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Either tell me that they did this PPV on purpose or that they're dumb as fuck.


Sentence fragment!

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Either tell me that they did this PPV on purpose or that they're dumb as fuck.

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Where did my post go? Ugh well once again, Krazy Predictions:

1. Grumpy Cat interferes in the Tag Titles match and costs Miz the belts.

2. Rowan crafts/engineers some ornate stairs apparatus on wheels.

3. Ambrose decides the first weapon he uses are some stairs.

Lucha Underground is still good. Looks like Brian Cage is showing up on the promotion soon. I'm excited that the guy is getting a spot on TV to get his shit in but I still worry that he might kill himself on a high spot.

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Finally saw NXT Takeover R-Evolution while nursing a PWG induced hangover. Pretty damn great all around I have to say. Even the lesser matches were at least entertaining in somw way. So here's some random musings about it.

I'm not really familiar with Corey Graves' work but he's pretty good at commentary plus he sounds kind of like Troy Baker.

I say let Balor use all the body paint he wants. I don't care what anyone says it looked awesome and it seems to give him a nice confidence boost.

Charlotte is freaking phenomenal in the ring. I think she still has a way to go to be a breakout "Diva" whatever the fuck that means anymore but she's a goddess as far as I'm concerned. NXT continues to lead the way in women's wrestling.

I like to think that the "R" in R-Evolution stands for Rami. I love everything I've seen from Sami Zayn and he absolutely deserves the push he got in this show. I'm still hoping that some day the fans will instead chant "Oh Zayn!" because let's face it WWE will never let him be Generico ever again unless they plan to pay him out the wazoo in royalties.

I'm so glad I watched Steen Wolf before seeing Kevin Owens' debut as well as the drama that unfolds at the end. I have a feeling that I'm going to really enjoy Kevin Owens.

I keep repeating this but I still don't want these guys to move up to the main roster and get buried by corporate wrestling aka sports entertainment.

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Just got back from PWG and as expected it was an absolute blast. Johnny Mundo was totally in attendance so that was treat to see him live and in person. I even got to too sweet the Young Bucks! It was my brother's first time at the show and he was blown away by the quality of the matches.

Spoilers for Black Cole Sun:

AR Fox, Rich Swann, and ACH vs Chuck Taylor, Johnny Gargano, and Bobby Fish was a lot of fun. Originally Trent? was going to be there in place of Fish and Fish was going to wrestle Roderick Strong but Trent? needed more time to recover from his ACL injury and Strong apparently "missed his flight".

Cedric Alexander vs Adam Cole in Cole's last match for a while since he worked with an injured shoulder from Final Battle. Adam Cole is so excellent at being shitty to everyone that it's a shame he won't be working for a while. Get better soon bay bay.

Trevor Lee vs Chris Hero. Really good match, kind of perfect from a booking perspective. Chris Hero is great as a relentless dominant big man while Lee is underdogging the shit out of the match with a terrific sell. Considering his past matches I'm wondering if Trevor Lee's finisher should just be a small package pin.

Candice Lerae and Joey Ryan vs Christopher Daniels and Frank Kazarian. Another stellar match. In a time where all the tag teams on TV kind of suck it's nice to see that anything involving tags in PWG is always terrific. Daniels and Kazarian are still so good.

Uhaa Nation vs Brian Cage vs Biff Busick vs Tomasso Ciampa. Fantastic match. Hard to root for anyone in particular because the talent between them all is so damn high. I'm at least glad that Brian Cage made it through a match without nearly killing himself.

Chris Sabin and Matt Sydal vs The Young Bucks. It's been a while since I last saw Sabin and Sydal. They make a pretty interesting tag team. The Young Bucks are just too sweet.

The main event of Kyle O'Reily vs Ricochet might have been the weakest match on the card but even saying that it was still amazing. The reason it ended up seeming a bit soft compared to the rest of the card might become apparent if you keep reading.

O'Reily wins the match but is attacked once again by wait for it... Roderick Strong. Surprise! There was no late flight, it was just to cover the gap in the card caused by Trent?'s absence I guess. This leads to the two of them agreeing to an impromptu guerilla warfare match for the title right that second. Suffice to say it was fucking rad. So let's all hear it for our new PWG champion Roderick Strong. Boo this man... I guess it makes sense to build some heat for a new top heel figure since Cole will be out for a bit. Plus O'Reily as champ wasn't really doing it for me.

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Hearing Stone Cold Steve Austin butcher the intro theme to Speed Racer will go down as one of my favorite anime related things this year.

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It's the day before PWG and just my luck I've been experiencing some sinus congestion for the past few days. It shouldn't really matter but it will be a bummer if I attend with a full blown cold. I already got the day off from work so even if I'm as sick as a dog I'm going to Black Cole Sun.

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I'm not a big drinker but I would probably default to a whiskey on the rocks.

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Alex is probably still my favorite writer in Giant Bomb. That we've been getting more and more quick looks of him from GB East makes me a happy camper. Please try not to be too hard on yourself @alex. Maybe you're just going through cat withdrawal being away from New York. I wish I had a cat. :(

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I don't care as long as they take as much time as they need to make it awesome. I loved The Witcher 2 so I have lofty expectations for a sequel.