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These are sweet! Giant Bomb, Please.

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She's already been mentioned twice, but Samus Aran. From Super Metroid, mostly; didn't play much of the new stuff.

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I maxed everything out on this game and loved it. The patch notes sound like enough to get me to take a peek; especially the new class. Cool.

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@furiouscabbage said:

My personal disappointment was Company of Heroes 2.

I second this. I was really looking forward to CoH 2 and found very little of what made me love the series.

That said, I didn't play SimCity, but definitely frowned hard at it from afar.

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Really enjoyed the read. It made me nostalgic for a trip I took to Japan quite a few years ago. I spent a lot of time browsing old games and I regret that I didn't grab a second bag and pick some stuff up (though, in violation of your list, I was with people who wouldn't be interested in doing that kind of stuff).

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You're asking a broad question but using a very narrow opinion as an example.

I agree with @colourful_hippie. It depends on the person and what they go to video games for.

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Some mods that haven't been mentioned, if you're looking to change the way the game plays: SkyRe, Frostfall (recommend using it with RND), UFO, Locational Damage. I like a lot of different mods that add small touches, if you're into that, like SMIM (I'd recommend installing other mods before this one, as it's a little more complicated), Footprints, animated distant waterfalls/windmills.

I found watching this tutorial series helpful. Even if you just watch the segment episodes about a certain facet of modding, it's a good way to get exposed to a lot of mods and what your options are.

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@irrationalbee: I've read through most of this thread so sorry if I'm throwing something at you that you've already heard.

I hear your points and I think you're no doubt a valuable source of support for the young men and women around you struggling with this.

I also hear that you don't need anyone to defend you.

That said, not everyone has someone like you nearby. For people who question their identity, jokes like this can be damaging, and it helps to have a few people react the same way they did.

It's not being over sensitive or being PC. You sound like you're standing on solid ground with identity and a joke like this doesn't feel new and complicated to you.

Aspirationally I think we should be able to laugh at anything, but it's a little harder when you're being laughed at and not with.

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@pr1mus said:

I'm voting for the game i like the best because that's the one that provided me with the most entertainment. Influence be damned, i want entertainment and if the most influential game in the world isn't entertaining then it failed.

Same. I'm voting based on my personal enjoyment of the games. Whether or not it was influential isn't very meaningful to me.

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The first one gives me a better impression in general. It's full of interesting stuff. The second looks like an empty corner of a level you're supposed to ignore.

Edit: now reading through the comments I do like the grass in the second one and how dark and somber it is. Just now noticed the bodies hanging in the background. I find I like them both! The 2nd feels like a night cycle to the first, almost.