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Much better episode than any of this season I would say. Peter Dinklage continues to steal the fucking show with his dialogue. I hope they pay him a lot because he's been the saving grace of each and every season no matter how bad things get. Enjoying Arya's vision training even though it's not amazing or anything. Also great to see the chainless maester get some screen time and they definitely seem to be hinting something about the Mountain zombie by him saying "the 'work' continues". Ramsey and Theon are still bad characters that suck but Lord Bolton is always great. Jon uniting the wildings and crows was good. It's been teased for multiple seasons so it's cool to finally get some pay off to his character arc.

The end sequence was pretty cool though I had some issues with it. I hadn't realized that the reanimated skeletons were also white walkers. My question is how are they ripping through solid wooden walls without any muscle mass to speak of? I could buy it if the standard fleshy walkers did it but skeletons doing it seemed silly. Overall I have not been a huge fan of the ambiguity of the white walkers' strengths and weakness. Like they already get strength, endurance, and immortality plus some of them even get access to 4th level spells. I guess it's the baby sacrifices that are eligible to become white magi? I have no fucking clue. All I know is that fire kills them, dragon glass kills them, and now apparently Valerian steel kills them.

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No plans to watch Elimination Chamber but I can't express how proud I am of Kevin Owens. It's shocking to hear that Cena put him over but it's not so surprising that they apparently put on a five star match. The Zayn injury is either a super long con waiting to happen or a blessing in disguise because if those two clash on the main show somewhere down the line it will be big money. Plus the story line is ready built thanks to the terrific booking they've had on NXT. The only thing that would make this night sweeter is a super cut of fighting games that feature an announcer saying "K.O. You win!" Make it happen botchamania.

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@aegon: The funny thing is anytime anyone brings up that reference they always say "was" even though we're all completely aware that it's not in the exact quote. Yep wrestling is dumb but then again so is anime, which is why I like both.

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I just realized GB East's new hire has a JoJo's reference in his twitter name.

You're joking right? I'll assume you're joking. No it is in fact a Vince McMahon reference.

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Well I finally did it. I finally completed my collection of the Dark Horse volumes of Blade of the Immortal. I might need to replace my volume 12 because it's slightly water damaged though still fully readable. Needless to say it's up there as one of my all time favorite manga series. Ideally I would want to do a "Why You Should Read..." style write up on Comic Vine or something but realistically I don't have the time or the energy at this juncture. The art is both elegant and brutal. The story is intense without being an overblown mess and often goes deep with the philosophy. The fights all feel unique and feature some of the coolest character and weapon designs ever.

It's honestly the reason why I could never bring myself to like Rurouni Kenshin because it's like a far more rugged version of that. It's also a lot more violent. It's a real shame that the anime adaptation for Blade of the Immortal ended up feeling super watered down. I'd definitely recommend the books though, they even redid the panels to run left to right if you're not use to manga style reading. I almost wish I could have it all in single issues because of all the marvelous cover art.

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@recspec: Krazy to think he's going from NXT to the main roster in less than a year, heck less than 6 months right? He's literally too good. Damn it, this means I'll only be able to see Kevin Owens if I start watching WWE again. He'd better be on the Hulu cut. I feel like I've seen a lot of his best stuff so I'm cool with just waiting for the year that him and Zayn headline Wrestlemania with a ladder match to end all ladder matches for the world title. It will never happen...

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I can't decide which I like more, Lucha Underground's capes or New Japan's jackets.

@fram said:

@mezmero Mil Muertes is shoot Ermac.

It's funny I was going to say the same thing in my post. Then I thought about it. Ermac was a king ousted by a warlord while Mil was a peasant child who survived a collapsed building. I see Mil Muertes as more of a soul golem (a soulem?) where as Ermac is some sort of lich since his primary offense is telekinesis. Mil's probably powered by a shard of philosopher's stone which I assume is the rock that Katrina carries. The only way to kill him for sure would be to break the rock with an elbow drop or something. Lucha Underground is so awesome, redefining kayfabe for a new generation.

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Lucha Underground is unbelievably good. It's the best.

- I had my doubts about Johnny Mundo working heel but he has the ring psychology down to a "t". I'm confident he could make it work going forward.

- Prince Puma vs Hernandez was so good. I really hope the season finale is a cutscene where Puma takes off his mask as he leaves the temple. Ricochet is too awesome a guy to hide his face with this slapdash gimmick but he plays Prince Puma amazingly well. Let me also mention that Rick Knox might be the best referee working today. Just the way he reacts to the high spots alone is terrific and actually adds to the drama of the match.

- Death Match. Holy shit. The assumption is that Mil Muertes is made of a well of 1000 souls from the building disaster. So I imagine he broke off some his extra souls to create his trios entourage. Heck maybe Katrina is their creator but that doesn't seem in line with the powers of a shadow wraith.

- I was surprised as anyone when someone got "killed" but did it have to be Bael aka B-Boy?! He was probably my favorite of the three but I might be bias because of his work at PWG. No one looks at the crowd after doing a move quite as well as him.

- NetherRealm should be making a game for this asap. Screw the WWE Immortals idea, they'd never let it be cool.

NXT is good as well.

- Again I find myself hating the Full Sail crowd more and more. I realize they're a bunch of smarks but do they have to be so...smarky? I guess I can't blame them for wanting to cheer for Kevin Owens because he's SO GOOD. He might be too good, like too good for a giant company like WWE to even have. Anyone who knows anything about his prior career knew he would make it big and here he is, week after week proving us all right. He is now my number 1 favorite Canadian wrestler and that's not just because Zayn is injured. He's just on another level on the microphone. It's insane to think that he only spoke French when he first started.

- The ladies are still good except Dana Brook. She needs more developing before they put her in the ring with girls on the level of NXT's Four Fatale`s. Thank the light the Emma dance is gone for good. I've ALWAYS hated that shit and see it as an insult to the snake fist style.

- Dark times for tag teams right now. Enzo and Cass are amazing but they can't carry this division in the ring. Where are you Vauldevillains? Doing something rather bully I presume?

- I can't be the only one who's seeing this ghostly image of a demon standing behind Finn Balor as he wrestles. I think Doctor Tracksuit sold me some bad stuff.

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I can't help but feel bad for TNA. I mean yeah I think the production and writing end of things was mostly a shit show but they had some legit good wrestlers that have worked there. Over the past year or so if I'm going by air time per capita, I probably liked watching Impact more than the combined weekly WWE stuff. It's a nightmarish prospect to be sure but that's what happened. I've still been not watching WWE outside of whatever shows up on Botchamania for months but I was willing to occasionally throw on an episode of Impact every few weeks because at least it's different. Props to RoH for getting the Destination America deal but I have issues with how that show is produced as well.

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@gamefreak9:Who better to give him the "do it" advice than this creepy master of whispers with a horrible Frankenstein monster in his lab. One would assume that he'd be among the first to know what happened to Cersei and will need to bring the matter to the king himself. Not sure how he's suppose to get his information without the equivalent of Varys' little birds. Probably mind controlled rodents.