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NXT Takeover was alright. I think the overall production felt like it put the kibosh on NXT as "developmental". You shouldn't make insanely elaborate entrances, angles, and celebrity appearances for people who are technically suppose to be developing. Oh well, it's kind of been it's own televised promotion for a while now, it's just irritating that they insist on featuring honest to goodness amateurs trying to get better. Spoilers for NXT Takeover Unstoppable:

Balor v Breeze was good, about what I expected. Finn's entrance continues to be awesome to the point that I see a phantasm of a demon behind him even without the paint. I personally think Finn Balor is not meant to be a character wrestler, he's a Stand user who happens to wrestle.

The women's tag match was an entertaining affair if a bit rough around the edges. My favorite moment of the whole show is Bayley and Charlotte hugging and then doing the Flair walk. I think Dana Brook is terrible. I'm impressed that she can do an aerial but she is not yet good enough to be featuring on a 2 hour special.

I continue to enjoy the saga of Big Cass being the Launchpad McQuack to Enzo's Darkwing Duck. The match itself was sort of whatever.

I really liked the women's title match but it was far from the best I've seen from that division. I think Sasha Banks kind of carried the match to be honest. I really want to like Becky Lynch but man she messed up quite a few spots. The best thing I can say is that she recovered really well and managed to sell fairly consistently.

Kevin Owens v Sami Zayn. I'm pretty sick of the injury angle but I love these two guys so much. It sort of makes sense to hold off on a huge mind blowing match between the two of them. You cant just book something to top Steen Wolf without making as much money as you can off of it. This match makes me almost want to watch Elimination Chamber to watch Owens lose to Cena. Samoa Joe is a big get for them but my faith in that company continues to wane.

Lucha Underground is literally the best thing. The only bad thing was Daivari wrestling. His offense looks weak and his selling seems sloppy. He seems awful in the ring but the character itself is pretty good. Like a Million Dollar Man or Tiger Ali Singh style angle, except in a Lucha temple.

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I've always had this username as an online handle from as far back as I can remember. During my early online days I would frequent fantasy roleplay chat rooms and I wanted a name that sounded half way between a wizard and a hypnotist so Mezmero stuck. Started using it for multiplayer FPS games as well. For most MMO's and "build-a-character" style RPGs I'll more often than not use the name and spec myself as a magic user. For the record I was unaware at the time that there was a classic X-Men villain named "Mesmero". It was a pure coincidence that I came up with the name with a "z" instead of an "s".

As for my avatar it's Ryuji Yamazaki from King of Fighters/ Real Bout: Fatal Fury who is my favorite fighting game character of all time. Admittedly I've never been great with him but I've always dug his fighting styyyyyyyyle. The way he savagely attacks his opponents is sort of how I approach playing and completing most video games. Just win by any means necessary, even if underhanded tactics are required. Kick dirt in the game's face, drag it along the ground face first, pull out a knife and stab it in the gut. Okay so my approach to playing that way is more figurative in that sense but I often have that mind set of "don't just beat the game, destroy and humiliate it" when tackling a new game. I don't so much cheat these days but if I happen to find an exploit then I just run with it.

Worth noting that during the hay days of Whiskey Media I wanted to have some thematic consistency for my user avatar on a per website basis. Meaning that on Screened I had a film character, on Anime Vice I had a manga character, on Comic Vine I have a comic book character, and thus on Giant Bomb I have a video game character.

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It feels like nearly all of the previous Ramsey/ Theon stuff could've been gutted out and we would've ended up with roughly the same amount plot progression. If they had just gone from Theon being caught to Sansa seeing him in the kennels you wouldn't really have to change anything else and you could imply a lot of things without producing so many superfluous scenes. The only plus side to Ramsey is the interactions between him and his father which are decent at best. I've been enjoying the Jon and Arya stuff, everything else feels sort of meh.

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Gawd I love Kevin Owens. However reading about his presence on WWE's main show still isn't enough to get me watching again but it's damn close. There's no chance he'll go over Cena just like there was no chance for Zayn but at least wrestling John Cena is a big deal for my two favorite Canadian wrestlers both in terms of exposure to a bigger audience and in terms of making them those dolla dolla bills yo. Zayn and Owens deserve all the success, I say give it to them. I only hope WWE doesn't fuck them up like they fuck up most things though that might be wishful thinking.

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Gosh the idea of listening to RoH commentary makes me cringe involuntarily. I still say the Bullet Club should go full on NWO and just hijack the commentary booth for at least a few matches. Just a bunch of loud, obnoxious self promoting and Stone Cold impressions. Occasionally calling a move and "What?"-ing themselves That sounds like the best thing compared to Kelly or Corrino not putting anything over or trying way too hard to put EVERYTHING over. The wrestlers will most likely tear the house down regardless of the quality of the video production.

