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@mb: Woops, thought it was. must have been on the general when I thought I was on the dota board.

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Not sure, will tweet @brad and see if we can get it thrown up. Gonna spend most of my day in a car so I won't be able to chat in it until tomorrow :(

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@mister_v: Yep, I believe they're doing the Wildcard matches first, will have our last team in the playoffs when they're done. Then we have the solo championship with these players:

Artour 'Arteezy' Babaev

Daryl 'IceIceIce' Koh Pei Xiang

Chai 'Mushi' Yee Fung

Roman 'Resolution' Fominok

Gustav 's4' Magnusson

Danil 'Dendi' Ishutin

Linsen 'FY' Xu

Fei Chi 'Ferrari 430' Luo

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The hype train is going strong! Hoping for an MVP-Liquid wild card finals. Despite my love for Black and him playing pudge in the main tournament.


There is a begginer stream being run as well, worth checking out if you are new.

(Going to make a thread for each phase of the tournament.)

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About the character speaking every time you click to move, go into the options and on the right side of video/audio it should say 'Unit Speed' switching that to events will take down a lot of the noise.

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I don't understand the complaint about the community honestly, you should only be playing with friendly people on your team, or mostly friends if you can't wrangle up enough people from the Giant Bomb chat. There are a ton of groups out there devoted to connecting new players so they don't have to deal with the dregs of the player base. Not just that but you need to make liberal use of the mute button. Ignore people as soon as they say a single assholish thing (even if they're right). Hair trigger on your ignore makes the game go from unbearable with randoms to almost okay with randoms.

Your concerns with the matchmaking are pretty fair, I think its very difficult for Valve to know if you're a new player or just a smurf, the matchmaking though just gets better and better as you play because of it constantly re-calibrating with a larger data set.

I don't think you need to play dota a lot to enjoy it, it's just that you probably will 'cause the hooks sink in deep.


Please check out the Welcome to Dota, You Suck guide, it was my jumping off point and boy was it helpful. If that's not enough check out the threads where people are offering coaching or looking for newer players to play with. Having someone learn the game along with you, or teach you is a massive boon and can make it go from a month to get comfortable with the game to a week.

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I've had both brands over the years, went through a couple death adders and nagas. Currently on a steelseries Rival, have to say that I'm in love with it.

However, getting a mouse that you'll like takes more than just reading recommendations and reviews. But you need to go into a store and see what you're comfortable using. I've heard people swear by stuff like the RAT just because of how comfortable people are with setting up their own ergonomics.

As far as headset goes, gaming headsets are by and large a rip off. You're better off getting a stand alone mic then some decent headphones. Keyboards are a whole different can of gummy worms in that you can go down the mechanical rabbit hole, macro key rabbit hole, belkin style WASD rabbit hole or whatever. Depending on your budget I'd suggest going for a mechanical keyboard with brown or black switches, but they're something you really need to try out so you can know how they feel. They also aren't cheap.

Another thing or two you didn't mention but I think is fairly important: desk mat or good mouse pad, foot pedal for mumble/ventrilo/skype/teamspeak. The foot pedal you can usually get for less than 10 bucks on amazon and desk mats or mousepads vary drastically. I'm a diehard QCK+ fan, have an old one doubling as a keyboard/desk pad and a newish one for the mouse. Super nice thing to have, makes the mouse movement nice and smooth.

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Again, if anyone is looking for a coach let me know. I usually only play with a 5 stack, so when I don't have 4 others available I'm coaching.

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@shhadoww: if you need a coach let me know, if not the 'Welcome to Dota 2, you suck.' guide by purge is great. It's mostly comprehensive and helps you learn a ton.

Also humbles ya, which is always good.

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@corvak: I think their philosophy is to leave every non-valve event up to the community so it will be self sufficient. Its the same reason why they do tickets and the workshop. It's all about enabling the seemingly endless amount of labour that the community is willing to put in to make it self sufficient. I think it was Erik Johnson (or Adrian Finol?) who talked about this at last International saying that if Valve were to stop doing the international or working on the game that the scene wouldn't disappear. Gabe also always talks about this. Might be worth checking out his long talk at LBJ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8QEOBgLBQU