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I can honestly say, I'm digging the new Home Run Derby format. It sort of keeps the pace moving along, instead of having to listen to Chris Berman drone on and on.

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Curious to see how this new Home Run Derby set up works out. Hoping Rizzo and Bryant do well tonight!

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@gvalo said:

you're not touching Seabs! You can have Bickell... please?

YES! I can only hope the Hawks find a way to get a long term deal done with Seabs before this season is up...

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Not sure how I missed this video during E3, but this looks great! I'll admit, I'd rather have the more linear Metal Gear, but it seems interesting. I wasn't huge on the base building aspect in Peace Walker, so I'll be curious to see how much that is played up.

I think I'll end up picking this up.

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So bummed to see Sharp go. I still remember seeing him come in during '05 and being upset that he was given Tony Amonte's number 10. Hah, I'd say he far surpassed anything Amonte did during his tenure with the Hawks.

I get why it had to be done, but it's a shame to see it happen.

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After watching Jeff's recent stream, I can only hope that Trackmania Turbo for consoles is good. I would totally play this if I had a gaming PC.

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Had a blast with it. I still think Asylum is my favorite, just because it was more condensed and didn't have so much open world traveling.

That being said, I just finished up all of Arkham Knight, (minus collecting all of the Riddler trophies - because screw that) and had a great time with it the entire way through.

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@n7 said:

I really like it. It's like a janky mix of MAG and DUST 514.

That frame rate can be a real bastard. Sometimes it runs fine and sometimes it doesn't.

Also I just don't know what I'm doing. I play a Medic and thankfully I read some tutorials that explained Medic is probably a good way to go for beginners and so far I've been loving it... I just don't really know what I'm doing or why. All I can really do is revive people and heal them but it feels like I'm missing the bigger picture.

The game does a really bad job of communicating things to new players, and of course by bad job I mean not at all.

I think you hit it spot on there. I loved MAG on ps3, and was excited for this. I tried it out quite a few times and I just couldn't wrap my head around it. Like you mentioned, the game doesn't communicate a lot to new players, which is what immediately pulled me out.

I may give it another shot though eventually.

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I haven't heard anything off the top of my head. I believe in one of the last Alt F1's Danny mentioned hoping that it was good.

I'm optimistic for the game this year...sort of bummed that they took out the career mode where you could sign with various teams. Stupid question, how has F1 been with their online racing in the past? Obviously, there is a noticeable advantage depending on what team you pick in a race. I was always curious how Codemasters handled that with online racing.

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I'm having the same issue as well. Been summoning people in and getting close, but haven't finished it off. I could head to mensis, but want to finish this first. Might not have a choice though!