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Why isn't this on more peoples radars? I really enjoyed Knytt Stories when it first came out. The art style, music and the great platforming controls were the highlights and this new Knytt Underground seems to keep everything that was great about the first while making the game much bigger and more fleshed out.

So why has this gotten no coverage and there is only one (until now) forum post about this game? Does it actually suck? I feel the controls are up there with a super meat boy and the music that evolves each new screen is better then most indie platformers. It is sad I need the internet's validation of my likes/dislikes.... but please validate or invalidate my opinion!

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My statements do not reflect those of ... myself.


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I never played Portal so you might be right. To clarify, I wasn't saying that it should win best music but I was surprised it wasn't mentioned in

the game of the year deliberations.

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Title music alone should get a nod!!

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Alright, so I might have been deep in nostalgia and beer when I created my first forum thread and I with a clearer mind I now realize that Mortal Kombat probably isn't second game of the year, but let me explain what I was thinking.

At the time I had not seen any mention of Mortal Kombat during several game of the year discussions and I felt that it deserved mention, especially because of its single player mode, which one could argue revolutionized the single player fighting game experience. My girlfriend was literally begging me to continue playing through the story when she usually loathes watching fighting games. The game's impact was all the more impressive considering how mediocre MKvDCU turned out to be (though you could see the promise) and how "just good enough" the previous generations MK's were. As a Mortal Kombat fan, MK9 was some of the most fun I have had with a fighting game since MK2 and was a return to form for the series, something I thought I would never see since renting MK4 for the N64.

Thinking back, I now realize that MK9's story mode was more "the best MK movie ever made" and less of a revolutionary single player fighting experience, let alone game of the year (behind Skyrim).

Sorry about the length of my previous post!

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Behind Skyrim.

Think about it!

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 I heard that this would be released on XBLA, is that true?

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I have played street fighter all my life but I have never played online before. When my college buddys and I played we had some general rules like don't just throw fireballs and sweep over and over.

I have been winning a lot online now with ssf2thdr but I feel like I am just cheezing my opponents, are there general tactics that are frowned upon?


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I am pretty sure that Rise of the Triad had the first Persistent Bullet Holes in a first person shooter. I fondly remember shooting smiley faces and naughty pictures into walls, but there was a limited amount of bullet textures that could be loaded at any given time so I could never add the last vein on my penis drawing. I had to wait for Duke Nukem 3D for that.

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I don't like fog of war. Tank Rushes forever!