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Nice article Patrick! REALLY excited for SOMA!

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I wish people were watching the video before posting!

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what a shame

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Hoping for good things.

I have never been a GoW fan, but maybe a new direction could spark my interest.

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He bought dragon age in 2010. Please read the article entirely before insulting people involved.

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Only good things can come of this!

No reason to think the bombcrew would "sell out"

They say they are staying their own independent site, then there is no reason to doubt the. Good things are coming!

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I was thinking portal possibly 
Borderlands no way, she just wouldnt be into the whole fps thing

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So my girlfriend is heading to boston next week and I'm trying to find a game that the two of us can play together over steam (or just pc). 
She is not very into games so our options are kind of limited to relatively simple games.  She just finished Limbo and LOVED it, and currently she is playing Viva Pinata and also greatly enjoying it. 

Anyone have any suggestions for something that might work for the two of us?

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So I've been thinking a lot recently about lulzsec and all of this hacking that has been going on.  At first my initial reaction was just shock at how stupid these people could be.  They were doing random acts of vandalism and causing far more harm then good (don't know if any good was actually gained).  Releasing civilians phone numbers, addresses, account information to important sites, it was all so pointless.  Then they came along and started talking about how they were doing the greater good and how they had this master plan to bring oversight to government agencies that have no real oversight from the public sector.  This idea started to interest me. 
Now I am no fan of causing chaos, I'm a very laid back kind of person and I greatly enjoy when things just go well and I have to do very little work to ensure things stay par for the course.  Yet on the grand scheme of things, you can not be a pacifist forever.  I don't know what these lulzsec had in mind when it "declared war."  Maybe they just wanted attention, or they wanted to become and internet meme, or possibly, they actually wanted to make a difference.   This last goal, is something to be commended. 
Once i considered the possibility that they were going to do something for the greater good, I was almost excited.  Maybe they would uncover some corrupt senators, large corporations doing moral deplorable things, or just waste of tax payer dollars.  Yet what did they accomplish?  Absolutely nothing.  The biggest thing they did was release Arizona state police border patrol information.  Information that did nothing for the greater good at all.  Just released the names, numbers, and addresses of some hard working policemen.   Thanks lulzsec, you are really sticking it to those "government fat cats."  But maybe they were just holding the good stuff back.

Then today they announced that they were done.  After accomplishing nothing but pointless chaos, and talking a huge amount of crap about how righteous they were, they did nothing and quit.  I'm not blaming them for quitting, after the stuff they pulled I'm sure they are wanted by some government agency (at least the arizona border patrol), so I do not blame them for not wanting to spend the rest of their lives in jail.  I am pleased that I can stop reading about their ridiculousness and at the same time slightly saddened they were not able to do something productive with their talents. 
Maybe one day a selfless martyr will come along and doing some good with the internet.  Someone who is willing to find those corrupt senators and oust large corporations for being "fat cats."  Maybe there will be some sort of internet revolution where we can see where all of our tax money goes, and where we the people can have real oversight in our government.  But that day is not today.  Lulzsec is not that group.  

So whats the point of this post?  Nothing, no one will probably ever read this, but that's ok.  Just thought I'd find a place to have some thoughts written down and maybe inspire others to keep an open mind.

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Kodu will always have a place in my heart.  Should be awesome.

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