DDT4 is next week and I am so pumped! I still think that no one books tag team wrestling better than PWG and this will be the first DDT4 I've seen. I read that last year was underwhelming though still good. I'm somewhat apprehensive about the lack of The Young Bucks and The Best Friends this year but this card is already stacked top to bottom. Personally I'd want either Inner City Machine Guns or Team Tremendous to go over in the tournament. I could easily see the current champs taking it as long as they underdog the shit out of Candice LeRae throughout the whole thing. Also looking forward to booing the shit out of Roderick Strong.

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Chuck Taylor was signed to Global Force Wrestling (at least for some shows, if not permanently) so I hope that they're successful so that more people can watch Chuck Taylor wrestle

Well shit, guess I'll be watching Global Force after all but like everyone else I have no clue what GFW is even suppose to be. Hopefully it's decent enough to make Chuckie T shine as he should.

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Lucha Underground is the best!

- I'm so into the idea of collecting 7 dragon balls Aztec medallions for a chance at immortality. They're going full on WMAC Masters at this point in the best ways possible except the ghost luchadors have penetrated the temple. Kayfabe is alive and well in Lucha Undergound and I want to believe in the fantasy.

- Cueto's brother having a respirator sound makes me just picture Bane. I don't even know who exactly plays Bane at Chikara or Hoodslam.

- Anyone else think that the face on the back of Son of Havoc's jacket looks a bit like Bomby?

- The 7 way match felt a bit awkward during separation periods but there were a lot of very fun spots. Though he didn't win this time I would like Pentagon to go after more medallions and either offer them to his master or use their power to surpass him before breaking his arm.

- The ending to the main event this week was phenomenal. Both violent and over the top, the two things wrestling does best. Having not seen his WWE run I'm very interested in seeing Johnny Mundo as a bad guy.

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JoJo's BizarreAdventure - So good. The villains are positively twisted in the most Metal ways possible. You might even say they're cool as ice. I love the framing of Iggy in the animation. Just the imagery of these guys sneaking around this house with a tiny ass dog is magnificent.

Kuroko's Basketball - The show is so freaking dumb. It's probably the dumbest anime I'm currently watching, and I'm watching the food porn anime. The back story of how the Teiko kids were so good is downright retarded. There is no real explanation, they come together through serendipity and then they basically Digi-volve their technique to the point of ambivalence. Was this school built near Wall Eyes or something? I like the over the top sports action a lot but the stuff outside of the actual "basketball" is badumb.

Gintama - Thank the light this series is so good at making fun of certain other shows with really dumb anime tropes. It's a series that doesn't just break the fourth wall, it makes it its bitch. No other cartoon I'm watching makes me laugh as hard.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - I think they're doing a much better job designing and developing supporting characters than they ever did in the older iterations of the franchise. They may just exist to sell more toys but they manage to be dynamic and entertaining. Still love it, still my favorite ongoing comic book cartoon though these are lean times for those.

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Good wrestling Wednesdays continue to be..GOOD! Lucha Underground continues to be my favorite thing. Even though Dario Cueto is played by a real actor I still think the true MVP in the cut scenes is Konnan. The dude knows how to talk some shit to people. When it comes to NXT I think I still hate the Full Sail audience though to be fair some of that is probably due to the negativity from the main show crossing over and slowly infecting the atmosphere of that company's own side product. Regardless of that NXT has some of the best young wrestlers in the world, and some other guys...

Finally got around to finishing New Japan Dontaku. SO GOOD. As great as the show was the highlight for me was having Jushin Thunder Liger on commentary. Hearing him yell "Chance! Chance! Come on come on!" and talking shit about the referee was truly a delight. I like the part during intermission where they show him footage of Maria motorboating him and his response being along the lines of "I'm a man okay?!" That man is a national treasure and should be treated as such.

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In less miserable news it looks like WWE is releasing an Owen Hart DVD/Bluray, which is great news. Been waiting on that one for quite some time.

This is indeed great. I haven't bought a WWE produced documentary in what feels like forever but I'll probably pick this up at release. Owen Hart was one of my favorite wrestlers as a kid. Whether he was a face or heel he was a sympathetic character to me since I was the younger of two brothers who didn't want to live in my big bro's shadow. I even got to see him and Bret wrestle live during the Wrestlemania X Revenge Tour. His death was one of the saddest things ever and I'll never forget him. He could do anything and make it great. He was tag team partners with Coco Beware, he wrestled his own brother, he was in the Nation of Domination, he was a masked superhero. He could do ANYTHING. Sorry for the rant, I'm just excited to watch it.

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I deleted before the date because I didn't care enough about it. It's a good thing Patrick played it on the site so I don't really need to finish it. Loved the concept and execution of Playable Teaser so it's sad that it may never make it to a video game museum in a physical form. The whole Silent Hills debacle seems like a huge bummer as someone who enjoys attempts at horror in video games. There are barely any retail products that are as interesting as this thing that was basically a free demo.