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Do they have a comic based on Valkyrie? I don't read comics but I think instead of lady thor alt, maybe that would be a better story to explore.....

Valkyrie was in the short lived Marvel Now volume of Fearless Defenders, an all female hero book. I never read it so I can't speak to the quality. The most recent run of Journey into Mystery (646-655) starred Sif as the main character and she kicked major ass. Unfortunately it did not sell very well so they canceled the book. If they ever bring that series back it most likely won't be starring Sif.

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Jeff's tastes in food are in line with my own. Meat baby, lots of it. Cheese optional. Fuck cilantro. Of course I'm probably a bit more open to experiment with sauces and spreads than he is at this point. I like to get veggies when I can just to keep my body from going to complete shit but secretly I'd rather have more meat.

I have a bit in common with Alex. I like wrestling, movies, cats, and zombie stuff. You know, happy things that give me the warm fuzzies (did I mention zombies?). I'll probably never see the appeal of having that many tattoos and I can't even compare to his musical knowledge or Jeff's for that matter.

I would strive to be more like Vinny but that's a high bar for any human being.

Video game wise it's kind of a wash. I know these guy's tastes well enough to differ to their individual judgements based on the style of game play and story. If I had a proper beefy PC I'd likely play a lot more of the games they're into these days.

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I don't read Thor comics at the moment. This isn't really going to change that. I've heard good things about Jason Aaron's run so far so I may go back and read some of the Marvel Now volumes. It's just not a character that interests me generally speaking.

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RAW was kind of meh but I can tell they're saving up the energy of the main roster for the upcoming PPV.

Ambrose is so good. One of the few baby faces I give a damn about at the moment. He's totally the Moon Knight of the WWE universe.

Even though I think they're messing up with Cesaro I'm hoping they make him win the Intercontinental title and start hyping him up as a dude who rules at battle royals. Seeing his multilingual promos makes me think they should make him a face for international venues going forward and a heel at all the shows in the U.S. thus playing into the intercontinental symbolism. I'm not sure how many languages he's fluent in but they might as well capitalize on it.

They should really give the Tag belts to the Wyatts come Battleground. The beauty of doing that is that they can continue to let Bray do all the talking for them after they win and still remain faithful to the gimmick. I don't really care what they do with the WHC. I hope the match is good but I'm finding the chase for that title wholly uninteresting right now.

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Guys, I have a new dream to hope for.

Damien Sandust.

I'm of the mind that they should split up RybAxel so we can get Rydust. Then you can stick Curtis Axel with the Wyatts and we can get those factions to feud. I've got to say fantasy booking is pretty fun.

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This is nearly impossible on account of Vinny cracking up on a regular basis. I'd probably go with the Random PC Game video with Dave playing Outcast.

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Speaking as an actual islander, I have to say I don't think I like the Uso's. They do good work in the ring but they should keep them far away from the mic. I'm really counting on them to fast track giving those belts to the Wyatts as soon as possible. I'm also beginning to like the bronze finish on the tag belts. Seems like an appropriate color instead of having every single title belt look generically gold. Speaking of gold I've got high hopes for the Super Dust Bros at the moment. It may be my imagination but I'm hoping they capitalize on Ryback's corpsing on camera. Maybe let him join the Dust faction then you can give a nice feud between the Super Dust Force and the Wyatts once you start giving them titles to fight for.

Other than my pontifications on the future of the Tag Team division I think Smackdown kind of sucked. It's painful to even look at Jericho perform The Walls of Jericho a Boston Crab. It's probably not a popular opinion but I think JBL's probably my favorite commentator in the main WWE shows. I mean he's by no means great but it's so hard to listen to Cole and Lawler is not as good as in his prime. And if I'm being honest he's one of the reasons I'm totally buying into the Bo Dallas gimmick. I pretty much only care about heels now in the main roster with the exception of the Dust Bros and former Shield members.

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Still enjoying what I see out of NXT. I don't know why I'm always expecting more run-ins for such a small league in a short time. Their divas stuff feels way more watchable that main roster divas even though Summer Rae is working in both leagues for some reason. It's also great for there to be any excuse for Xavier Woods to speak since it appears he's being wasted on the main roster. I think Adrian Neville is super talented but I can't tell what kind of character would fit him the best. He seems to have a very broad range and super balanced repertoire of abilities in the ring. Sort of reminds me of the Christopher Daniels style of being an all-around worker. Speaking of which I heard that episode that he was on the Steve Austin podcast. Pretty great two-parter there with an awesome impromptu commentary spot from J.R.

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Oh gawd! Someone throw me a blunt weapon because there are threads rising from the dead! Anyway I immediately think of the 2002 movie May. It's probably not as aggressively gruesome as some of the stuff mentioned here. I still found it all uncomfortable, awkward, and kind of disturbing. It's not amazing or anything but let's just say I have no desire to ever see it again.

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Heck if I know. Probably 4 or 5 years. I don't see the need to spend my time sifting through anymore pictures of Yamazaki.

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I'm sorry I'm not seeing it. The gamers more likely to hate on anime are typically the kind that gravitate to the high action "violent murder fantasies" as you put it so I sincerely doubt the more touchy feely anime productions would appeal to them. I enjoy a few of these movies but I don't really understand the objective of the thread. You gotta include something like Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust or the Cowboy Bebop movie to counter balance otherwise the haters are going to hate. Then again they'll probably still find a reason to hate. :D