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What's the general consensus on One Piece's filler? As a Naruto fan I was trained to believe that all filler is garbage and should be liberally skipped. However the friend I made my deal with (she watches Naruto, I watch One Piece) seemed horrified at the thought of skipping episodes. Is the filler worth watching or is she just being unreasonable about One Piece as she is known to be? For the record I've been super bored during what filler there's been so far, but I've also heard that G8 is a really good arc that wasn't in the manga.

There are some decent filler arcs but they're all skippable. I'd say just avoid them for now and go back and watch them if you ever feel compelled.

Hell, there's even an arc that's canon called the Davey Back Arc and I think that's worth skipping. There are some pretty hilarious moments but literally nothing important happens at all, if memory serves me right. Felt like a giant filler and overall waste of time.

This guy pretty much nails it. I think compared to filler you'd see in Naruto or Bleach, One Piece's is surprisingly watchable at times. I think the great part about the main line is that they at least acquire something of value in almost every adventure where as the filler stories feature the Straw Hat's spontaneously acting out of complete charity which seems kind of out of character for pirates. Also the action scenes are fairly phoned in most of the time. They're harmless little side stories that kind of leave no impact. I will say this for the first filler arc, you almost never see ship-to-ship battles even in the main canon so it's one of the few times that feels like a proper engagement even if it is for one episode out of like five. But yeah most people who I've gotten into OP I've recommended skipping filler and they thank me for it later.

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@gorillamopena: The last time I watched TNA (years ago) i remember Shark Boy having a Stone Cold Steve Austin gimmick but instead of beer, he drank clam juice.

That's still his thing, but he's fat now too.

Well thats great.

Yeah he's basically Stone Cold Homer Simpson or perhaps more like a masked Oliver Platt from Ready to Rumble. I don't like it at all because it's clear that they're trying to stomp out that gimmick through brute force by making the fans turn on him. I just don't see that happening since his gimmick is so much sillier than let's say, ALL of TNA's undercard that the fans will take what they can get on the comedy side of things. I seem to remember that the guy only got over by virtue of having a goofy name and a goofy costume so I can't in good conscience support him.

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@gaspower: Few song lyrics sum up boxing as well as "no pain trance continue." :D

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@mezmero: With the rate of how the anime is going is going with it only lasting the standard 24/25 episodes per season and not knowing when a next season is ever going to get announced, it still has years worth of manga to catch up to which is a good thing and a bad thing since as we've seen with other anime adaptations at times they do alter or try to speed up the sequence of events in the interest of time or for other reasons.

(Don't worry, its not a spoiler of what's coming, I'm still talking about the recent season :D )

An example would be the Shimabukuro fight. I might be misremembering certain things but I do remember when I re-checked the chapter when they covered Shimabukuro, it actually went into detail in regards to Ippo's preparation before the fight (Ippo tried to speed up the Dempsey Roll during his mitt training with the Coach to counter Shimabukuro but the punches didn't have power at all so they didn't rely on the Dempsey Roll but focused on building up his muscles while maintaining flexibility as part of the regimen to speed up punches without sacrificing power, etc.) and Shimabukuro actually meeting with Ippo before the fight and seeing where he worked when he wasn't training and coming to the conclusion that Ippo was not a true man of the sea because of how polluted the bay in Tokyo was compared to Okinawa (only to come to the realization that he was wrong towards the end of their match).

In the anime, I think they cut all that out and went straight to the start of the fight at the end of the 1st episode, which in the grand of scheme of things is understandable because they were only ordered a set number of episodes but in the end it only made the Shimabukuro fight seem like a pretty minor fight even though it was a much bigger deal in the manga (it went into specifics as to what Ippo needed to do to improve his boxing). So as someone who has read the manga it was a bit of a disappointment but I'm happy that the quality of the animation was still very high. The way they conveyed how kinetic the movements are and how visceral the blows and the damage of the fighters were great so I couldn't ask for more than that as a fan. :)

Like I said it's a personal preference thing for me. There's always going to be a sort of divide between the 90% of anime fans who just NEED to consume any and all source material they can get their hands on for the sake of instant gratification and guys like me who have zen-like patience when it comes to following shows that I truly adore. Also the music in Hajime no Ippo can be pretty spectacular at times. They give Takamura the Ultra Seven song as his theme for goodness sake! If that doesn't keep me loyal to the show forever I don't know what will.

