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Gintama - Still hilarious

Ore Monogatari - Still adorable.

Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold - Fucking terrible, don't watch it.

One Piece (anime) - Getting good again but only in flashback, go figure. It's one of those times where regardless of the production issues that have plagued the past couple years the awesome writing shines through.

Roshinante was a fantastic character. He's an idiot who acted with his heart but not with his head. Feels very appropriate that he had the Corazon moniker because that dude had heart. Even though he was going to die no matter what, I didn't want him to die. If that's not a sign of a well written character I don't know what is. Even his ability was awesome simply for harking back to a time when devil fruits had very simple specific capabilities before they jumped the shark in the New Era. Like I still legitimately hate Law's power because it's a bunch of bullshit but after seeing this flashback I'm glad he of all people got that fruit.

Also watched Batman vs Robin. It was okay. Whoever titled that movie is an asshole because if I had known that they were adapting The Court of Owls arc in that movie I would've watched it a lot sooner. Not as good as the book it's based on though that's more of a testament to Scott Snyder and Greg Capulo's amazing talent. Personally I enjoyed Assault on Arkham more.

Second looks like Jojo. Although after @jesushammer's post I may consider the manga. I got to either episode 6 or 7 and my biggest problem with it is the pacing... like if I blink or look away it always feels like I just missed a shit ton of stuff and I have to rewind or it's just too confusing... but some people on this site and this thread seem to live by it so I'm willing to press ahead.

I love the JoJo manga as much as the next guy but there are times when the art style makes it straight up confusing as to what the fuck is happening during certain action scenes. Araki does love his Italian sculpture poses and it's sometimes a hindrance when conveying his awesome fight scenes. Between the slick sound design and color palette I think it's worth going through the anime first and then maybe go back and read the books for reference and a better appreciation for that styyyyyyle.

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In no particular order.

  • Princess Mononoke
  • Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
  • Flight of Dragons
  • Aladdin
  • The Iron Giant
  • Red Line
  • Toy Story 3
  • How to Train Your Dragon
  • Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas

Also really like Mulan, The Brave Little Toaster, and Over the Hedge.

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Finally got around to NXT Takeover Brooklyn. Pretty great show with one match in particular being a grand slam in terms of impact.

That women's title match literally brought tears to my eyes by the end and that's something I never say about a wrestling match these days. Even without the implications of a faux "curtain call" angle the ending made perfect sense to me in the context of Bayley's story. She lost to Charlotte before but won the friendship of the former women's champion through her determination and fighting spirit to the point that Charlotte turned face. The same thing happens after beating Sasha Banks who for all her cockiness saw the light on what a wonderful person Bayley was through the match they had. They spoke to each other through their wrestling and formed a bond with one another and the sentiment of that is absolutely beautiful. That's the kind of wrestler Bayley is, she wins over hearts and minds through her wrestling. I've got to give so much credit to the commentary team on this one. They've been hit or miss on this and past shows for a while with Corey Graves being the stand out star among them. The color commentary finally felt on point in a way it hasn't for a while and it added a lot to an already amazing match.

I have no intention to watch Some More Slam and every intention to listen to the next Powerbombcast if it indeed happens. For now I'm just counting the days until Battle of Los Angeles.

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How could I get excited for Some More Slam when Battle of Los Angeles is a week away?! THIS FUCKING CARD!

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So I finally wrapped this game up and really enjoyed it though I doubt I'll do a second play through just yet. Anyway did anyone else find any cool callbacks to DC comics that are not necessarily Batman related? I found at least two: I seem to recall seeing a Lexcorp sign somewhere in the city for one. Secondly there's a park bench within the botanical gardens with an inscription on it: "In loving memory... Dr. Alec Holland." For those who don't know that is the real name of Swamp Thing, the Vertigo comics character who had a run in DC's New 52.

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@redyoshi said:

That was a masterful promo by Owens, and pretty cathartic for me as well to see him call out Full Sail like that.

Fuck yeah! I love Kevin Owens and hate the Full Sail crowd so watching that part was just spectacular.

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@redhotchilimist:Meh, it's not like I think those two series are particularly mind blowing. I just think those were two of the only shows of that type in a long stretch of time that get a very solid "like" from me, which is more than I can say for other newish stuff like Fairy Tail and Toriko which just leave me shaking my head, Gerstmann style. We'll have to agree to disagree on Seven Deadly Sins. I think it is far in a way more interesting, more enthusiastic, and more marketable than Fairy Tail with what it's doing with that European style of high fantasy. To me Fairy Tail is like some mangaka opened to the first page of spells in a Players' Handbook, and then threw the book in the trash after realizing he had no reverence for fantasy stuff. Then while coming up with ideas for battles he kept getting distracted by Final Fantasy VII. Besides I'm more talking about the anime productions of this stuff and you are clearly more into digesting them in manga form. Nothing wrong with that, it's just a different preference from my own.

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I feel like in the not too distant future people will look back on Naruto and Bleach negatively the way some people look back on DBZ negatively these days. Decent ideas for action and fighting set pieces but with fuck-all plot and pacing. I think the best shounen fighitng shows to come out in the past decade or so for me personally are FMA Brotherhood (almost a seinen with a shounen wrapper), Soul Eater, and The Seven Deadly Sins. The latter two are quite boiler plate in terms of structure but they make up for it in styyyyyyle. I realize people LOVE the new version of Hunter X Hunter but I can't bring myself to watch it just yet. I gave Fairy Tail (the original anime run) 30 episodes and it could not hook me so I can't see why people would like that when Seven Deadly Sins exists. And Toriko just looks stupid to me in every way. At heart I think I really do enjoy that genre and even loved some shows from it but even I have to admit it is arguably one of the most hit or miss genres around.

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Nerd Poker was really great when they still had Mr. Sark DMing. Now they just kind of do whatever. Still funny but not quite the same. Haven't had much luck with other podcasts in the same vein. I have mostly found myself falling down the rabbit hole of watching the various Rollplay series on YouTube though that's not really a format that you can listen to on the go.

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Oddly enough some of the best matches at PWG have involved two of their long time guys in Chris Hero and Roderick Strong (Seriously! Fuck him!). I think this might be Zack Sabre Jr.'s year at BOLA, hard to say considering how stacked that card looks but he's my favorite to win.

A certain spoiler from that recent NXT taping somewhat confuses me.

They're giving Tomaso Ciampa another shot at NXT? I thought they'd be done with him after his stint as Tommy Penmanship. Not that I'm complaining, I'm actually a fan and hope he finds success. Regal was probably impressed with his match against Trevor Lee at Threemendous, I didn't think he was THAT impressed. I just hope they're not trying to get his hopes up a second time. I sincerely doubt they'd let him keep his 'psycho killer' motif in the foreseeable future.