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@mezmero: uh. That was vinegar, dude! Clams with vanilla sounds disgusting!

Ah that makes way more sense. I swear some of these British accents are totally fucked. Every other word sounds like something else entirely. It doesn't help that they have all these ridiculous fantasy names and locations to mumble. English is my first language and they still manage to confuse the hell out of me.

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By the way are clams with vanilla a real thing? Maybe the gambler that Arya was casing just really likes vanilla. For all I know it's a delicacy but I don't know, it sounds pretty gnar gnar to me dude.

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If there's one thing I don't like about Lucha Underground it's how they pipe in the crowd audio in super weird ways. I don't see the need to edit in boos for bad guys and cheers for good guys. I feel like it gets established week after week that they treat the wrestlers like mercenaries for the sake of this story, allowing alignments of characters to be in a greyer area. I realize that the audience has gotten progressively smarkier as they've opened up attendance but at least it fits with the rugged vibe of the show.

The wrestling was decent, I kind of wish the main event was for the Aztec Medallion and the opening could have been a "unique opportunity". Regardless of that the cutscenes are some of the best things on TV period. Wrestling is essentially a live performance of kung-fu movies so it makes perfect sense to want to highlight that aspect. I suspect Chavo might secretly be after the Aztec medallions. With that much power he could rule Mexico. He really is terrific at playing a lying dick head. I'm a bit perturbed that they punked out The Mack in the trios cutscene but if your going to have someone do it Cage is the right guy. I'm assuming the ending means that in due time we're headed for "Vampiro vengeance is coming". Or maybe Vampiro's other persona is actually Pentagon's dark master.

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I didn't realize that Jason married a Targarion or maybe she's a Witcher? Congratulations @unastrike.

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I loved both editions of the new XCOM games, Enemy Unknown, and Enemy Within but I played both of them on console. If it only comes to PC then I will be very sad. I'll actually buy it if it's on consoles where as other people might just pirate the shit out of it on the PC. >:(

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@zevvion:Just watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventure already. Few shows better embody the vibe of late 80's and 90's era of comic books into something so truly awesome. The first episode is about as low key as the series will ever be and then from there on it just escalates the crazy like nobody's business. Not sure how much further down the anime hole you're willing to go but it's definitely the one I'd recommend first and foremost.

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Much better episode than any of this season I would say. Peter Dinklage continues to steal the fucking show with his dialogue. I hope they pay him a lot because he's been the saving grace of each and every season no matter how bad things get. Enjoying Arya's vision training even though it's not amazing or anything. Also great to see the chainless maester get some screen time and they definitely seem to be hinting something about the Mountain zombie by him saying "the 'work' continues". Ramsey and Theon are still bad characters that suck but Lord Bolton is always great. Jon uniting the wildings and crows was good. It's been teased for multiple seasons so it's cool to finally get some pay off to his character arc.

The end sequence was pretty cool though I had some issues with it. I hadn't realized that the reanimated skeletons were also white walkers. My question is how are they ripping through solid wooden walls without any muscle mass to speak of? I could buy it if the standard fleshy walkers did it but skeletons doing it seemed silly. Overall I have not been a huge fan of the ambiguity of the white walkers' strengths and weakness. Like they already get strength, endurance, and immortality plus some of them even get access to 4th level spells. I guess it's the baby sacrifices that are eligible to become white magi? I have no fucking clue. All I know is that fire kills them, dragon glass kills them, and now apparently Valerian steel kills them.

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No plans to watch Elimination Chamber but I can't express how proud I am of Kevin Owens. It's shocking to hear that Cena put him over but it's not so surprising that they apparently put on a five star match. The Zayn injury is either a super long con waiting to happen or a blessing in disguise because if those two clash on the main show somewhere down the line it will be big money. Plus the story line is ready built thanks to the terrific booking they've had on NXT. The only thing that would make this night sweeter is a super cut of fighting games that feature an announcer saying "K.O. You win!" Make it happen botchamania.

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@aegon: The funny thing is anytime anyone brings up that reference they always say "was" even though we're all completely aware that it's not in the exact quote. Yep wrestling is dumb but then again so is anime, which is why I like both.

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I just realized GB East's new hire has a JoJo's reference in his twitter name.

You're joking right? I'll assume you're joking. No it is in fact a Vince McMahon reference.

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