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Go to the gym and lift. Stop running, that causes you to lose weight. 

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@Fallen189 said:
" @elcalavera said:
" @Fallen189 said:
It was the easter break, cut them some slack "
Yes, because Sony are children in school and not one of the biggest companies in the world. "
You are aware that Easter is one of the biggest religous events on the Christian calendar right? Or are you just ignorant "
Holidays don't matter in a situation like this. If you're working for a company, and all of your customers information gets compromised you do not say "Well it's Easter, we deserve a break" you get your ass to work and get information out to customers. I'm not mad at Sony for getting hacked into, even though they should have been able to prevent it, but the fact that they are so slow in informing paying customers of potential risks is inexcusable. Sony will never get another dollar from me.
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I think Bulletstorm is going to be a  much better Duke Nukem game than DNF. 

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Technically, the Korean War never ended, but if another full out conflict emerges the US will enter it. North Korea may not pose an actual threat to anyone, but the idea of North Korea being a true Orwellian state goes against everything the US stands for, which gives the US more than enough of a reason to quickly wipe them out. 

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I like Tyler Barber's thought about it being a prequel about the First Contact War. 

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@supermike6 said:
" I've already read the whole thing, and from my point of view it looks to be slanted towards the video games side at this point. Very interesting read, a lot more jokes than I'd expect from the Supreme Court. "
They're actually a really humorous group, we hardly read direct transcripts of entire court cases, but they try and jazz things up. 
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@nan0fear said:
I'm glad Sonny Moore finally found his musical calling after years of shit haha. 
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I check my e-mail every day, either from my phone or computer. 

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I'm pretty sure this one is fake. The DOTA, HoN, and LoL fanboys are absolutely insane, and would go through this much trouble to find this stuff online and try and make it seem like it's from Valve. They're worried about their "indie" games being killed by a big company. 

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