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I like to think that the monster in the cage is actually Pentagon's master. Like he's ninja sneaking into the cage room during his off time just to pay homage to whatever the hell it is. It can't talk, it can only emit psychic waves of cero miedo. Or maybe after he saw it he realized nothing is scarier than whoever his master is. I'm probably wrong but I don't care. The more ridiculous the better.

I think if you want to turn Fenix heel this season then this is how I'd explain it. He lost 999 lives in Grave Consequences so in order to preserve his final life he'll start being evil and take every advantage he can to live, and become the champion I guess. I still have no idea about Katrina's true motives other than she's some sort of shadow specter who wants to lick losers. Bring back Mil and create a Katrina faction.

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Wish I could've gone to PWG last night. Eh, I didn't really feel like missing work to stand for 4-6 hours if my favorite tag teams aren't going to be there. If anything I can feel good about giving the crowd the tiniest bit more space to enjoy the show. Sounds like an awesome card for sure but I guess I won't know until I see the DVD.

As someone who never even saw her husband wrestle in WWE outside of clips on Botchamania, I did become a fan of AJ Lee during the short time I was watching despite the Divas booking being some of the trashiest shit I've seen in a while. Hope she ends up somewhere more dignified if she chooses to keep wrestling. AJ Punk versus Candice LeRae. Book that shit.

I don't know if many of you watch Ring of Honor TV, but if you haven't seen Dalton Castle you really, really need to. He's incredible

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I saw him in the aforementioned tournament from before. Meh, he seems alright. The wire frame cape kind of lost it's impact since I saw Sexy Star do it first. I feel like that gimmick relies too heavily on his slaves' ability to keep a straight face.

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China Don't Care.

I'm up to episode 62 of Gintama. I don't want to say the early episodes were bad but compared to the stuff that comes up after the first 20-30 episodes or they're a bit boring. The last couple episodes I watched were tight as hell. I think the episode where they act as ninjas (episode 44) is my favorite so far. Haven't laughed that hard in awhile.

Oh gawd, that was definitely one of those episodes where you're like "Dude....I'm into all of this." Once you pass that threshold of those first couple dozen episodes it just never stops getting crazier and funnier. As someone who enjoys anime parody it's definitely my favorite within that genre.

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Lucha Underground is still so good. The characters, the wrestling, the cut scenes! I've been a bit apprehensive as to whether or not they could make tag team wrestling really shine on their program and boy, do they set the bar with that first trios match in the tournament. Super happy to see Willie Mack getting over on TV. I dare anyone to not like Willie Mack. That Killshot guy seems great as well. And of course Pentagon Jr. is excellent. The thing I like most about Sexy Star is her ever changing wardrobe. She's a great wrestler too but it's very transparent how they want to book her like an underdog.

I don't know if I'd call NXT this week flat out boring. More like it was a very developmental episode. Like footage that is meant for study not necessarily for entertainment. Meh, parts of it were okay. I feel bad for saying this but I think I hate the Full Sail audience. I'm all for a hype wrestling crowd but all the frequent chanting is mostly awful. Their chants often range from idiotic, to unintelligible, to needlessly smarky. For instance calling for the Go To Sleep with zero awareness of the predetermined finish is just fucking retarded. Whatever, they can do what they want. I'm just saying as a viewer it sometimes detracts from the matches.

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WWE is going after ACH, and Adam Cole when his contract is up.

All from the Observer.

Grrrr, I don't want WWE to ruin two of my favorite indy guys but at the same time these two deserve to be making that big money. They could work great on NXT but now more than ever I want that promotion to be it's own thing.

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@roomrunner: Hmmm, if I were to set up a feud (which I shouldn't), The New Day would feud with Stardust and his cosmic disciples of Ryback (Rydust) and Damien Sandust. That way you have one-to-one match ups within these two groups. Ryback and Big E in a contest of strength, Cody and Kofi with agility, and Xavier and Damien in a battle of wits and promos. I really wish the New Day would've stuck with more of an uber educated wrestling friend style of gimmick but they really didn't give that much of a chance. Have them study other wrestlers' matches on the monitors back stage and utilize actual stratagems to upset some of the big time winners. WWE is too dense to see the value in the Nation of Education.

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Somewhat wrestling related I was perusing my Monster Manual and I found that there's a type of demon called a "Balor" which is typically the type that rule as generals for demonic armies. They're essentially the same thing as the Balroc from Lord of the Rings. It makes me wish Finn hadn't stood up for Riley against Kevin Owens. Didn't seem like the Chaotic Evil thing to do. Don't make him a hero, just make him a badass like he was in New Japan. Even without the paint I can't help but see the image of a demon standing behind him like some sort of apparition. Almost like a Stand if you will. He's that good at selling that character.

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@xanadu: Didn't mean to offend anyone here. Clearly you guys know what you're into. From a distance it didn't sound like much of a wrestling show and more of a sports entertainment show. There's nothing wrong with being fans of the wrestlers themselves because a lot of those guys are great (seriously, good on Seth Rollins). I can't get behind that company in terms of booking and I think some fans are fooling themselves if they think all of these angles can carry 6 hours of TV a week.

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Not sure why this came to mind but I often forget that Canada gave us some of the best wrestlers of all time, my favorite probably being Owen Hart. I appreciate that there are still some great guys coming out of there. Current fave five Canadian Wrestlers:

1. Sami Zayn - Best in the world at selling bumps and persistent damage.

2. Kevin Owens - A true ring clinical psychologist.

3. Kyle O'Reilly - The definitive Canadian badass amongst these five.

4. Eric Young - He may never have the look but he always brings the heart.

5. Tyson Kidd - I like that high pitched wheeze he does for his remotely big moves. So annoying and yet so perfect.

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A friendly reminder to check out the latest PWG DVD, From Out of Nowhere. As someone who was in attendance I can tell you it was a grand time for all. During the early parts of the Chris Hero vs Drew Gulak match you'll notice some doofus in a Giant Bomb shirt standing within the hard cam shot. Yup, that was me trying to find a way back to my seat. I doubt it shows up at all in the preview.

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