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@demoskinos: seconded for a GB golf tourney, or even a GB:GTA golf league. That's a side activity I really enjoy

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Social club is mfpantst and I play on the 360, as others have said thanks for doing the setup work

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I'll be there tonight sorry for missing last week I think I got home from work after race night started. anyways I'll be there but my panoz is dirty. fun fact swift key wants to correct panoz to pants

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Fuck guys. Google fucking reader. Race night is cancelled.

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sorry guys. Seat's taken.

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@sparky_buzzsaw: Yes it is, like the pontiac g8 gxp before it and the pontiac GTO before that. And sometimes you see crazy people re-badge their G8's or GTO's with holden badges (because they're crazy), but here stateside you're going to see Chevy, or whatever brand they think can support a true rear wheel drive muscle sedan. :)

Also- and anyone shoot me down if I'm wrong, I think based off of is not giving holden enough credit. I think they're building the model or straight up they designed the model. Anyways, you won't see holden (so sorry I don't think we get that sweet ute they have) come here to the states but you might see their models come over as other cars.

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@sushix: You're going to take some getting used to. But true. I can live with it. Sorry I'm missing you guys on a horizon race night. Legal shit.

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Agh, at least karma paid me back for my first corner antics. But damn it's fun to put that car in top gear and make a turn way wide so you don't have to slow down. What the rest of you don't know is that was an organic uprising of Furai. One then two then three people chose the car. Then sushi chose something different but came right back with a Furai when he saw what the score was.

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@PsEG: clearly you come from thr john fox school of football coaching. Its my birthday so I damn well better show up.

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@wrathofconn: I'll bring the urine bomb. Who's got the hooligans?