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The safe choice is a wrestling themed invasion story. I could also see them doing a gimmick where they're just producing various cartoon parodies. My dream is them doing an all-story about an unlikely hero rising to save us all from boredom.

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Congratulations Vinny. Conceiving a child is like having an orgasm that's so intense you lose 18 years of sleep. This will make it 26 years of sleepy time down the drain.

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@meatball: I was thinking the same thing. Just you wait until Kenta debuts and gets corrupted by Wyatt into betraying his mentor the great Kung Funaki. Oh god where am I? My nose is bleeding. I think I just broke reality.

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With Roman Reigns they should've at least tried embracing the original concept of the Shield and just make him the Punisher. A fictional hound of justice. Though since it's PG he's more of a glorified security guard. I think where they messed up in the writing is when they made him not even attempt to help Ambrose when he is being attacked by the Authority. He comes off as dismissive of the buh-rotherhood they use to have in his original angle. How could the audience possibly embrace him as a face without him having a sense of loyalty or integrity? All I know is that they need to fix his angle fast.

So who else is TOTALLY into Rybaxel at the moment?

I mean Ryback needs such a push. He's become awesome

I think as characters it's great where they're at. In the ring I haven't been blown away by their performance as a Tag Team or maybe I'm just getting tired of it. I don't know if they would work as well split up so I'm torn on how I feel about them quite honestly. I wouldn't mind them joining a stable if that's what it takes to give them more opportunities to cut promos. Have them join the Wyatt's or the Dusts or the Paul Heyman guys and let's get back to the days of goofy stable feuds.

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@yesiamaduck: I don't care about the writing in the Heavyweight title picture. It's been bad and it's going to stay bad for a long time. I just want a good fucking match. Is that so much to ask? The past few main events in the PPVs have been total crap. I want a good wrestling match because I know I'm not getting a good story no matter what.

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I'm kind of loving what they did with Cesaro in Main Event. I know the writing is ultimately going to fuck up that angle somehow but they're capitalizing on all of Cesaro's skills in the right way. It's worth it alone to hear him talk smack about Michael Cole to his face in multiple languages. If they're ever going to unite the US and IC titles Cesaro is the definitive wrestler and character to do that. It's been painfully clear that WWE don't want him him the Heavyweight title card for whatever reason. I personally would want him to conquer and unite the US and IC and THEN go after the Heavyweight title in all his belted glory. If they want to pull the trigger on this path it's now or never. This man deserves to be a huge star somewhere down the line if not immediately.

Just out of curiosity are all former champions allowed one rematch within the continuity? The Miz used his chance on Raw and now Cena's getting a rematch at Night of Champions. I wouldn't mind Cena getting the belt back but only if they put on a kick ass match this time.

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Raw was decent but there are still so many problems I have with the writing and performance. Some things aren't ever worth talking about.

It was cool to give Eric Rowan the body slam spot on Big Show. I wish he did more slams in general and focus less on strikes and holds. That was a boring match.

As much as I want to hear Heyman speak I can't help but skip through any segment involving Buh-rock Lesnara and the Authority's role in that story has been severely underutilized. Heyman can build heat like no other but as expected the smarks are losing their shit for Lesnar.

The Miz and Ziggler feud is still fun but that was not their best match. I'm looking forward to see how they evolve the IC title picture if at all in the coming weeks.

The six man tag was weird but mostly enjoyable. Did not expect Ryback to get so many pops but then again a certain commentator doesn't bother mentioning his hometown until more than half way through the match. If they're not going to pull the trigger on an Undertaker transfer of power then they should re package Reigns as an Unfrozen Caveman Wrestler. That's the only gimmick I would write for him because he's been so boring lately.

The tag match with the Usos and Dust Bros was really sloppy to be honest. I like the Dust Bros a lot but it seemed like there were a lot more botches than there should be.

And of course that amazing last match with the nonsensical voting swerve thrown in for some reason. The final spot was goofy but they sold it well in a way I really appreciate. I think Ambrose deserves a break seeing as he's been putting in a lot of the best work for as shitty as that WWE product can be.

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@xite: Ugh I don't know, the whole reason they only book him once every few months is to wrestle in the ring. Something about that makes it feel like a really lazy way to build heat by being boring in the ring on purpose rather than by his actual character work as a heel. This is going to sound fucked up but those suplex combos made me think of Chris Benoit and that's a really fucked up mind set to have.

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You know it's funny, the more I think about it the more it seems like they made Brock do all those German suplexes deliberately to draw heat from the smarks who were creaming their pants over Cena getting beat down. Instead people are marking out even more because he did the same move over and over again. I sincerely doubt any one who helped planned that spot expected there to be a pop for every suplex and I don't think they actually got that reaction anyway. I'm pretty sure they wanted the audience to do a "same old shit" chant at least once before the finish but then Lesnar was like "fuck it." If we're going by raw wrestling ability then I think Cesaro looked better losing to RVD in the pre show match than Brock did beating Cena and that's kind of hilarious to me.

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Alright now that I've reflected on Summerslam, Fav 5:

1. Dean Ambrose - Every second he's on screen I'm completely captivated.

2. Cesaro - His wrestling is amazing. He needs a better character and fast.

3. Seth Rollins - Loving his personality as a heel and the feud with Ambrose

4..Luke Harper - All around great athlete, character, and performer.

5. Miz - He's doing a fantastic job pushing faces and his selling is great.