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Very happy there aren't any karma based objectives. Might S-Rank this one

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This question confuses me. Yes, you should buy Starcraft. It is an amazing game. And any computer can run it.

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Mine has worked most of the time. I think part of the problem is how long it takes, so many people probably just quit when they see it. But then, the waiting times are excessive all over that game.

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My favorite part of this video is the three spartans standing to the side of the stage. They're so mismatched and look so unlike spartans it's amazing.

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I joined yesterday, and it added all achievements I had at the time, but hasn't updated since then. In that time I've S-Ranked another game, bringing my total to three... And I haven't even gotten the quest for S-ranking one game yet.

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I don't play or want to play WoW, but I really want that artbook. Good thing I have a fiancee who'll get it.