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I have the Steam version of this game. Can someone tell me exactly where to put the TW2_FCR file? I've tried looking it up before and it never seems to recognize the mod file. Thanks in advance!

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Am I the only one who can't seem to find the Rayman Legends demo on the Wii U eShop? Ubisoft mentioned on Nov 16th that it would be available day one, but I can seem to find it and searching for "Rayman Legends" gives zero results.

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Hey guys! I went on vacation when you added HIMYM members to Lincoln Force and got kicked because I didn't respond in time. Just wondering if I could rejoin the Lincoln Force guild if there's room. Thanks! (GimmeFiction.1239)

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New Little King's Story is out and they have screengrabs on the Vita PSN store. Hopefully this trend will continue and can be added to the games that are already available on the store.

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292 in my library, 51 installed.

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Does anyone know where Cacklespit or Cacklespit's Realm are? I've been looking for a while and my mini-map doesn't lead me to it. I'm thinking it might be a glitch.

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Figured it out, thanks guys! I knew clicking the + button added a new tab, but it didn't look like any options would get the main chat going, but I found out with one it is. If you check off the map button, the general chat shows up for the map you're on. You can name the tab whatever you want to at the top. Thanks again!

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I'm not sure what you mean by the little chat bubble. The Main chat tab itself was closed. Clicking on the chat bubble in the lower left shows/hides the chat, but I want the Main chat tab (originally next to the Combat tab) back and can't figure out how to go it.