Gears of War 2 has bought me my second all-nighter in my history of being a Gamer. The first game to ever give me the pleasure of an all-nighter is Super Smash Bros (N64). The Horde mode is so damn addicting! Me and my Inner Circle have been playing Horde mode to the EXTREME!!! Epic has made me proud! Great job on Horde mode!


Madden 09 launch

Last night I had the wonderful privileged  to work a Madden midnight lauch at my  job Best Buy. Dude, Best Buy and EA went out their way to make this a special night for Best Buy employee's and for the Madden lovers. We had a nice tent with a DJ from New Orleans local hip hop and R&B station. Not the mention...we even had HOT REFEREE CHICKS, keeping tabs on the Madden tournament they had goin on. This was the first Madden launch I ever enjoyed. Maybe it was the free food and the hot I also was fortuned enough to play the game before anybody else. I'm not a Madden fan at RL and the game. But playing this game....I must say....I want it :(  LOL.  So I'll be getting it


Guitar Hero World Tour possible set list!!! *not confirmed*

Unfortunately I can't put a link up of another website, so google for the setlist. Then come back and read my blog.

If this set list happens to be real and confirmed at a later date, I'm defiantly going to buy Guitar Hero World Tour. Matter of fact, this will be my first time purchasing and owning a Guitar Hero game.  To me this is as good if not better set list than the very first Guitar Hero.  Now you are probably wondering what made me want to purchase a Guitar Hero game. Now since I never owned a single Guitar Hero doesn't mean I don't like Guitar Hero. The fact is, my bestfriend buys every single Guitar Hero so I don't need to buy it. But what makes this time so different. Let me tell you what makes it so different. It's the fact that I see not one, not two, but THREE Tool songs!!! I'm a huge Tool fan, so that sparked my interest. Next I saw Dream Theater....and I was like HOLY *BLEEP BLEEP*!!! That was a total shock to me. Than I saw my all time favorite band.....PINK FLOYD!!! Since that very moment, I've been praising the Video Game Gods and thanking them for their great graces!!! But unfortunately this is not a confirmed set list, so I'm tryin to stay calm. Knowing how I get, I can blow things way out of proportion. So at this times....I say go pray to the Gaming Gods and let them know.....YOU WANT THIS SET LIST!!!! LOL

-M for Maverick signing out


Skullcandy Headphones "LowRider"

So I just went to Best Buy to buy some headphones. Cuz my oldskool headphones are dying on me. So I decided to get these kool looking headphones called "LowRider" by Skullcandy. They sound freaking amazing. Just the right amount of Bass, Treble, and Mid sounds. It also plays exactly how the artist wants their music to sound. I recommend these headphones to anybody!!! Oh one more thing....they are nice and COMFY! ^.^


Giant's Bomb site

So as I'm browsing around this site.....I start to feel a bit scared. This is like a myspace/facebook/gaming site. I means its kool and all....but I'm getting scared by it. I guess I can't say I'm scared of whats on the site. More being scared of what some crazy people can do on this site. Let's face....we have some crazy folks on this planet. I don't want to get annoyed by the people on this site. I can tell that this site will me millions of times better than any other video game related site. People.....if you happen to read this blog....lets not um....ruin the site! But to leave on a good note....."LET'S HAVE FUN WITH THIS THANG!" -Wolf