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What's the feeling on these new NXT tag champs Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy? They don't seem to have any character other than broey bro bro junior shabadoo. A bit too bromantic for my tastes and it doesn't seem to help with the lack of depth that tag team wrestling has been going through, not just on NXT but all of TV wrestling. I imagine they're merely a speed bump before the Lucha Dragons take the belts back.

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I had to comb this thread to make sure no one mentioned this. New Legends for the original Xbox. It's fucking terrible. I'd put it up there as one of the worst games I've ever finished. The story is bad, the game play is bad, the level design is bad. Even the fucking title of the game is bad! Don't even try tracking down this turd because it's not worth it.

I remember Trap Gunner not being good either. Thank goodness I've only played both of these games during the age of game rentals.

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I pray someone makes the sequel to Shovel Knight and just calls it Sugar Knight. Instead of a shovel he would have a car...made out of sugar?

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@chance_s: No way! Holy fucking shit that looks bad. This is their main eventer for Wrestlemania eh? That looks more like Reigns paying his due-nots. Send his ass back down to NXT to wrestle Baron Corbin for more than 20 seconds. Those are two guys who could use some fucking practice. That would be Vince's wet dream for an NXT match that he might actually watch it for once.

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I for one am not a fan of Hunter X Hunter. Mind you I've only seen the original anime series to completion years ago so before you guys badger me into watching 2011, I totally get it. I can assume that HxH(2011) is truer to the manga, brisker in pace, and cleaner with the animation similar to how FMA: Brotherhood goes about it. The problem is that if most of the core concepts introduced in the first HxH series are carried over then I really don't want to watch it.

Just the broad strokes with which they explain what exactly a hunter is I find incredibly uninspired and slightly jarring. Like it can basically be any or all professions as long as you're in this exclusive club of martial artists who have a line of credit? But first you pass some arbitrary test designed only to make the plot feel needlessly adventurous. So then it ends up feeling there's nothing to anticipate in terms of story other than these guys walking around looking for stuff to do.

And yes fights aren't always straightforward but they're not always indirect either. I'm not a huge fan of their whole ability system basically boiling down to a super power slot machine, which is a problem that a lot of shounens run into quite honestly. Depicting children as deceptively buff is also one of my least favorite anime tropes. I just didn't like the characters that much. Combine that with character designs that seem straight up ripped off from other anime the show comes off to me as having a bit of an identity crisis. It just can't decide what it wants to be other than an adventure. These are all just my personal takes on it having brute forced through that first anime. There were fleeting moments of genius so I can sort of see why people would like it and it sounds like it gets into some dark stuff down the line but I don't think I like that series.

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@hadoken101: @corevi: Fixed sorry about that. I'll just cop out by saying "It's about the journey not the destination maaaaaaaaan."

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Just bought my tickets for the next PWG show. Tickets sold out in like 10 minutes. From Out of Nowhere is a great name for this card. Trevor Lee has gotten wins over the top PWG guys and is getting a title shot, Roderick Strong won the title in an impromptu Guerilla Warfare match, some CZW guys are getting debuts. All of it is coming from out of nowhere. Not as many tag matches as I would hope but this is sure to be a good show. Support indie wrestling guys.

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At least people get NXT for free next month but people should seriously be giving those NXT wrestlers more money. I was sort of down on the idea of a Owens/Zayn grudge match just because they've done it so much. Now I'm pretty excited for the aspect of Zayn wrestling as an unmasked character. It could add magnitudes of personality and emotion to the match now that these are two wrestlers who know each other and have issues with each other. Baron Corbin isn't anything to me other than a big dude with a decent look. I need to see him sell and feed more before I can make proper judgment of his ability. Hopefully Neville can get a good match out of him but I'm expecting some interference from Bull Dempsey to ruin everything good about NXT. Fast Lane better knock it out of the fucking park if they want to overtake the next NXT event.

Lucha Underground is still super good. The cut scenes alone are worth every penny for this production. They also happen to have amazing wrestlers. It's great to see these lesser known indie guys get theirs on TV. I'm starting to be okay with the commentary even if it still isn't great. I will always be a fan of Matt Stryker as a fellow nerd.

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I'm pretty stoked though it's a hard sell with no V-Bomb. I doubt Jeff or Dan will take part but it would be nice if they did. My dream scenario would be to have Jeff be a beat-boxing bard with as many ranks in speech and stealth skills as possible. Then he can try to New Vegas his way through every encounter with pure diplomacy or subterfuge.

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Mike Tyson Mysteries is pretty good you guys. The more I watch that show the more I'm convinced that Dan Ryckert stands no chance against that man, even in video game form. I like to think that Marquess of Queensberry is Mike Tyson's Stand.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is getting awesome again. It's very cool that they still depict some pretty dark shit despite the show being so kid friendly. The progress that the turtles have made feels very organic without being overblown like so much anime. I'm so glad that the animation quality hasn't missed a step and the plot is becoming more and more intense. Arrrgh, so good!