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I did not know there was an original version of this game, but about 8 hours in I am really digging it. I don't remember who said this but it feels like a pen and paper RPG. I have not experienced a single fetch quest or kill x amounts of x and bring it back yet. Combat is really challenging and strategic on normal difficulty, music, sound and graphics are fantastic. It seems like some kind of Baldur's Gate, Diablo, Dragon Age Origins hybrid which is not a bad thing!

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What are their usernames on GB?

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Welcome to GiantBomb guys!

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Joined. Alpha was great, looking forward to the Beta next month!

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Personally I don't watch anything that doesn't have every single ethnic group/gender group on the planet.

This :)

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Good listen, thanks!

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For me it was the best coverage the GB crew have done of E3 so far, especially the nightly shows. I loved the guest lineup an I really appreciate that the staff were not drunk (or appeared to be, haha). Especially Jeff and Patrick were sharp with asking questions and managing the guests. Oh, and a great detail was when you put the names of the guests under the video!

I don't use the chat so much because 1. there are sooo many people there and 2. the Internets anonymity brings out the worst in people. There are a lot of great people in the GB community, but the loud minority is in full effect. Here are a couple of options for a better chat experience:

1. Have a separate channel for naughty users so when people are modded they will be moved to that channel for let's say.. 1 week?
2. I know Jeff is against it, but paid subscribers chat only, or have separate channels for free and paid and have staff, guests etc pay attention to the paid one.

Anyways, thanks for an awesome E3, I am sure a lot more content will trickle out next week like dumptrucks and videos!

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Exciting news, I love it when you mix it up!

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@variable_: Thank you!!!!!

Edit: Worked like a charm, best answer I have ever gotten on GB, thanks again!