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I've lost track of the people in the thread who have said they were done with Raw and then continue to watch it. Not me that's for sure. I am not a nugget. Enough is enough, it's time for a change.

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Watched the newest One piece. I think I found my new favourite Usopp scene. The music especially was a nice touch.

I almost agree with you if not for the fact that the scene took for-fucking-ever. Even I'll admit it was pretty good. As much as I dislike how it got there I think the best part about it is that FINALLY Usopp has 8000 followers, give or take. That scene reminded me of Buggy from Impel Down and the fact that Buggy was essentially Usopp's stand-in for that arc.

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Dang, JoJo almost had it in the bag. I did not care much for Kill La Kill therefore it never made it to my personal favorites. The only rationale I could come up with it taking the top spot over JoJo is that JJBA is for all intents and purposes a 90's cartoon whereas KLK is extremely post modern in origin and execution. I can see why people find KLK appealing but it just never clicked with me and I actually adore Gurren Lagan. It just seems like a show more catered to millennials than to someone like me. Those damn millennials... Regardless of my feelings over the number one spot and thinking that Nozaki is better than Parasyte, this list looks fairly appropriate for anime in 2014. This year we should include a western cartoon category since I could totally list five from last year that I really liked.

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I find it hysterical that the final sequence for The Monday Night War is basically everyone saying "Yup, it'll never be THAT good again." And boy were they right. The big take away feels like WCW died so that people can have it on the network. Great job WWE... It's funny because as much of a train wreck as this series has been I actually enjoyed the WCW portions the most since it was stuff I was a lot less familiar with as a WWF fan. I mean of course I was aware of it at the time but I had no clue. That's basically the entire series in a nutshell is everyone saying "Fans didn't know what was going on without a lot of internet." I guess if anything it was a chance to have Keith David try to educate those damn millennials.

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I finally watched Batman: Assault on Arhkam. It was pretty great. I will say it seemed a bit more gratuitous and risque compared to a lot of these DC productions which I enjoyed in a weird way. I've always had a soft spot for comic book villains and I think they utilize the characters in a fun way for a really ridiculous plot. The script can get pretty cringe inducing with the one-liners but everything else about it is so over the top that nothing going on in the dialogue really matters. The animation isn't perfect but that right there is some anime-ass anime. I got kind of annoyed by the end about how they recycle some of the character designs from the video games but it's not a big deal.

Honestly I think I enjoyed it a little more than the past couple DC animated movies featuring the Batman. Hell I enjoyed it more than a lot of anime in a survival tournament setting if we're going by run time per capita. I've yet to truly enjoy any of the DC animated movies after The Flashpoint Paradox but this ends up being one of my favorites from that studio. It certainly made me laugh more than any recent DC animated joint. As much as I liked this concept I don't know how they think they can market a live action Suicide Squad movie.

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Lucha Underground is so good. I adore this idea that it's essentially setup like a kung-fu movie. I always say that wrestling is at it's best when it's part ballet, part opera, and part comic book and martial arts films are one of the purest forms of that combination. They might have to do something about the audience vulgarity. Personally I don't mind it but I can't imagine El Rey is happy about it. If anything it just feeds into this idea of the show being "underground".

I'm very pleased that Brian Cage made it on TV. Having recently seen a match of his from 2010 it's clear the guy worked his ass off to get into that shape. I'm grateful whenever he doesn't kill himself on a high spot but he's come back from plenty of nasty botches by now. One thing I'm confused about is who exactly is associated with Konan? He's obviously Puma's front man but I thought he had something to do with getting Fenix, Drago, and Pentagon into the country. Wrestling!

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@milkman: It'll probably just be a series of segments where a wrestler draws a number and then reacts without revealing the actual number. Like it's the early 90's all over again.

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@pyrodactyl: I was talking about Usopp. The time skip has really not done him any favors. Just so much about his big scene rang incredibly hollow.

And they even teamed him with Robin for the sake of this arc. It feels like between the two of them, and the amount of information they had of their opponents' capabilities to that point, that fight should've been a none issue for two of the most resourceful members of that crew. Instead we get a load of garbage. I'm actually okay with what's going on with Franky even though it wasn't great. He's basically a tank sent in to cause a ruckus and I can respect that.

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You know I'm already not keen on LOC and seeing the rules for this Wizard Rumble makes think even less of it. Like you're telling people to predict the shit show that is WWE booking. A predetermined show! It's like giving an award for people who guess what's happening next in a poorly written comic book. Also you have people who are more informed on the dirt sheets who may or may not have an unfair advantage.

You know what? I am SICK of sports entertainment. I am SICK of male cheerleaders. I am SICK of boogers, and bathroom humor, and semen, and I am SICK of our chairman, who likes to talk about his own semen. He mocks god HE MOCKS GOD, and makes out the Divas, all to feed his own insatiable ego. I am SICK of sports entertainment. And most of all I'm sick of you users who buy into that crap this sports entertainment CIRCUS. I never needed this thread and I don't want this thread anymore. I QUIT! (Outside of kayfabe I'll probably keep coming to this thread)

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@mezmero: The next series should just have the soundtrack of every episode be Shine On You Crazy Diamond. All 25 minutes of it.

Makes sense to me.

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@pyrodactyl: It sucks because Dressrosa is one of the best and craziest arcs in the entire series (so far) but it's just so goddamn slow and there's so many episodes and chapters where NOTHING HAPPENS. I love the slow burn that One Piece has but this is ridiculous.

Oh, and in regards to that ending... I don't want to spoil anything but it's not the end of Dressrosa. There's still a long way to go sadly. (The manga is still stuck there, with no ending in sight for awhile.) It does start to become enjoyable again though. Just wish Oda would quit jumping around between characters and finish stuff off.

I hear you. But this weeks episode and Kyros turning back to normal was exactly what I needed for all the slowness to be justified. It felt like I had to suffer the 10 years with him. Also seeing how everything hinged on Usopp and how his team had full confidence in him was also very worth the seemingly slower than average burn. I am kinda pissed on how Usopp solved the problem... IT WAS A GOD DAMN BALL! LET HIM BE COOL AND USE THE SLING SHOT IN A LAST DITCH IMPOSSIBLE SHOT!

I really like Dressrosa, I love Doffy, I think he is an amazing villain. I appreciated the tournament... its been a while since I saw one in an anime and I was in just the right mood for it. I am glad there is still a bunch more to happen in this arc.

I'm right there with you guys. The show has been getting better in some ways but they did so much damage to a character who use to be among my favorites by making him look like a total chump in the stupidest way possible. And in an era where he has more resources for solving problems now than ever before. It makes the time skip really feel like a waste when you see such a bad piece of writing get used. I also feel like Sugar's ability doesn't make sense in a lot of ways.

We're talking about a devil fruit that also affects people that it has no contact with through this abstract depiction of memory. The idea made for an interesting plot point but it also creates just as many plot holes. Like if it is a key part of Doflamingo's plan then how does HE remember that he's been having people turned into toys? Wouldn't he just forget that he's been doing that for the past 10 years? And has Sugar just been awake for 10 years straight to keep this facade going?