Leaving this plot thread out doesn't seem like a big deal to me. For one thing I've had more than enough of Ippo meeting someone he's going to fight through happenstance before the actual fight in the previous seasons. Character development is good but I would've been so disappointed if the season premiere had not gotten the first fight rolling and instead spun their wheels on a character who basically had to lose. In the end Shimabukuro was still a great character by virtue of the fight itself since much of his back story fed into his fighting style. So I guess I'm totally glad they skipped the extraneous introspection of a side character and got right to the best part, the Bokushingu!

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Starting reading Hajime no Ippo today, and I'm liking it so far. Going to take a long ass time to get caught up with it, but it's something to keep me busy.

I would just say watch the anime. Speaking as someone who has watched quite a number of sports centric cartoons, Hajime No Ippo is probably still my number 1 and each time it returns it somehow gets better. I don't know I just think you lose something when you have sports as a subject matter without a sense of kinetic energy that comes with an animation production. Also I think it's one of the few sports shows I find genuinely funny during the intentionally comedic moments and I can't imagine the jokes landing quite as well without a proper voice cast behind the delivery. This is all personal preference, I'm sure the manga is still great.

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TNA has been pretty great lately. I think ragging on it to the upmost is just the "cool" thing to do. SUre they do a lot of things wrong and have done some baffling gaffs, butit would be ignorant to ignore all they do well.

What exactly are they doing well? All their faces are complete assholes, half of them being directly involved in the breaking of an old woman's spine, they have possibly the worst champion in the history of pro wrestling right now who couldn't even be bothered to show up for a title match at their biggest show of the year, the commentary is unbearable nonsense garbage and worst of all the matches are just fucking boring.

Eh that's a bit harsh but you're not too far off with this assessment. I don't think any of their faces are in any way likeable except maybe someone like Eric Young. A few years ago I would've agreed with you about Bobby Lashley being champion but I think he's improved quite a bit and has had a decent run on top. I'm sure this is not a popular opinion but Mike Tenay is probably my favorite play-by-play commentator just by virtue of him calling the fucking wrestling moves! It's probably more a testament to how bad commentary at large is these days that I would say that because he's still not great. I actually think the wrestling is fine (except the Knockouts) but it's far from being amazing. A bigger problem is that there's no meaningful build up so whether a face or a heel wins a match I just sort of shrug.

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So I think I've decided to call out from work to check out the PWG show this week. Does anyone know how early I should get there and how much I should drink before hand?

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I watched Parasyte with a friend of mine. He seemed to be into it. I actually read some chapters a couple months ago and while I thought it was pretty good it wasn't blowing my mind to the point that I needed to consume all of it. Honestly I'm fine with just continuing with it as an anime. I think between this show and The Strain I've been enjoying quite a few things involving Las Plagas, or rather The Thing.

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Uh, TANG. Definitely TANG. Easily the stuff I rewatch the most (I don't rewatch a lot of stuff, though).

Dude what?! How has nobody mentioned This Ain't No Game?!

I clicked P4 Endurance Run on impulse then I remembered. Dude, TANG... Between those two it's too close to call.

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Hey I have an idea: let's start Smackdown with a match between two of the worst characters in the roster. Whenever Kane comes to the ring in that outfit I feel like saying "Daaaaaad! We're trying to cut promos in here! Could you leave us alone please!?" That show was kind of a wash. It was half-good but that may be giving it too much credit.