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It's strange to think that the passing of someone I never met could affect me so profoundly. At some point voices get lost midst the cacophony of tributes, but regardless I feel compelled to express complete and utter gratitude that what little life Ryan Davis was allowed to live was lived in a way that allowed us all to share in the things that made him special. We have no idea what is beyond here, but I really hope he's smiling.

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@magzine: You separate the concept of the server and the concept of the game. Yet you forget that in this instance the two are inseparable Without the server you have no game. They are co-dependant in terms of SimCity. So your argument seems invalid.

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Good luck to the man.

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Definitely not - main reason being that what's shown at E3 is a marketing blitz. There are some occasions where informed commentators can cut through the crap to some extent, but most of what you're seeing is marketing. If you're willing to spend your money based upon that then more fool you. Better to wait to see what the buzz is in the lead-up to release on your favourite site (which I imagine is here) and then make your choice. Otherwise you're just a whore to the marketers, and there's no fun to be had in that. It gets sore after a while.

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i just chucked on my keyboard

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Mega Drive
GameBoy Colour
GameBoy Advance

I play PC, 360 and PS2 most regularly. I am very lazy and the Wii makes me do things i don't like.

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In a good wiki article all of the different subjects ought to be split into sections such as characters and story. you'd be a class a idiot if you didnt want to see spoilers and went to read the story section. i think if you're dumb enough to do that you deserve to have it spoiled!

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 If the villain is better or seems like they are better than the hero and it is the heroes movie that's not a good sign.

Not necessarily. Surely a villain has to walk the line between genius and madness (at least they do in many modern hero/villain confrontations) whereas the hero is a resourceful warrior and a defender of peace. I know which kind of character i prefer!
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people should just get over it. at the end of the day SE are not performing well financially, so we should be relatively happy that one of the world's most innovative developers (for its size) can devote more resources to produce better games. And also, more people get to play FF, which is never a bad thing! Spread the joy!

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it's GTA4 for me but the competition hasnt exactly been red hot

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