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You seem to have missed a bonfire in Lost Izalith.

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No I won't downgrade from Galaxy S3

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Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2

Same game, first page is with the japanese title and it has some images, the second is the english title and empty page with no images.

Edit: I seem to be having trouble with the first link.

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Demon's Souls is owned by Sony.

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@AltonBrown said:
" @xyzygy said:
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" @SpikeSpiegel said:
" This has me slightly torn. Do I get it for my PS3 which will probably look and sound  little better or do I get for my 360 because I can and I want my achievements? I have a decision to make. "
Achievements are utterly pointless. Go with the PS3 version, that is what I am doing. I have 12,000 gamerscore and don't know what to do with it. It serves no purpose other than to brag about it, but I don't even know about that, as it easy to farm achievements from stupid games. "
My low GamerScore makes all my friends and family laugh at me constantly :p   While I'm playing games like Zelda: Spirit Tracks and other random PC RTS's and RPG's, trying my damndest to do all side-quest and what not (getting no "points"), my friends are playing shit like Avatar: The Burning Earth and Backyard Football 10... and then using achievements against me by saying I'm not as good a gamer as them.    I just sigh and think what a sad generation of gaming this is, at times.  I'm def getting the PS3 Final Fantasy just because I like "games" not "achievements".  "
Can one not like games AND achievements? It's not like everyone acts that way about achievements, you know. I like them because they add replay value. Kinda like extra side quests. "
I feel the same way.  Also, your avatar makes me smile. "
And trophies doesn't count?
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