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I know Jojo was at the top of my list. Proof positive that the series was way ahead of its time. I'm just happy that they got a decent soundtrack to back up the insanity. Attack On Titan just barely made it to the bottom of my list. I have problems with that show though not as much with the pacing and animation mishaps. I just thought the plot twists in the show were dumb as hell and predictable to boot after a while. The horror parts of the series I really enjoyed but when it becomes just another silly shounen action all-story it starts to lose me. I still like it more than most things that came out last year but with some serious caveats. Also more people should watch The Flashpoint Paradox.

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Man I didn't get to vote. Bummer ;_;

Anyway at least I got a lot of recommendations from the votes :) Also Hajime no Ippo came back in 2013 as well with a different subtitle. I was wondering if that got excluded because that came in late or because it's just a continuation of a long running anime....Or maybe I would have been the only one who would have voted for it. ;_;

I had Hajime no Ippo Rising on my list. It must have been dropped due to a technicality or something.

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LMAO. That's all I can say.

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I cleared all my browsing history and cookies and it's all good to go now. Front page works fine. Not sure why it was doing what it was doing. Thanks anyways.

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I'm on Windows 8 with latest Firefox. I'm trying to get to the Giant Bomb front page but a 404 error comes up every time. I can access everything on the site as long as I can make it to any other page using external links or previous history. Trying to link back to the front page with the home button up top leads back to the same 404 message. The URL field consistently adds /ap_index no matter how I try to type GB's domain name.

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Pretty sweet list Jeff. I like the balance between small indie games and big budget games. I really wish Saints Row could have made it to the site top ten but I can see why it wouldn't. I liked Bioshock a whole lot and it's high on my list but as I've pointed out on several threads, playing on hard for my first playthrough really hurt my overall enjoyment of that game. It's been a hard year for Giant Bomb but I appreciate everything you guys have done to keep things going. Thanks and keep up the great work.

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Vinny has 6 out of 10 of the games on my personal list so that puts him on top. If I had any of the new Nintendo systems it might have been a more even split because those games look great.

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I was thinking of having awards for the past year and a half of Steve Blum's voice work and calling it 500 days of Blummer.

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I'd be surprised if Rorie had a top 5 this year and if one of them wasn't WoW.

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I love this list Alex! Leave it to a guy that is not at all wolf-like outside of the awesome drawing for the news show to give some great games their props. As a fellow zombie fan I'm very much behind Last of Us as number 1. It was hands down my favorite game this year. Rayman is also fantastic and is one of the most cheerful good times I've ever had. Thanks for all the great writing and audio/video features you've done for the internet for the past several years and for years to come.

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Awesome list Bradwell. Everything looks great except Dota 2. A multiplayer only free-to-play game for GOTY? I do believe that's a first for any Giant Bomb editor ever. I feel like that game is not nearly as good without the graphical horsepower to back it up on your PC. Thanks for everything you do on the site including anime editor-ing.