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This is the right way to deal with piracy, pirates(online) are not EVIL, most people who pirate things either don't have the money at the moment to buy it or are not sure if they would like the game.

If games still had demo's, people would pirate games a lot less.

PS: nice story patrick

This is in no way a valid reason to pirate anything.

Why is it not a valid reason to pirate?

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I believe that Nintendo believes it's their next generation system. But their system isn't in a bubble and compared to the other two consoles, it's just not on that level.

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In my library, says unlock date is tomorrow at 3PM.

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Same situation, OP.

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Well, got my code for the Hardline beta and Origin tells me it's been used.

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I like it to be pretty quiet when I sleep. Noises outside are fine but I don't like the hum of my computer or whatever when I'm trying to snooze.

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The detective parts in Arkham Origins were far from engaging. It was basically a game of find the colored dot.

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One. Assassins Creed 4 and I started that back in December....

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I thought Julia Stiles was terrible. Very wooden. Season 5 was also the season Dexter started to get really sloppy and the season where nothing had any consequence to Dexter (like Rita dying). It also made the Dexter formula really clear, which was to introduce some big bad villain in the first episode, and kill them by the last one.