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Awwww poor kitty. I'm genuinely sad when I hear about peoples' cats dying. I've lost quite a few cats in my time. Haven't had one in a while. Wish I had a nicer place to own one. You have my sympathies.

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I don't know if I'd call it a bad show but I would say that it jumps the shark faster than almost every anime I've ever seen. It starts so strong it could have been amazing but it ends up being a lot more predictable than people make it out to be. I dislike the story and characters a lot but I think the world is pretty interesting and the action is okay. Overall I'm mostly negative about it. It's funny because me and a friend of mine like to dub our own words over that first opening movie and it's hilarious. Just different variations about bullshit coming out of nowhere in the plot.

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It's a product of it's time and it happened to be pretty awesome back then. I can't speak for everyone but it's one of the first big budget action movies I can remember that made me legitimately afraid of chemical weapons. Just the way they depicted how something that isn't just a giant explosion could be a much more horrifying fate was masterfully done albeit a bit corny in retrospect. And they drive the point home that the best chance of survival involves sticking a giant goddamn needle into your heart. For all I know there was an older movie that handled it better but The Rock is always what sticks in my mind in that regard.

Sure there's a lot about the story and dialogue that you can pick out and call totally dumb but having the cast that it did made it work in my opinion. One of the last points I'll make is that they utilize Alcatraz as a setting quite well I feel. It might not have been 100% true to the actual layout but I could care less about that. It made the whole extraction procedure of the mission feel incredibly cool even when it goes completely sideways.

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Raw continues to be bad. These four weeks leading up to Summer Slam have been so boring. I can't help but feel ambivalent about the card. It should be telling that I live in LA and had zero desire to even consider getting tickets.

Rollins and Ambrose have been one of the lone bright spots in the current product. As much as I want to gripe about the simplicity of the Lumberjack match they have a deep enough talent pool in the roster that I can see them planning some fun spots. I also think the last time Ziggler and Miz fought was decent and the feud has been kind of fun so the IC title match will probably be fine. Everything else is like, who cares? All I know is that Reigns needs to get better on the mic because he was especially terrible this week.

I will admit I couldn't help but mark out a bit at the ending segment with Hogan. With all this build up to Brock vs Cena I'm suddenly expecting some screwy DQ finish unless they do some really solid work in the ring to make either guy come out looking believable and/ or marketable as a champion. I would much rather wait for Danielson to come back and win the belt from Cena than see him lose it this way. In short the Heavyweight title picture is not interesting at all.

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Nah, at this point I've seen the content of those games to death. Seeing them again with Drew and/or Dan pontificating over the deeper meaning behind the game design doesn't sound like it's going to give me anything meaningful in the way of entertainment or insight. I say if Dan's going to make a video series make him play a career mode in a wrestling game where he creates the most hideous wrestler possible and proceeds to conquer all belts.

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Are you kidding me!? A Reverse Russian Leg Sweep?! That's the best he could come up with?!

Yeah dude, he's as cool as The Miz!

Yeah but Johnny Cage is suppose to be lame. Jarrett was Russo's chosen one and we all know how prestigious that makes him.... Okay fine, I got nothing...

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@dazzhardy: Are you kidding me!? A Reverse Russian Leg Sweep?! That's the best he could come up with?!

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@shinmaru007: What the fucking fuck? That can't be real! Fuck all wrestling forever.

You know when I think about it I don't think I actually know what Jeff Jarrett's finisher was at any point. Every match of his that I remember watching ended with him smashing a guitar over someone's head. Hence his finisher is literally The Guitar Shot.

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I'll probably go with Dark Souls 2. I enjoyed building my character a lot more in Dark Souls 2 though I have to admit it doesn't have as much narrative intrigue as the setting of the first Dark Souls. Personally I loved that they crammed so many bosses into DS2 because I dig getting a lot of dark fantasy even when it's somewhat superficial. Just show me as many renditions of stuff out of a monster manual as you can muster.

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@sergio: I mean it's one girl conveniently surrounded by several handsome and charming dudes. It has the term for Host Club in the title. I'm just calling a spade a spade. Nothing about the show seems like it's trying the hide the tone it's going for. I still like it a lot but even after seeing it I would say top to bottom it clearly wasn't made with me in mind.