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Very helpful, was just looking for quarries! Thanks!

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I feel bad for the other developers on the team. But the guy is an adult and should act as such. Good to see threats like that having consequences. If you are not able to control your outbursts maybe you should not use instant media such as Twitter.

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I don't hang out on social media so much so most of this GamerGate business has gone over my head (and luckily so it seems!). I think that most people just want to play video game and hearing about video games from their favorite games people (I don't write journalists because I think especially the GB crew has evolved beyond that). The instigators might be another case of the loud minority. A minority that has so many personal and psycological problems they can not solve that they use the anonymity of the internet to lash out at others to blow off steam. Threats should be taken seriously, and the people who spend their time being horrible on the internet should be pitied and ignored. Hopefully they will get some help some day and stop being horrible.

I consider myself a gamer and GB duder and am sad if the GB crew think of us as a collective rather than individuals. There are plenty of people like my self that does not write in that much and just enjoy games and the people who talk about them.

Much love to the GB crew, keep on doing what you are doing. Hopefully someday the anonymity of the internet will fade away and people will be held accountable for what they do.

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Great info, I was looking for something like this. Thanks!

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@sterling: Good point... also just because it is in the lore doesn't mean you will be able to go there... I hope all of those places will be available tough. It does sound like Bungie is planning for the long haul, so for sure more places will come. I am having fun so far, strikes, crusible and public events are my favorite so far.

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@james_hayward: Oh, that it pretty interesting!

Thank you for all the answers guys, much appreciated!

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When playing you unlock "grimoire" and when you log in to Bungie.net you can see a number for it and some cards of some sort. Is it possible to use these for anything?

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Good find. Thanks!

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I did not know there was an original version of this game, but about 8 hours in I am really digging it. I don't remember who said this but it feels like a pen and paper RPG. I have not experienced a single fetch quest or kill x amounts of x and bring it back yet. Combat is really challenging and strategic on normal difficulty, music, sound and graphics are fantastic. It seems like some kind of Baldur's Gate, Diablo, Dragon Age Origins hybrid which is not a bad thing!