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@hadoken101: Regardless of that it's still just a funny list of awards, like literally laughable and not necessarily in a bad way. Clearly the worst match was meant to be a worst finish or least enthralling storyline and it still might be neither of those. Byron Saxton will always be the secret best commentator of 2014 in my book. He should have replaced JBL a long time ago.

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Ugh I'm so depressed even thinking about a Rumble winner. All of MY favorite guys are in such a bad position that it doesn't even matter to me. The match will probably be good and that's the only time I've said that about any WWE event in the past several months. I'm fully prepared to be disappointed as I always am.

Those Observer awards are pretty funny to look over. For instance the worst promotion of the year is not the one producing the worst television program of the year. And since when does NXT count as a TV show when it's only on VOD services? Whatever. Speaking of NXT I feel my anticipation for Owens vs Zayn is somewhat lessened due to me watching both BOLA 2011 and Steen Wolf. They'll put on a hell of a match like they always do but man, their peak years were something else.

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You should totally check out East of West if you haven't already. Obviously going to recommend Walking Dead if you're into the whole zombie apocalypse thing. I'm also a fan of Blade of the Immortal series since it's probably my favorite fighting manga set in feudal japan, plus Dark Horse reverses the panel layouts for English style reading.

If you want something a bit more traditional you can't go wrong with Scott Snyder's Batman run. For Marvel read the current run of New Avengers, written by the same guy that does East of West. Also X-O Manowar from Valiant if you're down for some sci-fi action that's not set in a broad and convoluted comic book continuity.

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@redyoshi: @jpeeples83: Okay okay, no need to get hot about it, I fully agree that The Ascension sucks. The fact is that the tag team division is in a sad state and they need more guys to come up, plus the top brass seems to like big beefy guys. Perhaps bringing The Ascension up was for the sole purpose of sabotaging any hope for the other NXT tag teams. There might not be much hope for them anyway if you think about it. Lucha Dragons are great but do we need yet another racially charged tag team angle on the main roster. The Vaudevillains and The Certified G's will never work on the main show. Despite the fact that they're both fantastic those are NXT-sized gimmicks. Itami and Balor could be an amazing team but they could also be equally amazing as singles guys. The only hope might be Cesaro and Tyson Kidd and that's strange to say.

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Speaking as someone who isn't watching, does it feel like there's a bit of a nepotistic trend for the guys in WWE who are really getting pushed? I mean if you think about the guys who have gotten mega pushes, a lot of them are your home grown 3rd generation superstars: i.e. Reigns, Orton, Wyatt, Usos, Dusts. Meanwhile some of the indie darlings have gotten the shaft, see Cesaro and Daniel Bryan (before they had no choice but to listen to the crowd during Mania season). Obviously there are exceptions to that. You've got Seth Rollins who deserves all the success he gets. Ziggler who's got the fans behind him. Even the Miz and Sandow have been given the camera time they deserve for how entertaining they can be. It could just be my imagination.

So as much yang as I talk about not watching WWE, I decided to watch last week's Impact. Holy shit it's BAD! First of all they already don't have enough credible baby faces and they go ahead and turn the one guy I remotely enjoyed as a good guy, Eric Young, into a villain. Also Mike Tenay is no longer commentating so now there is officially no one left on TV who knows how to properly call play by play for a wrestling match. He's busy doing backstage interviews with Magnus to try to transition him into a face in the same way JR did for Mankind, and that sounds like a horrible idea.

Tag teams on television are one of the most sad thing in wrestling to me and the ONLY team they have to wrestle the Wolves are the Hardy's AGAIN and they don't even get put over? It doesn't matter since the next tag title shot will be against Abyss and Storm who are sure to put on a bore fest of a title defense. Now we've got not one but two heel factions of The Revolution and the Beat Down Clan. It's like TNA wants everyone on there roster to be booed. Don't even get me started on the hideous looking replay graphic. I'm glad some of these wrestlers are still getting work but damn it's bad.

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I've lost track of the people in the thread who have said they were done with Raw and then continue to watch it. Not me that's for sure. I am not a nugget. Enough is enough, it's time for a change.

I haven't watched Raw in 3 weeks now (well will be 3 after tonight) and I'm feeling pretty good about it.

It's been more than 2 months for me. Between Lucha Underground and NXT (as well as my bimonthly excursions to live PWG shows) I'm getting at least twice the entertainment value at less than half the 5 or 6 hours of TV that WWE does every week. That sports entertainment circus can suck it.

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I've lost track of the people in the thread who have said they were done with Raw and then continue to watch it. Not me that's for sure. I am not a nugget. Enough is enough, it's time for a change.

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Watched the newest One piece. I think I found my new favourite Usopp scene. The music especially was a nice touch.

I almost agree with you if not for the fact that the scene took for-fucking-ever. Even I'll admit it was pretty good. As much as I dislike how it got there I think the best part about it is that FINALLY Usopp has 8000 followers, give or take. That scene reminded me of Buggy from Impel Down and the fact that Buggy was essentially Usopp's stand-in for that arc.

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Dang, JoJo almost had it in the bag. I did not care much for Kill La Kill therefore it never made it to my personal favorites. The only rationale I could come up with it taking the top spot over JoJo is that JJBA is for all intents and purposes a 90's cartoon whereas KLK is extremely post modern in origin and execution. I can see why people find KLK appealing but it just never clicked with me and I actually adore Gurren Lagan. It just seems like a show more catered to millennials than to someone like me. Those damn millennials... Regardless of my feelings over the number one spot and thinking that Nozaki is better than Parasyte, this list looks fairly appropriate for anime in 2014. This year we should include a western cartoon category since I could totally list five from last year that I really liked.

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I find it hysterical that the final sequence for The Monday Night War is basically everyone saying "Yup, it'll never be THAT good again." And boy were they right. The big take away feels like WCW died so that people can have it on the network. Great job WWE... It's funny because as much of a train wreck as this series has been I actually enjoyed the WCW portions the most since it was stuff I was a lot less familiar with as a WWF fan. I mean of course I was aware of it at the time but I had no clue. That's basically the entire series in a nutshell is everyone saying "Fans didn't know what was going on without a lot of internet." I guess if anything it was a chance to have Keith David try to educate those damn millennials.