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Thanks for the feedback guys, I'll probably end up giving it a go.

I had planned to just pick up a PS4 this summer, but I feel like why there wasn't any immediate incentive since I sort of want to see what else is planned after E3. Plus, with some more traveling/vacation time this summer a Vita may come in handy.

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I've been going back and forth about possibly picking up a vita. With a PS4 purchase probably inevitable this fall once more releases start to hit, would it be worth picking up a vita?

I currently have PS+ and have access to these games already...along with some other games I've purchased.

  • Unit 13
  • Monster Hunter
  • Street Fighter x Tekken
  • Mod Nation Racers
  • Worms Battle Islands
  • Spelunky
  • Gravity Rush
  • Oddword: Stranger's Wrath
  • Sonic All Stars Racing
  • Wipeout 2048
  • Star Wars Pinball

Is there anything in particular that stands out as "must haves" for the vita? I'm really thinking about spending some money to pick up some of the older ps1 and ps2 classics. Being able to play those on the goal seems sort of like a nice feature.

So, if you could, either talk me into this or talk me out of it! I saw that there is a Borderlands 2 Bundle for $200 with an 8GB card (I've heard that will fill up quickly).

Thanks in advance!

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@donovas1: I also play it occasionally on the ps3. If you ever want to get a game or two in let me know.

My PSN is GetWhatYaGive

As much as I love the NHL series, and have since NHL 94, I wish EA would also be willing to occasionally throw out a more "arcadey" style game in the vain of NHL 94, 95, etc, but with those older pixel visuals. Heck, I'd be totally up for a new version of "NHL Hitz" although, I know Midway isn't around anymore.

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That was a super entertaining race! To be honest, this is only the 3rd F1 Race I've watched, since getting on board with the start of this season, but I am totally hooked.

I really have liked following Button and Ricciardo so far. There definitely seems some growing tension between Hamilton and Rosberg. I'm really curious to see if anything comes from it.

Also came across a few "Top 10" lists for Team Radio Messages. Some interesting and funny stuff in there.

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Yep, try to go to Church every week. I'm 26, specifically Catholic, male and near Chicago.

Regardless of how chaotic life, work, and anything else gets, it's super calming to show up at Mass on Sunday morning. It also sort of puts me in the right mindset to get started with the week for the next day. I grew up Catholic and went to church a decent amount as a kid and then sort of stopped throughout high school. I ended up going regularly again near the end of college and continue to do so now.

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This was the 2nd F1 race I've watched and I'm definitely pretty hooked. It's even got me to turn on NASCAR occasionally.

I thought it was pretty interesting at the end with Massa and Bottas. Definitely adds an interesting dynamic to the race and sport.

Count me in for the next race.

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The GiantBomb Video Buddy App that one of the users made is perfect for using with the apple tv. It's very simple to use and stream video from the iPad/iPhone to the Apple TV. I do this all the time to watch quick looks and premium content.

I've had my AppleTV for about 2 and a half years or so. If you have any questions just holler.

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This sounds like a lot of fun. I keep going back and forth on picking up a ps4. This along with BF4 makes it more intriguing.

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Good to hear it's been a pretty positive experience.

I've been holding off on a PS4 purchase until more came out that I was interested in. Now seems to be the time that I may jump in.