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I also only joined because of quests haha I was Googling some game, I think Transformers: War for Cybertron, and I got linked here. I was intrigued, then I noticed the quests and got hooked. THEN I noticed my old "journalism" pal @marino was a mod and I figured this was the place to be. He's still super gay though.

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Also I have a genuine and deep love for my best and most trusted companion (apart from the wife!), my 10 year old Jack Russell. I guess some might find it odd but I absolutely adore my dog he is with me whenever I am not at work and is the most affectionate and loyal companion you could imagine.

Kinda sad, but as my last relationship fell apart me and our newish puppy became closer. I ended up bartering for her (in exchange for no claim to a $200000+ house no less) when we broke up and I have never regretted that decision. She's my constant companion, and I love her more than I could ever love a human being.

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This is an amazing game. Clearly inspired by A Link to the Past, but so impressive for what they crammed on an old Game Boy cart. I dabbled in other Zeldas before, but this was the first one I beat and cherished. I have the DX version on my 3DS, along with Zelda 1, 2, and Minish Cap(?) but this is the only one I ever feel compelled to beat again.

Does anyone remember the glitch where you could press either Select or Start when switching screens and warp to the other side of the next screen? It made for some real crazy playthroughs.

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Trophies notification looks fine. Very similar to PS3, but I like that the "You have earned a trophy" is much smaller now. I hope it will still show the trophy's image there.. I will assume the images just weren't ready at the time.

Achievement unlock.. there is no reason for it to have 3 scrolling texts, 2 of which are useless. I also do not like that it's smack dab in the bottom centre of the screen. It could be too intrusive because that is where subtitles are usually placed. (I always play with subtitles on)

They've always moved it to a top corner during sensitive moments like cutscenes. No reason to expect that to change. In my experience it really only fucks over second player on a splitscreen.

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What is this fascination with Batman button mashers anyway? I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love Batman, but these are very average fucking games. Nowhere near the level of a Spider-Man 2, for example.

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You are all wrong.

Trophies > Achievements

But . . . but . . . we have actual reasons.

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@ajayraz said:

@yummylee said:

You think that's bad?

Anywhoo, I'm pretty sure Giant Bomb doesn't own the rights to ''bomb with facial features''.

lol the featured articles or w/e are just all people making out. keeping it real as always, game bomb.

I thought you'd be exaggerating, but no, that is indeed the website.

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This thread is like listening to Reed Richards talk to himself.

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All I want is another big ass Souls adventure, so I think I'll be ok. They could have just made a massive expansion for DS and I'd be cool.

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That's probably not close enough to matter. There's probably a Pokemon with that design haha