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Old news but I find out that Trent?'s knee needs more time to heal so he has to cancel his dates for Beyond and PWG. A shame, I was looking forward to the reunion of the Best Friends at the December show but I guess it's not happening. It's hard to say with Twitter, could be just a work to make it a bigger surprise. I ain't no doctor.

Of all the awful wrestling I've subjected myself to this year AJ was one of the only good things about women's wrestling on television. She's a fairly solid worker, good with the in ring psychology,and her mic skills I've found entertaining. I'm only loosely aware of her husband's body of work so it will be a shame if she gets booked like trash for the rest of the year just because of some political bullshit.

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Tyson Kidd loves three things, cats, facts, and Nat, in that order.

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NXT is so freaking great! The promo work is some of my favorite stuff but it helps that the wrestling and ring psychology is usually pretty great. The Vauldevillains would never work in modern wrestling but damn is it entertaining. Whenever I look at Finn Balor's expression I can't help but wonder if he's thinking, "Man, I'd really like some body paint right about now." Say what you will about Triple H but that program is like the true gem for that company. The problem is I feel like it's being soiled by this depressing idea that these guys are going to be on the main show some day. I only got back into wrestling this year and it has just been months featuring few moments of me really liking a select few guys in the roster and giant swaths of time where it feels like absolutely nothing meaningful is fucking happening or just plain rotten booking. I'm just going to pool as much money together as I can and throw it away at Indie shows because fuck this televised crap. Lucha Underground is still pretty good though. Konnan is the real MVP of the cut scenes even though the stuff he says is incredibly silly.

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@recspec: I like all three of those guys...but I don't understand what that gimmick is for except to be a low card/mid card team that doesn't really do anything.

Yeah I feel like all of those guys have the skill to be great but the writers behind them can't be trusted to make it happen. At the very least people were cheering which seems good given the talent between the three of them. I think The New Day is a cool name for a stable and it sort of sounds like a para-military unit although that's clearly not the intent. The tag team division sucks so I'm not holding my breath that anything meaningful will come out of it.

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I finished watching Matt Rushmore and that's a solid wrestling show. It's especially entertaining following the collusion at the end of BOLA 2013. If nothing else it gets me excited to see Kevin Owens promo work in NXT. I feel like he could fast track himself to a commentary role when he starts reaching his bump limit. I enjoyed the screw job ending though clearly it went over poorly with the crowd. Seemed like a blessing in disguise given the quality of the later title matches.

Speaking of CM Punk he wrote the editorial on the final issue of Superior Foes of Spider-Man. I was aware the dude liked comics, didn't think he'd be into one of my favorites. I get that he's straightedge but he could've at least considered trying some mary-j for the condition he was in at the time of his unrest. He could have borrowed some dragon and yin yang singlets from RVD. It couldn't have been any worse than those antibiotics that were inadvertently worsening his health. Looking at the list of Art Of Wrestling episodes makes me think I should really listen to more of that podcast.

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That was a boring Pay Per View. I'll just go over the shit worth talking about.

I'm glad Miz and Sandow got the tag belts. Sandow definitely deserves a title run for the amazing character work he's been doing all year. I even like the Miz now. Keep in mind I didn't catch much of his pre-Johnny Cage run other than hearing about it and thinking how stupid it was to put a reality star on the roster. I might catch some heat for this but I would put Miz's mic skills over EC3's in terms of heeling it up to the crowd. Also if he wasn't so animated with his mannerisms I don't think the Mizdow angle would work quite as well. This match makes me sad for tag teams in WWE. Miz and Sandow are great but they both have the same throwback heel move set. It could be amazing if Sandow goes back to being himself then Miz starts trying to imitate his moves. I love the Dusts but making them heels is dumb. The other two teams are backwards ass ethnic gimmicks. Need I say more?

Ambrose vs Wyatt. What can I say I like both of these guys. I thought the match was just okay. Good character work, sort of middling wrestling. The finish started off crazy then sort of made me scratch my head by the end.

The main event didn't do much for me other than showing that both Rollins and Ziggler are two of the best sellers in WWE. Actually they may be two of the best wrestlers in the company period even though I'm not a big Dolph fan. I have zero attachment to Sting and the only thing I'm looking forward to is his Monday Night War episode since the WCW episodes are proving to be the best ones. I might miss Triple H and Stephanie but having them step down might be the right move for now. Let Trips focus on making NXT kick ass and make Wade Barret or Paul Heyman the GM.

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Finished watching Battle of Los Angeles 2013 and it was awesome. I'm going to have a heart attack if I keep watching Brian Cage perform. The dude has some sick moves and I want him to survive the match so he can keep doing those moves! Everything involving the Mount Rushmore guys is pretty much my favorite thing in PWG at all times. If we're talking wrestling per capita then I might say that promotion is up there with NJPW in terms of entertainment value and raw talent. No coincidence that they share some of the same dudes.

That just about kills any interest I have in seeing Survivor Series. Blew my wrestling wad I suppose...gross. The way the card looks they should be paying me to watch this shit because free costs too much for my free time. If I hear it's good then maybe I'll watch it but I'm back to having zero investment in any WWE story lines. The LoC look even more silly this time around.

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A website is like a stew, when it comes to Dan and Drew. A pinch of Jeff to add some spice, a dash of Brad to make it nice.

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I finished watching Steen Wolf for the first time. Now that was a great show. It's really interesting to see how different things were a few years ago. The entire card was pretty damn entertaining but it was worth it for the main event alone. Even back then El Generico exhibits how he is one of the best at selling in the world. Now as Sami Zayn he's showing a new level of that ability to depict both physical and emotional anguish the likes of which few guys in the business today can. Steen is an absolute beast in the match, apropos of the event name. Very interested to see his NXT run but more and more I'm feeling like NXT is a death march to a main roster where almost everything sucks.

I think I've decided that I like Bull Dempsey's entrance music. The reason being that between each "Bull!" I like to say things that I think qualify as bull-shit. "Bull!....this gimmick is Bull!...this angle is Bull!...this match will be Bull(shit obviously)!"

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Just got my PWG DVDs from the winter sale in the mail. Finally something not terrible to watch at my leisure.

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I have a soft spot for Saint Seiya. I watched it for the first time a few years ago and I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. I mean it's corny as fuuuuuck sometimes but for the time it came out I could totally see myself getting into it as a kid. There is almost never an episode that goes by without a fight occurring. It's great because it always starts off with these Barbie doll looking, overly pure protagonists talking endless amounts of shit to a villain before a fight and you just want to crack up laughing. Then they actually fight and they really beat the shit out of one another. There's a subtlety to the violence that makes the over the top fights entertaining to watch.

I also like Ashita no Joe from the 70's. It's not as briskly paced as modern sports anime these days but it's an interesting character story starring probably one of my all time favorite main characters. I respect a lot about this series and it's place in history and I'll gladly call it one of my favorite cartoons.

Sort of surprised no one mentions Speed Racer. So...Speed Racer.