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I just got home and watched the FE race. Yikes, that was a bit rough to watch. The sense of speed just was not there for me.

I may give it another go down the road, but I think I'll just stick with F1 for the time being.

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This cracked me up. Right around the 55 second mark.

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@juno500: I guess there isn't anything else I want. I just wish there was 100% proof without a doubt of crimes committed, etc. As you mentioned earlier, and I agree, that's not physically possible.

Ultimately, I just hope the situation down there gets better for the residents.

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@garfield518: @juno500:

I understand what you guys are saying. I agree that's a good chunk of evidence having that many eye witness reports.

I just get nervous when accusations are made right away. I think of something like Richard Jewell and the '96 Olympic Bombing. The guy found the bomb and did the best job he could by getting people away. He's then accused of possibly being a potential subject. The media ran with that and he became a villain on every news report. I think it's safe to say that pretty much ruined his life until he was actually exonerated years later.

The whole situation just sucks. On one side you have a cop who possibly committed a horrible crime and should be tried for it. Throw the book at him then. If he was acting in self defense then this ultimately ruins the rest of his life too. On the other side you have a guy that was killed possibly in cold blood which is awful.

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@milkman said:

@mightyduck: Are you asking why a cop murdering someone is a bigger story than "gang bangers" murdering someone? One is a criminal, the other is paid to protect and serve the citizens they're killing.

I'm not asking why it's a bigger story, I just feel like that should be reported as well. There is a lot of evil and awful things in the world. It just frustrates me when one thing is focused on meanwhile lots of other horrible things go on.

More importantly I want to know the whole story before I jump to conclusions. None of us were there. Do we know for sure that the Brown didn't go after the police officer or cause a confrontation?

That's all I'm saying. I know the reports I've read say that the shots to the arms make it look like Brown was surrendering, which if that's the case then the police get all of the flak that's been piled on them. I also am shocked at how the police are trying to keep the media subdued in a variety of ways.

All in all, the situation is a mess. It just frustrates me when everywhere I look it seems as though everyone is ready to crucify someone when we don't know every bit of information quite yet. That's all.

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I hope the situation gets a lot worse, and spreads, if I'm being completely honest. The police force in this country has changed for the worst, it needs redirected back to it's original purpose of serving citizens rather than persecuting them.

Are you kidding me? You want other citizens in other towns to be put in danger just so that a "point" can be made? I have friends who are police and know many others. You're casting a huge net and saying that all police forces in the US need change. That is not the case.

I just wish we knew the whole story from both sides. If there was a fight and the officer felt his life was at stake then I get why he fired. If the suspect was surrendering and he fired his gun, then of course, major problem.

It doesn't help the situation when you have people looting who don't care at all for peaceful protests but are rather just taking advantage of the situation.

This whole thing is just a mess. However, there are tons of shootings EVERY NIGHT in Chicago by gang bangers. However, the media doesn't pick up on these stories. I'd like to know why. I guess that's not as much of a hot button issue as this.

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@milkman: It's a single witness, at least in that article. I'd suggest you fix it to be singular not plural :)

@marokai said:

Been following this for a bit. Some of the scenes have been horrifying. The reasons for these things run deep and are complicated, but heads need to roll in those police units. Anything I could describe this as would be an understatement.

It's so easy to see them as the bad guys, but you absolutely must not ignore the position they are in. No problem is one sided, and this one is far from one sided.

It's incredibly difficult to be in their position when they have to deal with the issues in front of them. It's easy to blame the cops for this issue, but there is behavior on the other side that makes their jobs incredibly difficult.

There's also very little information out there that is especially concrete. What if the shooting was totally legitimate? Why is the assumption always "fuckin cops, probably lied about it," whenever there's no real information. If you aren't going to take police seriously, why are you taking the people stirring up trouble seriously? Or the people trying to get sympathetic responses seriously? Everyone has a reason to sway things. Lets wait until some real info comes. Too often we allow this sort of thing to be sensationalized. And the public loves to hate on the authorities so inevitably as public opinion gains more and more sway over the process, the process becomes closer and closer to falling over the line of reason and justice.

I don't know why the kid was shot. And saying that doesn't mean I'm taking the side of the officers of the precinct or anything. It just means that I am not prepared to pass judgement. All I want is to convey how important reason and responsibility is in such issues. A man's life ended, and another man's life hangs in the balance. Sadly, so many people are clouded by anger and fear and will forget that he is just as much a human as the kid. And it's just as possible for his life to be ruined for the wrong reason as for the right reasons, as far as pretty much 100% of the world is concerned, because other than those who were there, no one truly knows what happened. If you've decided to believe a kid over a cop, or a cop of a kid, it's not because it's the right thing to do it's because you have a bias. Neither way is right.

A kid died, and that sucks. The cop also came out of it with a pretty damaged face. Sure, he could have had a buddy smack him around a bit, but it's not like all signs point to an unjustified shooting. This is a difficult and sensitive situation and it needs to be handled that way, with no assumptions and no passion. Just pursuit of the truth and justice.

And for those who WANT the cop to be guilty? Shame on you. No one should want that. Let the process take place.

It's also worth mentioning that the police force should be commended for being able to repel protesters throwing Molotov cocktails without causing significant injury to protesters. Easy to portray the entire force as monsters based on one officer's potentially abhorrent behavior. But that sounds like a well trained and disciplined force.

I just hope justice is served and public opinion doesn't sway or prevent that. If the witness was being truthful, the officer clearly committed murder. But if not, I hope the guy's life isn't ruined. If the guy really was attacked, he had the right to defend himself. And if there was some middle ground, I hope it is addressed properly.

Well said. I can't imagine the horror that's going on down there, but I'd like to get all sides of the story before we jump to conclusions.

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Think some folks that are having doubts might want to check out this vid.


Confirms levels go above 20.

Also shows some other exciting stuff.

After watching that video, I feel a little bit better about the amount of content in the game. While, I wish there were some more stronger story hooks from what I played in the beta, I'm still intrigued.

I keep going back and forth on whether or not to pick up the PS4 bundle or just buy a separate PS4 and wait and see on Destiny.

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I'm really thinking about picking this up once it comes out for the PS4 on the 19th.

Would anyone else be interested in having some GiantBomb nights? Maybe we can set up some sort of friends list for this...if anyone is interested.

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I plan on picking up a PS4 for NHL 15. / psn - getwhatyagive

Just make sure to let me know you're from GiantBomb and not some random creepy guy!