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@iam3green: wow man =/

mines a gamestop refurbished, so microsoft wont touch it =.-
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this sucks. i turned off my Xbox  2 days ago cuz the picture in one of my games looked weird and when i went off games the screen was green. Turned it back on and i get " E 74" on my screen. so it costs $99.99 for Microsoft to repair, which is the cost of getting a new system. the reason i cant get it repaired free is i bought the system that someone REFURBISHED at gamestop November 2010, so it had NO WARRANTY.

i gotta wait a long time before i can play anything now.. sucks i cant hang out with anyone besides on Xbox or pc 
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Bumping this thread :)

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@Little_Socrates said:

" Well, there's a lot to pick up...what're your favorite games for the PS2, I guess is the first question. "

Ps2... really ps2 is older than xbox 360 and u cant even get $30 for a trade in on ps2 at gamestop no more. you mean ps3? if so ive never played a ps3 but most games i like on xbox are also on ps3
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@abdo said:
" I'm surprised I'm the first person to bring this up, but you should have gotten a PS3 instead. Wait, let me back up. Before you decided on what console you wanted, did you think of which games you want to play the most, and what features you want in a console? "
yes i did. all the games i really want to play are usually released on 360 and PS3. I got the xbox because graphic videos ive seen on youtube with splitscreen comparison look better. My parents arent rich >.> so i had to get a normal one and not a wifi-included version. Its 100x better than the ps2 i had to use for several years. yes... this is my FIRST and ONLY time ive ever had a next gen console... aka 6th generation of xbox360,ps3,or wii
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well i have Left 4 Dead on PC, its really fun but i need to get a Live adaptor or a 2nd controller to play co-op or online. i do like arkham asylum but only got to play a pc demo. i know tons of good games that are on xbox, but dont have the money yet to buy them :P like 
L4d1 and 2 
Modern warfare 1 
arkham asylum 

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i just got an xbox 360 a week ago, and its pretty cool. after all id been only playing PS2 games for 5 or 6 years, i really needed to get a next gen system >.>. right now i just have 2 games, Star Wars The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition, and LOTR: Conquest. 360 graphics are way better than ps2 :D

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@MatPaget: :) yeah the n64 pod racing was sick 
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i mean like.. the gameplay is ok but the difficulty for the evil campaign is too hard lol. like Pandemic and EA turned Anti-Evil gameplay