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A Ruined Life in 8 Hours 0

Ok so there's really not a big point in doing another treatment on how good bulletstorm looks, how they made the unreal engine do something different for once, or how the gameplay is addictive and fun (and different).  Let's just say, language aside this game is a refreshing bucket of cold water on my sleepy video game soul.  So I'm satisfied.  Lets talk about this game as narrative for a moment.  Bulletstorm (the story) is about a man very much liike LOST's Sawyer- betrayed to his very core in ...

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The Most Realistic Game Ever 0

Let's just say I love this game.  It's great when my interwebz is slow and I can't play some game online to be able to pop this game in, find the nearest airport, steal a plane, and blow the shite out of some nearby base.  Just the other day I discovered an OIL RIG.  An OIL RIG.  That had things I could BLOW UP.  Plus I realized that as you blow the shit out of things, some things stay and some things don't.  For example, SAM installations stay blown up.  Helicopters re-spawn.  Some bases are so...

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Will make you 'Splode your pants. 0

Front and Back.  'Nuff said on that topic.  This game rocks.  Totally takes me back to a insaner crazier and better looking version of the 2- D platformer, or whateverthehellyouwanttocallthisgame.  I guess platformer.  For $10 this game totally turns reshelled into turtle soup.  And makes me laugh harder.  I sometimes kept moving on to the next levels just to see what Splosion Man would say next!...

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Perfectly Adequate 0

Back in my younger days I was always called Anal Boy.  I had to beat every brawler that ever came out in the arcades, and had to spend my $20 in quarters at least once a month.  So I was anal about these games.  Now, I'm all Meh, but I bought the game and I like it.  Its just nothing special.  So when the blistering graphics and cock pounding action of the other bloodier multi-player fps' and sandbox games I own run out of steam, there is ye 'ole pizza box.  No I have not beaten this game yet.  ...

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