consider myself to be playing something in the same generation as home consoles.

Also worth considering are the improvements they've made to stuff like streaming, spectating modes, match making, and just the raw playability have been revolutionary to that genre of games to the point that it has taken those games beyond what they're capable of in a previous era of design. However it had to take lessons from dozens of MOBAs to get to where it is. Almost like some sort of next generation. I really couldn't get invested in either game but I pretty much have to vote for League based on my personal politics.

And this is the part where I say this slot really should have been Pac Man CE DX and Condemned 2.

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Tis the season for tax write-offs.