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Looking for honest advice as I feel my ability to puzzle solve (not in video games) and work things out mentally has dramatically decreased.  My vocabulary is limited (Perhaps due to just playing video games and using msn, texting ect.) I also struggle to think of words quick enough and need to pause at times when talking. I'm 22 years of age looking for advice on how to become more intelligent or quicker mentally, I work in a nursing home basically caring for old adults with dementia (it doesn't require any skills or tests me). So bit of a serious post just looking for general advice as I urgentally wish to be quicker mentally.
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@Azteck said:
" @Frostler:  So therefore you decided that everyone who's a fan of the Halo franchise is a rabid 6-year old? "
or a massive cunt.
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Never looked into the game but for some reason I expected more, Must of got it confused with something else..... 

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Got a skinny waist, but a chubby face and a fat ass lol! New years resolution is to sort it eating more mcdonalds and getting a fat belly too:D

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Havn't really played any of those games apart from saints row 2 (which was silly fun but never going to play it again) and banjo (which is just not a good game) unless you really want to play mass effect 2, I would just forget these games and play borderlands with me ;)

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No, he can't play a convincing Raditz not even with all the cgi and the hollywood magic in the world. I would watch it if Mickey Rourke is Raditz.  

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Nice varied list! suprised by some peoples reactions..
My list - 
1)  Final Fantasy XIII   

Glorious cutscenes, Beautiful music, Stunning graphics and a whole new fighting control system. I think I can handle one more epic adventure, IT'S FINAL FANTASY DUDE!

2)  Metal Gear Solid: Rising   
A new metal gear solid title would normally be my number one most anticipated game however I feel Metal Gear solid 4 pretty much wrapped everything up. As much as I loved Metal gear solid 4 I feel the 
nostalgia , amazing presentation and cutscenes helped people to ignore the dumbed down and not very stealthy gameplay. Rising is still highly anticipated as Raiden is a fucking badass!

3) The Last Guardian 
  This game looks to be a real treat, the trailer is sweeter and more heartwarming than anything disney   has produced in years. These days its suprising sony would still allow a game like this to be funded, god bless them for it and DO WANT!
4)  Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction 
Love my stealth action games, this game seems to be removing the slow and steady stealth gameplay for more action but it still looks to be alot of fun. What else is out there for stealth fans anyway.
 5)  Max Payne 3  
 Max Payne is back, lets forget about mark whallberg and bring payne back to the top because max payne was pretty fucking good.
6)   Aliens Vs. Predator 
Ohhh aliens versus predator, the amount of time spent inpregnating and face hugging brings joy to my heart. Online MP makes this game essential!
7)  Alan Wake 
  The more it gets delayed, the more i want it! Im not even sure what its about but give it to me now!
8) Sonic 2DHD
 Sonic is great ok, mario is a cunt.
9)  Postal III 
  Will this game come out? It should do in some form and I cannot wait. Every once in a while you need to let your hair down, shove your hand up a badgers ass and let it maul people. Running with scissors is insane to release a postal on consoles albeit toned down.
 10) DLC for Borderlands and Assasins creed 2, these games are awesome and all I want is more!
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Thats a bargain, buy it!

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Just bought it for xbox, im lvl 29 but should complete the main story tommorow. Add me (Jamesius) we can take out some midgetssss arena style!!

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Overall: very good out of 10, lol I like that! Anyway empfeix dropped a knowledge bomb on your ass.