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I thought Julia Stiles was terrible. Very wooden. Season 5 was also the season Dexter started to get really sloppy and the season where nothing had any consequence to Dexter (like Rita dying). It also made the Dexter formula really clear, which was to introduce some big bad villain in the first episode, and kill them by the last one.

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Nah, felt like a carnival shooting range the entire time.

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Poop is profanity? Is this whole thing a pun? Am I being punk'd?

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Poop discriminates against no man.

You can even poop in a can.

It keeps you prisoner, you see.

For the toilet is your cell, not some party.

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No. Even if you regret it, it probably won't be right away and it'll be cheaper by the time you actually do want it again.

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Round 2, the poop says. Go fuck yourself, the poop says. This will be a dirty one, the poop says. So dirty you're going have to turn around and pray to baby jesus there's toilet paper on the shelf behind you, the poop says.

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moderator edit (poop to puppy) :D

Every freaking morning I have to let my puppy out.. I'll be doing something and "nope", the puppy says. Gotta let me out. Oops, I forgot my phone and now I have to experience this without anything to entertain me.

Then I have to play patty cake with my puppy and his ball for what seems like forever sometimes (yeah yeah animal lovers SHUT UP).

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Fucking DOTA 2/LoL disease keeps spreading. Stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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No. A dollar is a dollar. If I'm not actively interested in playing that game, then I won't buy it. None of this nonsense about saving it for later. If you want it later, then buy it later when it'll probably be even cheaper. I also don't give one shit about supporting developers, because as an individual, your one contribution to their bank account doesn't do anything. The market either goes a certain way towards a product or it doesn't. You don't matter in it.

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I don't REALLY need to watch it every Christmas but ....it definitely evokes feeling of that "classic" christmas time.