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Interesting press conference. I'm not a Mercedes fan by any means, but liked Hamiltons response. "Not my job to race Nicos race."

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Ready to go! Always like the races that are late enough on Saturday night/Sunday morning.

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Both Saubers in Q3? Good for them!

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@edmorex: thanks for the feedback. I managed to get the disruptor bomb that clears up the green glitchy spots, but hit another wall. Also explored as far east that I can go. Found a door that is protected by some sort of barrier.

Love the game, but I feel like lately I've been doing nothing but running around over and over again.


Kept going north and found where I needed to be. Just finished the game. Overall had a good time with it.

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@ben_h: yes, thankfully managed to back up important stuff to a flash drive before it really went south.

@thebrainninja: I'll definitely have to try and give that a shot. I hadn't thought about giving that a shot. Thanks!

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If we're talking pre-ps1, then I'd be up for any Genesis era platformers.

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@skullpanda1: thanks, I'll give disk utility a shot. I had intended to try before, but it was taking a long time for anything to start up.

I was just shocked at how quickly it changed. It was fairly fine and then the next day it started going downhill. I guess 7 years is a pretty solid run for a laptop.

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I'm stuck now too. Loving the game though.

Not sure where to go after the hallucination. Wandered a bit, got the ability to throw the drone further and the brown coat. Looking for bombs...any help is greatly appreciated.

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Not sure if this is the right place, but I'm trying to figure out what's going on with my MacBook.

It's a 2008 MacBook. Anyway, it's always run fairly well for as long as I've had it. However, yesterday it started having major issues. I initially noticed the issue when chrome kept crashing and stating shockwave was the problem. Later, I noticed that all my programs were running extremely slow across the board.

I tried a simple restart, and it was taking immensely long to start up. The pinwheel comes up every time I click anywhere now including running any program from excel to safari. Also gave safe mode a whirl....but couldn't log into my account due to one of the keys on my keyboard no longer working.

Any ideas as to what's wrong?

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While Mercedes is still leaps about bounds above the rest of the pack, it has been awesome so far to see the mid tier racing so solid. Seeing Sauber go at it (at least in the Australia) was pretty neat to see.

Side note - completely psyched for F1 2015 in June.