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I'll never understand the appeal of Emma's dance. At least I'll give props to WWE for looking out for their talent. To me it's just the most unrefined form of the snake fist style.

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Damn it Patrick that is freaking sad as hell. And here I thought I was the only one who needed to blog about this topic today just to maintain my sanity. Of course your testimony is a lot more meaningful considering you actually worked with the man. And losing your father?! Geez man I never had much of a relationship with my dad and his passing was rather unceremonious for me so I can't even imagine having lost such a crucial support figure in your life the way you did. Thank you for this duder. You've become a hell of a staff member on this site and I can only hope that Ryan had something to do with getting you hired. I know he'd love the things you've put together since moving back to Chicago.

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I wish I had been more specific with my post. There seems to be a dissonance between the day he actually died (July 3rd, the day at the bus stop) and the day we all heard about it (July 8th). Still, it doesn't hurt to get everyone's perspective from that general time frame. It was a truly sad time for all of us and it indeed hit us on the 8th.

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I don't have a problem with it. I just keep thinking about that Sonic Colors Quick Look where they switch the spoken language to English and Ryan yells "White guy!"

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Raw was pretty good this week. While I'm still not a fan of making Cena champ yet again at least their handling it in the best way possible. The opening with Triple H and Stephanie was great. Using Cena and the Authority to give Reigns a proper face push seems like a smart move. Some day I'd like to see Cena try a heel gimmick while he's still so prevalent but I still think he's a solid performer. I'm also liking Ambrose's crazy greaser street tough persona. He's like the Moon Knight of the WWE. And props to Rollins and RVD for doing any ring work after the bumps they took at Money in the Bank.

I'm sort of hoping the weird side feud between the Wyatts and the Usos + Shamus has some sort of pay off by the end. It's clear that Harper and Rowan are prime Tag champ material and making Bray the US champ could actually make that belt matter once again. He can even use the symbolism of the USA to feed into his cult gimmick in the near future. It sort of makes sense that they would assault Jericho to skew more influence in their favor but then it also seemed unnecessary to bring out Y2J in the first place. I love him but was he there to give heel points to The Miz, to the Wyatts, to both?

I was totally waiting for Swagger to start corpsing at any second during Rusev's yelling. I'm a bit concerned about the Cesaro heel push but if anyone can take advantage of that it's Paul Heyman. If only the audience would give the Dust Bros more support. Damian Sandow had me on the floor laughing. I only hope Vince is a good sport about it. And everything surrounding Divas is boring once again, go figure.

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Oh man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is so good. The more I watch the more ashamed I am to have liked the classic cartoon. Some of the best use of full CG art for an animated series I've seen (I'm not into Clone Wars). Great action, funny jokes, and shockingly deep stories. It's a bit jarring how Leonardo suddenly has another voice actor who sounds phoned-in compared to the first dude. The icing on the cake is the clips of Super Robo Mecha Force Five that get sprinkled in throughout the show. Not as good as Space Heroes but still pretty funny.

Against all reason a friend and me watched the final episode of Saint Seiya Omega. We're fans of the classic show but I've probably seen like three different episodes of Omega and couldn't get into it. Now I don't feel the need to ever see it again. What a train wreck. I don't think they handle their big shark jumpy space fighting ending as well something like Gurren Lagann though to be fair that's kind of a high bar to set. I ended up watching an episode or two of Saint Seiya's Poseidon arc to wash the bad taste out of my mouth. Mmmmm that's some good 80's. Other than that it's just sports anime, One Piece, and JoJo.

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Jeff seems to only hire people who can make HIM laugh. It's a good standard to go by I'd say considering what a stone cold motherfucker he can be. Patrick has worked out great and he cracks Jeff up all the time. While this still can't fill the hole from the tragedy of last year I'd say this small businessman is back on track to being successful during these unsure times. Thanks for this crazy website.

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Well that was a disappointing ending. It's giving me that same feeling of the direction and writing being bad in the WWE while the wrestling is good and some characters are good. I think the thing I liked most in that match was Paul Heyman's reactions when Cesaro is on the ladder but you see barely any shots of him on camera. The Championship match was okay but I think the Money in the Bank match itself was way more entertaining and kind of stole the show earlier in the night. While Seth Rollins as a character didn't deserve it I think as a wrestler he deserves it after all the good ring work he did in the Shield while they were together. As for his role in the Pay Per view as far as I'm concerned he was the MVP of taking bumps. Now for some other notes:

  • + Tag Champ match was a great start despite the disappointing results
  • - The crowd is too quiet for an okay Divas Champ match
  • + Ffffffffffffffff...Stardust...
  • - Goldust and Shamus are not good at selling
  • - Lana would be a great manager if this was the late 80's/early 90's.
  • + Fandango's ref pants
  • + Triple H and Stephanie forever
  • - Cena wins, again
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After losing Roman Reigns walks defeated through the locker room and wanders through an unlit area. In the center is a mysterious robed figure sitting in a chair. He speaks to Roman Reigns:

???: Ah look how far this undead has wandered. And a very fit undead you are. A bit too alive, but with a darkish shadow. If you find a need for a truer dark then meet again we shall.

It's the Undertaker raising a new Ministry to fight his battles as he pulls the strings from the shadows.

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Yeah Chapelle is one of my all time favorites for a lot of reasons. It's not enough that he's insanely funny but he has more integrity and self-awareness than most celebrities. He knows how to see through the bullshit and make it into his own brand of comedy. I don't really spend any energy idolizing famous people but he's a dude worthy of my admiration.